Valhalla Saga

Chapter 193

Episode 57/Chapter 3: The mother of all monsters (3)

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“But do I really have to bless you only in the forehead? I feel like I can do it better in other places.”

Echidna blessed Tae Ho’s forehead and licked her lips as if it was a bit regretful. Adenmaha spoke up immediately at her bewitching look.

“He’s fine. He doesn’t need it in another place.”

Echidna giggled at Adenmaha opened her eyes sharply and grabbing Tae Ho’s arm. But unexpected members butted in the conversation.

“Where is the other place? Nidhogg also wants to bless you.”

“Sob sob, master. Please give me the opportunity to bless too.”

Nidhogg asked with an innocent face and Drakon Ismenios let out an earnest voice with a really sorrowful face.

Echidna opened her eyes sharply and asked Adenmaha.

“That’s right, where is that other place? Where are you talking about? Huh?”

“Y, you shameless!”

Adenmaha yelled with a red face. She tried to cover Nidhogg’s ears quickly but she was a bit faster.

“Adenmaha, where is that other place?”

“Sob sob, I also want to give you a blessing.”

Nidhogg tilted her head and Ismenios let out a sorrowful voice once again.

As Adenmaha hesitated while she couldn’t give out an answer, Echidna put on an innocent face imitating Nidhogg and then tilted her head.

“The place I talked about is the cheek. Where did the lewd lady think of? This innocent Echidna can’t even think of it.”

As she giggled in the end, Adenmaha’s red face became even redder because of her anger.

But Nidhogg, that didn’t know of Adenmaha’s complicated thoughts, shone her eyes and replied to Echidna.

“Nidhogg also blessed master in the cheek. I also did it to Adenmaha.”

“Sob sob, me too……”

It was already chaos. There was indeed a conversation but it felt like they were in a world of their own.

“M, master! Please tell her something quickly!”

Adenmaha pulled on Tae Ho’s arm and pleaded. She was requesting him to scold her quickly but Tae Ho’s reaction was out of her expectation. He was just looking at a distant place with an absent minded expression even though Adenmaha was pulling his arm.


“Tae Ho master?”

Nidhogg also spoke but Tae Ho still looked at a far place.

Adenmaha pulled his arm more strongly because she got surprised and only then did Tae Ho regain his consciousness and turned to look at everyone.

It seemed like he hadn’t heard anything until now.

“Master? Are you okay? You aren’t hurt anywhere?”

Adenmaha asked with a worried face. Tae Ho also answered slowly this time and Echidna, that was observing them, clapped her hands and gathered the attention of everyone.

“It seems like it’s that. Well, it should indeed be unfamiliar for a God of Asgard.”

“What do you meant with that?”

Echidna shrugged her shoulders at Adenmaha’s question and then answered her properly without teasing her.

“I am the God of dragons and at the same time the mother of all monsters. I’m the ruler of the city underground that I rule and at the same time the guardian God. But the master of Asgard took control of me. What do you think this means?”

“The sacred force?”

Everyone flinched at the answer that came out of Adenmaha’s mouth and Echidna nodded after putting a surprised face.

“Quite intelligent. That’s right. It means that my sacred force has been handed over to the master of Asgard entirely.”

The 12 Olympians weren’t the only ones that possessed sacred forces. Even Hades, that wasn’t one of the 12 Olympians, had a vast sacred force called the underworld.

“It’s still marvelous. Does the effects of the sacred force pass over to a foreign God without filters?”

The Gods of the other world also received received strength and divinity from the ones that served them but the Gods of Olympus could obtain a much bigger strength from the sacred force as the believers didn’t only serve them but were under their control completely.

In the first place, the only ones that could have sacred forces were the Gods of Olympus so Echidna hadn’t thought deeply about another God obtaining a sacred force. The only thing she presumed was that the efficiency would be worse compared to the Gods of Olympus.

But looking at the reaction of Tae Ho, it seemed like he had taken over the sacred force completely like another God of Olympus.

“Our master is great. But Echidna, mother of all monsters. Can you really call this much a sacred force?”

Drakon Ismenios praised Tae Ho first and then asked.

It was because the current situation wasn’t possible for Drakon Ismenios, that was a God of Olympus.

Drakon Ismenios also had a territory of his own and had dozens of underlings.

However, he didn’t have a sacred force. It was because a sacred force wasn’t made with only a dozen underlings.

Each of Echidna’s children certainly possessed great strength but they were merely a dozen and the cave under the ground was also a bit wide. It barely had the size of a big village.

That meant that when Drakon Ismenios judged logically, it wasn’t possible for Echidna to have a proper sacred force.

Echidna didn’t answer anything at Drakon Ismenios’ remark. She just laughed and crossed her arms and glanced at Tae Ho.

“It’s not only this.”

Tae Ho said. His eyes after activating ‘the eyes of the dragon’ were still looking at a distant place.

“Master? What does that mean……”

Drakon Ismenios shut his mouth. It was because Tae Ho transmitted what he saw to him directly through the ‘one that conquers dragons’.


Drakon Ismenios said and Echidna laughed in a good mood.

“Of course it is. This is only the entrance.”

“Are you saying there is another city below this?”

The quick witted Adenmaha grasped the situation immediately. It seemed like Echidna liked that Adenmaha that she stroke her cheeks and said.

“Lewd lady, for how long do you think I have been living? Will I really be living only with my children? What about the children of my children? Or the children of their children? Or the ones that came from outside. They also need a place to live.”

Echidna finished speaking by laughing and then turned around.

“It will be faster for you to see it directly. Follow me.”

Adenmaha wiped her cheeks and looked at Tae Ho and Tae Ho nodded. He led everyone and followed Echidna.


“For there to be a city of this size under the ground.”

Siri spoke with a bewildered voice and looked down at the scene in front of her. There really was a city below the ceiling that had shining rocks carved in it.

“How many of them are living in this place?”

When Bracky opened his eyes widely and asked, Echidna bit a cigarette and answered quickly.

“I wonder, I didn’t count them exactly but there should still be ten thousand. If I also count the small ones there should be more than that.”

“My God. For there to be so many of them living under the ground….”

Drakon Ismenios gulped saliva as he could have never dreamed this.

A size of ten thousand was size if you compared them to a polis but the ones living in that city weren’t humans but monsters. You could compare them as a polis where more than 100.000 people lived.

The sacred force could only be made with a size this big. It meant that there were more than ten thousand monsters that served Echidna.

Drakon Ismenios looked at Echidna once again and she answered the doubt in his eyes gladly.

“The influence of Typhon is strong in this place. The Gods of Olympus don’t even know that I have a sacred force.”

Actually, Athena and even the messenger God Hermes had forgotten that there was a sacred force in this land.

“Indeed, are you saying that you can deceive the eyes of the Gods of Olympus even if a sacred force is made in this place?”

Rasgrid, that was just listening silently, asked in a low voice. Her voice was calm like usual but it had a slight excitement behind it.

“The lady that looks like Athena is smart too.”

Echidna knew why Rasgrid had gotten excited. That’s why she told her thoughts aloud to everyone.

“For the Gods of Asgard, Olympus is a foreign land. But this place can become Asgard. I mean, the sacred force of the master of Asgard.”

In addition, it was a sacred force that was kept as a secret. The Gods of Olympus won’t even know in their dreams that Tae Ho had established a sacred force.

“Echidna, won’t it have a counter effect on you?”

Tae Ho asked. It was because if Tae Ho’s group were Gods of Asgard, then Echidna was a God of Olympus. He couldn’t know how it would affect Echidna if he dyed this land with the power of Asgard.

But Echidna shook her head compared to Tae Ho’s worry. She grabbed herself with her arms and spoke with a fascinated voice.

“Oh my, what are you talking about after you conquered me that roughly? I’m already dyed in your color just like that lewd lady over there.”

“P, please choose your words well.”

Echidna laughed once again as Adenmaha protested lightly. She then looked at Tae Ho’s eyes and continued speaking.

“It’s fine no matter what color you dye it with. This city, this sacred force, still hasn’t been completely dyed with your color.”

Tae Ho looked down at the city again. Ingrid spoke with an admiring voice.

“Asgard is going to be made in Olympus….”

“Indeed, as expected of a God of conquer”

Gandur smirked like she liked the idea. Drakon Ismenios got excited and added.

“This is the start. Let’s start with this place and devour all of Olympus.”

“Hm, is it a war of conquer? That’s not bad either.”

“It seems like something is flowing strangely.”

Bracky laughed and Siri frowned slightly.

Tae Ho listened to their words and thought. He raised his left hand before spreading the dark blue divinity of the God of conquer.


Adenmaha noticed that something wasn’t right and asked with a nervous expression. Tae Ho looked at her for a moment and then smiled towards her.

“Adenmaha, do you remember what I said before?”

Adenmaha blinked. It was because they had spoken about a lot of things.

But Adenmaha soon understood what he was talking about. She gulped dry saliva and then her eyes reddened.

“Don’t tell me….”

Tae Ho nodded. He stroke Adenmaha’s cheek as she was about to cry at any moment and blessed her in the forehead.

What Tae Ho had promised her.

Not only to her but to the several people living in the residence of Idun.

Tae Ho spread his hand. He brought up his drak blue divinity and raised his hand.

Echidna got bewildered. Drakon Ismenios dropped his mouth and admired and Bracky and Siri turned to look at each other. They realized that their divinities wasn’t only limited to Asgard.

Cuchulainn couldn’t say anything. He just burst in an emotional laughter.

Erin’s sentence.

It shone from Tae Ho’s hand. The light that got emanated became one with the dark blue divinity and grasped the entire city.

He conquered a part of Olympus completely.

A land where the power of Asgard and Erin existed.

It didn’t only end there.

He also created one more history that was possible as he was the successor of Erin.

Tae Ho clenched his fist. He claimed as the real successor of Erin.

In this moment the destroyed world will get rebuilt once again, it will obtain land and citizens and will start once again!

White light flashed above the dark blue divinity.

It showed its existence clearly through everything in its surroundings and not only the sentence of Erin.


The shining land.

The only world where the Tuatha De Danann and the Milesian existed together.

Tae Ho looked at Adenmaha. She smiled brightly and cried and then embraced him tightly.

At that moment, Rasgrid hit her chest with a fist. Ingrid and Gandur laughed and followed her.

“For Asgard and the nine realms.”

For the returned world.

Tae Ho did the same.

He congratulated the rebirth of Erin as its successor and the master of Asgard.

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