Valhalla Saga

Chapter 194

Episode 57/Chapter 4: The mother of all monsters (4)

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Echidna opened her eyes widely and looked at her city. There was no external changes but she could feel it as she was the ruler of the city.

The air that was surrounding the city had changed. No, the place itself changed.

Only she could understand it as she was from Olympus. This land wasn’t Olympus anymore but it also wasn’t Asgard.

Erin that had the power of Asgard.

The world that had been destroyed once.

Echidna feigned laugh but regained her composure soon. She looked at Tae HO with her usual bewitching yet languid eyes and Tae Ho told her about him briefly.

The master of Asgard and at the same time the successor of Erin.

The king of Camelot that has received Excalibur from king Arthur.

Echidna laughed once again after listening to his story and then dropped her shoulders and said.

“You were more of a big figure than I thought. Are you going to take over Olympus now? A God of conquer that takes over Erin and Asgard and then Olympus.”

Tae Ho tried to refute at her words that weirdly distorted the truth but Bracky was a bit faster.

“Hm, so we were helping them at first but it now became an invasion? It’s not bad. My blood of a warrior is burning.”

When he smirked and clenched his fist he looked like an unfailing viking king.

Siri couldn’t endure it anymore and slapped Bracky’s back.

“Bracky, what are you saying…..what, where are you looking?”

Siri, that was about to give him a lecture, got bewildered and asked. Bracky fixed his eyes on a certain part in Siri’s body and answered.

“Your tail is stiff. Hm, it became easier to know your emotions…..kuk.”

Siri hit his shin and also hit stomach. Bracky let out a breathtaking noise but Siri didn’t even feel a bit of compassion for him and hit his other shin. She trembled and glared at Tae Ho.

Tae Ho hurriedly turned his head and ignored her glare. He felt like he would burst out laughing if he kept looking at her because of her trembling ears of a wolf.

‘Tch tch, how did she get tied with you?’

Siri’s red reddened while Cuchulainn clicked.

In the other hand Rasgrid closed her eyes as she treated this much fuss as a daily thing and said.

“How marvelous. The power of Asgard and Erin really exist together.”

She could feel it clearly when she closed her eyes. She didn’t feel that she was in Olympus anymore.

“Rasgrid, have you ever gone to Erin?”

When Adenmaha smiled brightly and asked as she got excited because she was talking of her hometown in a long time, Rasgrid shook her head.

“Unfortunately, no. I just felt the power of Erin in some relics…..but thinking about it that was a funny thought. There’s someone that experienced Erin and Asgard in front of me.”

“How is it? The appreciation of someone from Erin.”

Gandur spoke right after Rasgrid.

When everyone focused on Adenmaha, she smacked her lips and thought about the words she would use and then smiled brightly and said.

“Actually, I feel a bit unfamiliar to it….but when I close my eyes I feel like I returned to my hometown.’

‘That’s right, this wind clearly belongs to Erin.’

Cuchulainn added some words in a low voice.

Adenmaha and Cuchulainn had become really emotional because they faced the wind of Erin that they thought they would never be able to face again.

“But then, my master is the master of Asgard and also the master of Erin?”

As Echidna asked, the eyes of everyone moved from Adenmaha to Tae Ho. Tae Ho smiled bitterly and shook his head.

“That’s not the case. It’s clear that I am a God of Asgard and at the same time a God of Erin but i’m not its master.”

He knew it more clearly than others because he was the master of Asgard. Tae Ho was a God of battle and conquer of ERin, not its master.

“Hm, is it because you didn’t inherit the seat properly?”

Siri nodded slowly as Bracky tilted his head and asked.

“That’s possible. If we speak in terms of Midgard, he hasn’t been able to receive a crown that proved that he was a king.”

Tae Ho had received the seat of master of Asgard from the previous master Odin through a proper procedure.

But that wasn’t the case for the seat of Erin.

He had just claimed that he was the king while standing on an ownerless land.

Everyone that was gathered in this place nodded at Siri’s explanation with a convinced face but the two people of Erin shook their heads.

‘There’s another reason. The seat of master of Erin is quite different to Asgard or Olympus.’


‘Ask Adenmaha about the details. The others also have to hear this.’

If Cuchulainn explained it, Tae Ho would have to explain it again through his mouth.

Tae Ho agreed and turned to look at Adenmaha.

“Adenmaha, I will leave it to you.”

She hadn’t been able to listen to Cuchulainn’s and Tae Ho’s conversation but she was sensing the general flow. She nodded immediately at Tae Ho’s request and turned to look at everyone.

“Um….so it’s like this. The relationship between Gods and humans is different for each world right? Erin especially was a world where Gods and humans were equals.”

“I have heard about it before. The humans called the Milesians even chased away the Gods right?”

“But they coexisted together after that.”

Adenmaha put a displeased expression at Echidna’s question. It seemed like she didn’t like the expression of having been chased away.

‘Actually, there were several mixed bloods between the Tuatha De Danann and the Milesian. I’m also quite close to that case. The start wasn’t that good but later on the lived together.’

Adenmaha opened her mouth again while Cuchulainn explained.

“Anyways, the spirit of the humans in Erin was that strong. There were also humans that were much stronger than the warriors of the God race, the Tuatha De Danann, just like the top ranked or superior ranked warriors of Valhalla.”

In the first place, if it wasn’t like that they wouldn’t have been able to drive away the Tuatha De Danann at all so at one side it was kind of obvious.

“But the problem was that the humans didn’t have a unified force. There were several forces and the strength of the humans was divided in several pieces.”

The era where the Milesian were one was really short. No, there were already several factions of them when they fought against the Tuatha De Danann. They had just gathered their strength temporarily.

“In addition to this….Erin also had many exchanges between races. There were already four races of Gods before the Tuatha De Danann that inherited the right to rule over Erin.”

“How complicated.”

Adenmaha smiled bitterly and nodded as Bracky frowned.

The history of Erin was really complicated compared to Olympus or Asgard.

Siri organized the story of Adenmaha in her head and sai.

“If we speak in terms from Midgard, you are saying that the distribution of a force was severe? And that’s why a unified king didn’t exist.”

“Correct. That’s why Erin didn’t have a single master just like Asgard or Olympus. Several kings of Erin split the power of the master between them.”

Adenmaha paused there and took a breath. She started to raise her fingers one by name and told the name of the kings.

“The last master of the Tuatha De Danann, the God of light Lugh. The king that founded Camelot and the last king, King Arthur. Fionn mac Cumhaill and his followers the knights of Fianna. The queen of the land of darkness Scathach. The daughter of the supreme king Meiv, etc. are the kings that split the power of the master between them.”

“Indeed. Is that the reason why the master hasn’t been able to climb to the seat of the master of Erin even though he resurrected it?”

Ingrid nodded like she understood but Gandur shook her head as if she didn’t understand yet.

“But our master is also the successor of Erin. He still can’t receive it?”

“Um….even I don’t know about that. What does Cuchulainn say about this?”

When Adenmaha turned to look at Tae Ho, Cuchulainn answered with a non confident tone.

‘I’m not certain. If master was here I would know more clearly…..but I wonder that it may be possible one day. Only that you can’t right now.’

“He says that I may be able one day but it’s impossible right now.”

Everyone put disappointed faces at his answer and looked at his chest or waist. It seemed like they weren’t looking at Tae Ho but at Cuchulainn.

“Well, that’s a vague answer but I also think like that.”

Adenmaha forced a laugh and the atmosphere returned to normal and Cuchulainn grumbled saying that the reaction was different even though they said the same thing.

But it was at that moment. SIri raised her hand and asked.

“Tae Ho, i’m curious about something. Bracky and I are also Gods of Erin? We do feel that way.”

It was hard for them to be certain of it as they were still inexperienced as Gods.

Tae Ho activated the ‘eyes of the dragon’ and nodded.

“Yes, you are just the God of hunt and thunder of Erin. One of the reasons you became Gods even without passing through the top rank was because of your strong potential.”

Actually, not even Tae Ho could be certain of it as he didn’t say it beforehand. He was also only a God of Asgard before he resurrected Erin.

“Is it because Erin still don’t have a God of thunder and hunt? Mm, not bad.”

While Bracky nodded, Echidna clapped her hands as the conversation was coming to an end and gathered the attention of everyone.

“Why don’t we move for now? We can’t keep standing here forever. I will show you my palace.”

The conversation was flowing naturally but the group had just finished a battle. THey needed a place to rest properly.

Everyone stood up from their seats and prepared to move.

But it was at that moment. Hydra, that was standing on a corner with her mouth shut, approached Echidna while hesitating.


Echidna turned to look at her as Hydra spoke in a really low voice. She looked at her for a moment and then stroke her head.

“You are Hydra. I thought that I would never be able to see you again because I heard that you got done by Heracles. But it’s really nice to see you like this.”


Hydra smacked her lips and was about to say something more. But Echidna turned around like she didn’t have anything else to say and made a gesture with her hands to the group.

“Let’s depart them. Follow me well.”

Her tone was really light like it has been until now but it was heard differently for Hydra. The others followed Echidna for now but everyone excluding Drakon Ismenios looked at Hydra with worried eyes.

For a conversation between mother and daughter that reencountered after a hundred years to end with just that.

Echidna was really glad to have seen Hydra and that fact tightened her heart even more.

The joy of having met someone in a really long while.

She already knew it. She had realized it since no one had come to rescue her for a hundred years.

But she couldn’t help but have her eyes redden. She bit her lips and tried to endure it but seemed like she would burst in tears anytime at Echidna’s unkind back.

“It’s fine. It’s fine.”

Nidhogg embraced her back. She then stayed like that and kept repeating that it was fine.

Adenmaha laughed at that and then followed Echidna while urging the others. Nidhogg and Hydra fell a bit behind but it wasn’t bad.

“It’s fine.”

Nidhogg said once again. She wanted to tell her better words but that was the only word she could think of.

But Hydra also understood Nidhogg’s feelings. That’s why she smiled and said a word Nidhogg wanted to hear so much.

“Yes, unnie.”

She said it quickly as she was embarrassed but it was enough.

A bright smile spread in Nidhogg’s face.


The palace of Echidna was really flashy. There were almost no elaborate craftworks but several golden objects and jewels were filling up the room so it felt like every corner of the room was shining.

Echidna could transform into a complete human but she preferred staying in her half snake form. Because of that, she liked to sit on gold instead of a throne and she also gave Tae Ho’s group seats made up by piling up golden pieces.

“Echidna, the reason we came looking for you isn’t simply because of the alliance.”

Tae Ho drank on the drink the winged beauties that were thought to be Echidna’s children and spoke directly. But then Echidna laughed with a playful voice.

“You conquered me but you are talking about alliances?”

“Stop talking back. My master is speaking.”

Adenmaha stuck next to Tae Ho and gazed at her and Echidna snorted at that.

“Hmph, so you were a puppy instead of a kitty?”

Adenmaha got angry at the tone that was looking down at her. But Tae Ho spoke before her.

“Echidna, don’t act that rudely to Adenmaha. I don’t want to say something you don’t want to hear when you have just joined us.”

Tae Ho’s eyes were really serious. Because of that Echidna shrunk her shoulders unconsciously and Adenmaha looked up at Tae Ho with shining eyes.

‘She loves it so much.’

Tae Ho continued to look at Echidna while Cuchulainn spoke and in the end Echidna raised the white flag first.

“Tch, I understand. I won’t do that.”


Adenmaha grabbed on Tae Ho’s arm with a really good mood and snorted. It was of course towards Echidna.

But Tae Ho didn’t only side with Adenmaha.

“Adenmaha. You also shouldn’t act that way. It’s true that we did act rudely. It doesn’t seem sincere but……i’m sorry Echidna.”

Tae Ho didn’t forget apologizing towards Echidna. His actions did have some justifications but just like Echidna had said, he had conquered her while asking her to form an alliance.

Adenmaha jost bowed calmly towards Echidna after hearing Tae Ho’s words.

It seemed like Echidna got in a better mood at Adenmaha’s and Tae Ho’s apology or she just wanted to pull a joke on them in the first place that she put a bewitching smile and continued speaking.

“It’s fine. I’m also glad that we got a way to fight. Anyways, what is the reason you came to find me aside of the alliance?”

“Do you know the reason the 12 Olympians have changed?”

“Somewhat but i’m not sure.”

“What we have found out is like this.”

Tae Ho told Echidna the things Apollo and Athena experienced and guessed and what Hades had told them.

“Is that so, a voice……”

“Can you think of someone?”

Echidna nodded slowly at Adenmaha’s question.

“I can. It’s rather weird that Apollo and Athena couldn’t think of them. Ah, so is that it? That they couldn’t think of them because of their psychological rejection.”

It seemed like Echidna could really think of someone looking at how she spoke and shrugged her shoulders.

“Are they the monsters?”

Echidna smirked at Bracky’s quick question.

“I wonder, you could call them that or not.”

It was a vague answer.

But Tae Ho didn’t urge her for an answer. Echidna smiled like she liked that Tae Ho and then gestured towards Nidhogg that was embracing Hydra.

“The black haired girl over there, she’s Asgard’s ancient dragon rigth? The one called Nidhogg.”

“Do you know Nidhogg?”

Echidna nodded when Nidhogg asked while blinking her eyes.

“I do, you are also an ancient dragon like me. But actually, you and I are quite different.”

“The color of our hair is different. Our eyes too…..”

Nidhogg started to raise her fingers one by one and said.

Echidna giggled as if she found her really cute.

“Right, but other things aside of that. What i’m talking about is more of our essence.”

Echidna spoke up to that point and pointed at herself with graceful movements.

“I am an ancient dragon but it’s hard to call me as a true ancient dragon. I haven’t existed since the world began. In the other hand, that black haired lady is a true ancient dragon that has existed with the beginning of the world. This hurts my pride but that lady should be much stronger than me.”

“Are you talking about Nidhogg’s real body?”

Echidna titled her heads at Tae Ho’s question and answered.

“I don’t know what that body is but…yes, that should be right. Just like I have to transform into a huge winged snake to release my true powers, the moment we, the ancient dragons, can reveal our true powers is when we are at our original appearances. That lady has only her essence here, right? And she doesn’t even know about the power she has.”

“Wait, I think that the conversation started to flow weirdly again. The important thing is that you aren’t a real ancient dragon and not that the power Nidhogg has is real, right?”

Echidna opened her eyes roundly as Adenmaha grabbed the main point of the conversation.

“Wow, you really are intelligent? As much as you are lewd……oh, sorry. I told you not to tease you too much right?”

Echidna spoke ambiguously and continued speaking.

“Anyways, i’m not a real ancient dragon. There is a generation before me. Rigth, just like how there were countless Gods before the Tuatha De Danann.”

Echidna raised her arms and then the light that appeared from her hands started to spin and took shape.

“The existences that ruled the world long before the Gods of Olympus and even the generation previous to them, the Titans. They are the founders of all Titans and that’s why you could call them as being ancient since they are also the founders of the Gods of Olympus.”

The light started to take the appearance of Gods. There wasn’t only one God but several of them and there were male and female Gods.

“The Protogenoi, the primordial Gods.”

The real ancient beings. The fathers of everything that existed in Olympus.

“The Gods of the origin that have existed since the world started.”

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