Valhalla Saga

Chapter 195

Episode 58/Chapter 1: The Goddess of the moon (1)

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The dozens of warriors were currently in a fierce battle in the residence of Idun.

Their eyes were filled with murderous intent and the weapons in their hands were real but they weren’t battling to kill for real. It was only training that resembled actual fighting.

‘No, could this also be considered as actual fighting?’

The other legions also had training but it wasn’t as fierce as the one in Idun’s legion. It was because everything would end if you died even if you were inside the residence, and your soul would fly far away and become a Steel warrior.

The reason Idun’s legion proceeded with a fierce training was because of Scathach’s influence, that was the responsible for the training, but most of all the qualities of Idun’s legion was bigger.

‘It’s amazing no matter how many times I look this.’

Helga, that was the princess of Kataron a month ago but was now a lowest ranked warrior of Idun’s legion, turned to look at a corner of the training center. There were several injured people under a golden apple tree and their injuries were being healed at a really fast pace.

Idun’s divine power had a power to heal injuries as she was the Goddess of life and youth. Most of all they were inside the residence of Idun where the power of Idun was plentiful so if they lied down on places like that where the divine power was especially strong, their injuries got recovered.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say this but inside of Idun’s legion, you could save anyone whether they got their internal organs destroyed or their limbs destroyed, only if they didn’t die.

Helga looked back at the warriors that were still fighting fiercely. They were all doing their best in their training as they didn’t get any dispatchment orders.

Based on the words of their seniors, the normal thing would be to get dispatched about five or six times in a month but it was different nowadays.

They didn’t have any battles to do as the giants that were blocking the front lines of Asgard had all fled to Jotunheim.

In the cases of other legions, they still participated on battles to drive away the giants. The legion of Idun got ordered to rest so they have already been guarding the residence for a month already.

‘I want to meet commander-nim.’

Helga let out a sigh unconsciously.

The life in Valhalla wasn’t bad at all. The Valkyries were all strong and beautiful so you automatically felt admiration towards them and the warriors were all strong and had a good character. You couldn’t even see the dirty and vulgar profiteers you could easily see in Midgard.

The food was good and the environment was also good. The training was a bit harsh but they just enjoyed it as they could feel themselves getting stronger.

But there was only one regretful thing and that was that Idun’s warrior wasn’t in this place.

‘I thought that I would be able to meet him everyday if I came to Valhalla. Should I also apply to become a Valkyrie?’

There was a rumor that you could see him if you did something like a meeting and that he liked meetings more than anyone in this world.

Helga let out a sigh once again and turned to look at another place. She had just turned her head unconsciously but ended up opening her eyes roundly.


The representative Valkyrie of the legion, Heda, was running hurriedly. By looking at the direction she was headed to, you could guess that she was going to the residence of the one in charge of the trainings Scathach.

What could have happened?

She was really curious but she couldn’t follow her because she was in the middle of training. No, even if she wasn’t in training it was rude to follow the representative Valkyrie without any reasons.

Helga let out a sigh once again and stood up. You had to increase your rank first to become a Valkyrie.

“For Idun.”

Helga spoke in a low voice and grabbed her weapon. She walked to the place the warriors were finishing their rest.

And at the same moment Heda breathed roughly. It was because she arrived at the cave, that was the residence of Scathach.

Everything was a mess. Her beautiful red hair was disheveled and her clothes weren’t trim.

But she didn’t have the strength to fix herself. She inhaled some air and then entered the cave.


Scathach, that was sitting in front of a table made with polished rock, raised her head. Merlin was sitting next to her with a moved expression.

Heda’s breath became rough once again. The rate of her heart beat had increased so much she could feel like she could hear it.

“What’s wrong? Notices about Tae Ho? Did he write a letter or something?”

Heda spoke really quickly. Scathach had many things she wanted to tell her as she was approaching the table. She felt like it would be better to tell her the main notices first.

“It’s not a letter but we got contact of his doings indirectly.”

Heda gulped dry saliva. It wouldn’t be a bad thing looking at Merlin’s expression.

“What is it? What? Don’t pause and tell me.”

“Tae Ho has resurrected Erin.”


“Erin has resurrected. It was a short moment but felt it clearly.”

The one that answered was Merlin and joy was filling his face.

Scathach spoke once again.

“I am the queen of the land of darkness and one of the kings that made the sentence of Erin so I can be sure of it. Erin has resurrected. And the only one that can do that is the successor of Erin, Tae Ho.”

In addition, the place Erin got revived was none other than Olympus. So looking at the situation it was certainly Tae Ho.

“He should be fine. No, i’m sure of it. That’s why he has also revived Erin.”

Merlin put a warm smile and spoke. Part of it was because he himself was moved but also because he wanted to soothe Heda.

“I don’t know how he has done that. Perhaps, he became able to do something we can’t even imagine as he became the master of Asgard. The conclusion is that Tae Ho is fine anyways.”

Scathach came to a simple conclusion and Heda let out a long sigh at that. She sat in front of Scathach and lied down.


“I’m fine. I was just relieved. Right. And I got more relaxed.”

Heda spoke while still lying down. There was clear exhaustion in her voice.

Scathach looked at her for a moment. It may be her feelings but she felt leaner than before. Her face that was seen from between her red hair was pale and her eyes had lost light that it made her look like an ill person.

Heda wasn’t originally like this. She was a woman like the sun that was full of energy and vitality.

“Are you eating properly? What about sleeping?”


It was already the second time Tae Ho disappeared. In addition, this situation was worse than the first one in many meanings.

Heda raised her head slowly. She seemed to be making a forced smile with her dried lips and then drooped her shoulders.

Idun was also hurt. Heda and Idun said with the same feelings.

“I want to see Tae Ho.”

Her low voice was really watery. Merlin frowned in regret and Scathach nodded. She grabbed Heda’s hands and said.

“Right, I also want to see Cuchulainn.”

When would the doors of Olympus open?

What could Tae Ho and Cuchulainn be doing in Olympus?

“It will turn well like usual. Let’s go meet him soon as he likes it that much.”

Scathach cracked a joke with an awkard face and Heda, that was absent minded, laughed.

‘My warrior Tae Ho.’

Heda heard Idun’s whisper and turned her eyes. It was towards the direction the connecting path with Olympus was at.


Echidna spoke calmly.

The primordial Gods, the Protogenoi.

The ones that were born first.

“The Protogenoi and the world were born from the beginning of everything and the first void of Chaos. They are the ones that have existed with the start of this world- Olympus.”

The shapes of light that were inside of Echidna’s arms gathered into one once again and took new shapes. Echidna looked at the lights changing without rest and continued speaking.

“That’s why the Gods of origin- no, the ancient Gods the Protogenoi can be considered to be one with his world. The earth started with the God of earth and the night and day started with the God of night.”

When Echidna rolled her fingers, the shapes of light got divided into the sky, sea and earth. Several things started to grow from between them but then the sea engulfed everything, and a robust man wielding a trident surged up.

“The God of the sea Poseidon is certainly the God that is in charge of the sea as it is his territory. But it doesn’t mean that Poseidon himself is the sea. He is only the one that rules over it. Then, what about the ancient God Pontus? He is the sea and the primordial sea got started from him.”

The sea devoured the man. There was only blue light in Echidna’s arms.

The God of the sea.

The primitive sea.

Nidhogg blinked and gulped dry saliva. Adenmaha mumbled something in a low voice and then stood up from her place.

“Wa, wait a moment. Aren’t they closer to being concept Gods rather than personified Gods?”

“That’s right, you really are intelligent and you know a lot. Most of the Protogenoi including the ancient void of Chaos are concept Gods.”

“What are concept Gods? Don’t tell me they are Gods with a concept……i’m joking, joking.”

Bracky lowered his head and changed his words as the eyes of everyone stuck on him sharply. Siri represented them all and hit his back.

“There’s a time for everything.”


Bracky replied briefly and stayed silent and Rasgrid, that was still regaining her calm at this moment explained with a calm voice.

“Personified Gods are Gods with a personality like the name implies. They have emotions and are able to think. Most of the Gods we know are personified Gods. In the other hand, the concept Gods don’t have a will. They are existences that help the world to be maintained just by existing and you can call them as being pieces of force. Normally, most of the concept Gods possess a greater strength than personified Gods but they don’t have a will so they aren’t able to use it.”

“If you look at it in that way you can say that the world itself is a huge concept God”

Gandur frowned and nodded as Adenmaha added some words. She hadn’t understood everything completely but she got a general feeling.

Tae Ho reviewed what Echidna, Rasgrid and Adenmaha said and grabbed one fact from them.

“Echidna, you said most of the concept Gods, so does that mean that there are also personified Gods among the Protogenoi?”

“Yes, that’s right. Some of the Protogenoi are personified Gods. I am wondering that part of them are the voices that seduced Zeus and the 12 Olympians.”

The ancient void of chaos was a concept God. He wasn’t a being that wanted to maintain or destroy the world. Everything was a mixed sea of chaos.

But the Protogenoi that were born like that were different. There were some that wanted to maintain the world and some that wanted to destroy it.

Bracky, that was listening silently, raised his hand and asked.

“Um, so the Proto whatever are much stronger than the 12 Olympians? And the situation implies that they have become enemies.”

“That’s right, but that shouldn’t be the case for everyone. If all of them had turned, the battle would have already ended.”

It would also be impossible for Zeus to be resisting like this and no one among the 12 Olympians would have overcome the seduction.

All of the 12 Olympians would have turned into beings that wanted to destroy the world in an instant and an internal battle wouldn’t have occurred inside of Olympus but a war with Asgard would have started.

Echidna took a breath and then the blue light that was between her arms changed to become the size of a white and black baseball.

“The ancient Gods that were from the ancient void of chaos. One or two of them should be the ones that caused this.”

“But we have countermeasures, right?”

Adenmaha spoke suddenly.

She hadn’t said that because she shrunk down at the existences of the Protogenoi. Only a short time had passed but Adenmaha could understand what Echidna was thinking about.

SHe wasn’t the type to jump in a battle she didn’t have any chances to win.

If they were in a situation with no answers to it she wouldn’t have talked about the ancient Gods at all.

Echidna looked at Adenmaha and then smiled brightly.

“That’s right quick witted lady. If the Protogenoi are the ones that caused this shouldn’t we also pull the Protogenoi to our side?”

There wasn’t only one ancient God. There were several of them. And they could also be divided like the 12 Olympians.

“There’s a high probability for one Protogenoi to side with us. That person also doesn’t like Zeus.”

“The mother Gaia.”

Tae Ho said and Echidna nodded at his words that came out reflexively. She then added some more words as.

“The Protogenoi of the earth.”

One of the Gods that was born the first from the ancient void of chaos. The mother of all Titans.

“She is a being wanting to destroy the world.”

Echidna winked and then pointed at the ground with an elegant gesture.

< Episode 58 – The Goddess of the moon (1) > End

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Episode 58/Chapter 2: The Goddess of the moon (2)

TL: Tsubak


The primeval God of the earth, Gaia.

Rasgrid and the Valkyries put expressions like they vaguely knew. She wasn’t a strong God that ruled over Olympus like the current 12 Olympians but they had still heard her name.

In the other hand, Tae Ho could think of several stories.

‘But there’s no guarantee she would be the same here.’

Just like Tae Ho had already experienced it in Asgard, the mythology Tae Ho knew was quite different with the several worlds/

Because of that Tae Ho first listened to Echidna’s explanation before he said anything.

“It’s obvious for you to not know much about her if you are from another world. The primeval Gods are the Gods before our generation.”

Echidna winked once again and then moved her right hand. The shapes of light that came in white and black started to spin and swell.

“Most of the primeval Gods didn’t show any activities even after the Titan Gods appeared. Gaia-nim was the one that was quite active even among those primeval Gods.”

Echidna moved her fingers delicately as if playing an instrument. The orb of light that swelled up to become the size of a watermelon shook in her fingers and then got compressed and changed shapes completely.

It was a land being covered completely by the sea. The sea water fell on the edge so it looked just like a waterfall.

“The sea of chaos. Chaos, that was the first of the Protogenoi and the beginning of everything, was a concept God. The several primeval Gods were born from him.”

Several things surged up from the sea. There were two at first but they became four and then started to form part of the world.

“The primeval God of the earth is Gaia. She became the first land and became the start of the world.”

Green land got formed on the grey sea. But the only thing that was formed wasn’t land.

There was a pink sphere floating in the land. Echidna touched the sphere softly and spoke with an odd voice.

“The primeval God of love Eros. The concept of sexual intercourse and birth got created because he was born. He’s a God I like a lot but unfortunately he’s a concept God.”

Echidna winked towards Tae Ho and rolled her fingers again.

Darkness covered the land but there wasn’t only one. A black and blue curtain got spread beyond the darkness. It was a curtain where countless stars were engraved in.

“The primeval Goddess of night Nyx, and the primeval God of darkness Erebos. Life could be born in the world because these two were born. It started with Gaia and ended with Nyx.”

The Goddess of the night Nyx was also the Goddess of death.

“At first all of them were concept Gods but at some point, some of the primeval Gods started to awaken consciousness.”

Part of the green land surged up and took the appearance of a woman. She was wearing shoes formed with rock and was wearing clothes made with plants and trees.

A part of the curtain of night also transformed into a woman. It was a beautiful Goddess that had black wings.

“Gaia and Nyx. They, that awoke as personified Gods, gathered their strength with the other concept Gods and gave birth to several Gods. They are the 3rd generation of primeval Gods.”

Gaia put her hand in the sea of chaos and slowly swirled it. Then, the grey sea started to get dyed in blue. It was because the primeval God of sea Pontus was born.

Gaia didn’t stop there. When she touched the land with her wet hand, the land rose up and gave birth to the primeval God of mountains, Ourea.

Gaia extended her hands to the curtain of darkness lastly and then the concept of the sky got born and became Uranus.

Nyx, that was observing Gaia, extended her hand to the empty darkness Erebos. Erebos didn’t reject Nyx and then she got pregnant with new Gods.

The first one that got born was the Goddess of day Hemera that shared some symmetry with the Goddess of night Nyx.

Next came the Aether, the primeval God of the upper atmosphere. Aether then had intercourse with Hemera and gave birth to several Gods.

Gaia also gave birth to some more Gods and some primeval Gods appeared from the sea of chaos.

The world that was only chaos started to get filled with several things. The grey sphere was soon filled with several colors.

“Most of them were concept Gods but Uranus awakened consciousness like Gaia and Nyx. Gaia took that Uranus as her husband and the next generation of Gods, the Titans, were born.”

Interest shone in Bracky’s and Siri’s eyes. Nidhogg embraced Hydra and gulped dry saliva and showed the same reaction as when Adenmaha read her a story book.

Echidna giggled as she had become a storyteller and then bantered the new Titans that appeared with her finger and continued speaking.

“But the Titans weren’t the only ones that got born between Gaia and Uranus.”

One eye giants and at the same time the Gods of thunder and lightning, the Cyclopes, surged up. Next to them appeared the monsters of 50 heads and 100 arms, the Hekatonkheires.

“Uranus despised the monsters that were born between him and Gaia. That’s why he treasured the beautiful Titans but drove in the monsters because he didn’t want to see them and discarded them.”

Uranus drove the Cyclopes and the Hekatonkheires under the ground. Gaia let out a really pained scream but Uranus didn’t stop.

“Fortunately, Tartarus awakened consciousness for a really short moment and contained the Cyclopes and the Hekatonkheires in him to end with Gaia’s pain but the rage of Gaia didn’t subside. She started to hold grudges against Uranus that had sealed the Cyclopes and the Hekatonkheires when they were also his children. That’s why she called the strongest and bravest one of the Titans, Chronos, and gave him an order.”

Six male Gods and six Goddesses were born between Gaia and Uranus and Chronos was the eldest of those Titans.

“Chronos received the God killer scyte from Gaia and then approached Uranus and cut down his penis while he was sleeping.”

Bracky trembled when the uselessly precise scene occurred inside the sphere. Rolo, that was watching uninterestedly, dripped cold sweat as if he had regained a trauma.


Nidhogg covered her eyes with her hands which was open between her fingers like a kid looking at a horror movie.

Chronos threw away the still imposing and hard cut down penis of Uranus into the sea.

“The Goddesses of revenge were born from his blood and she was also born like that.”

The Goddess of beauty Aphrodite.

She, that was born from Uranus, could be said to be the embodiment of all the fantasies men had. She was treated as the most beautiful being in Olympus and no one had any complaints on her ruling over beauty.

“Anyways, the important thing is that Chronos drove away Uranus and he climbed to the seat of the king of Gods. It was a bit misleading to say that Uranus was the king of Gods so Chronos was the first master of Olympus.”

Chronos sat on the throne he made himself and looked down at the world. He didn’t end there and took Rhea, the Titan Goddess that was the most beautiful and most similar to Gaia, as his wife.

“Gaia expected Chronos to free his brothers from Tartarus as he had defeated Uranus but he didn’t do that. His character was similar to his father. The reason he carried over Gaia’s order was because he wanted to defeat Uranus and become the king, not because he wanted to rescue his brothers.”

“How bad…..”

Nidhogg mumbled in a low voice and Hydra nodded in her embrace.

The two of them had been trapped for a long time so they felt sympathy towards the Cyclopes and the Hekatonkheires.

“Gaia got angry and cursed out Chronos to become like his father. There were 2 reason on why she didn’t defeat Chronos by herself. The first one was that she couldn’t hit her own children and the second one was that she had spent too much strength on making the scythe to defeat Uranus.”

Chronos feared Gaia’s curse so ate down all the children he had with Rhea to prevent them from being born.

Rhea also got enraged at him for this and asked Gaia for advice to protect her last child and Gaia gave her a round boulder and told her to trick Chronos.

“The Goddess of the night Nyx helped Rhea. It seemed like Chronos also had some shame that he couldn’t eat down his child in broad daylight. He only ate them at night.”

Chronos couldn’t differentiate his child with the boulder at the night that was darker than usual.

“Thanks to that, Rhea could protect her last child and the youngest yet the oldest child of Chronos and Rhea is the king of Gods Zeus.”

Echidna spoke up to that point and then stopped her story and took a breath. Nidhogg gulped dry saliva for Echidna to continue speaking as she was deeply immersed in the story.

But unfortunately, Echidna didn’t continue telling the story.

“Well, you already know what happened after that, right? Zeus rescued his siblings from Chronos and then counterattacked to make the war between the Titans, Titanomachy and Zeus became the new king of Gods after he won that.”

Nidhogg pouted at the story that was summarized. Hydra also put a disappointed expression because the part she liked the most got skipped.

Adenmaha checked the reaction of those two and asked the question she thought Nidhogg would be the most curious of.

“What happened to the Cyclopes and the Hekatonkheires?”

“Yes yes, i’m curious.”

Nidhogg nodded immediately and looked at Echidna with earnest eyes. Her eyes were so pitiable that Echidna rather felt that she didn’t want to tell her but she then giggled and said.

“As soon as Titanomachy took place, Gaia assisted Zeus to give Chronos a lesson. She gave Zeus a really decisive advice and that was to rescue the Cyclopes and the Hekatonkheires that were trapped in Tartarus.”

Nidhogg’s face brightened. Everyone that was listening to the story couldn’t help but hide their smiles at the difference in temperature.

“The Cyclopes and the Hekatonkheires got to escape thanks to Zeus and performed greatly in the Titanomachy. The three Cyclopes brothers especially made the strongest weapon of Olympus, the lightning bolt, and gave it to Zeus.”

But that wasn’t all. The armor of Hades and the Trident of Poseidon was also the work of the three cyclopes brothers.

“So what happened? Did they live happily after that?”

“They lived rather happily. After Zeus won in Titanomachy he recognized the merits of the Cyclopes and the Hekatonkheires and granted them heavy rewards. The Cyclopes got to live freely on an island called Sicily and the Hekatonkheires volunteered to oversee the Titans that were confined in Tartarus and got down.”

“I’m glad.”

Nidhogg let out a sigh of relief. She felt regret that the Titans that were defeated got trapped in Tartarus but Nidhogg felt more empathy with the Cyclopes and the Hekatonkheires.

‘She will start crying when we tell her the truth.’

The three Cyclopes brothers were said to be living freely but they were actually trapped in the island. After that, they got killed by the son of Zeus Apollo but the reason for that was really a spectacle.

When Zeus punished the son of Apollo, Asclepius, with his lightning bolt Apollo couldn’t rebel to Zeus and solved his grudge by killing the innocent Cyclopes brothers. The reason for that was that they had made Zeus’ lightning bolt.

The ironic thing was that the thing Apollo used to killed the three cyclopes was an arrow of the sun that was also their work.

‘The Cyclopes weren’t the only checkered ones.’

The Hekatonkheires, that raised great merits in the Titanomachy, were only the watchmen for the Titans decorated in good words. They had actually been confined in Tartarus.

Echidna got a black desire to make Nidhogg cry, as she was smiling brightly repeating the words that she was glad, but she forced herself to calm down.

She was sure that Tae Ho’s group would treat Apollo really uncomfortable based on what she experienced until now and the first reason was because Apollo was on their side.

‘Apollo can also hold grudges against me.’

You could say that it was quality for the Gods of Olympus to hold grudges on innocent people.

Echidna’s story was quite long but it felt like everyone wanted to hear more because it was quite interesting.

But they couldn’t keep talking about mythology forever. Tae Ho started to ask about the most important things.

“Who else is there among the primeval personified Gods besides Gaia and Nyx? I think we may be able to guess who was the one that seduced the 12 Olympians because they are few in numbers. Also, don’t we have a way to approach Gaia?”

“I will answer by order. First, among the personified Gods there are Gaia, Nyx, Hemera and Uranus. All the others are concept Gods. But there are times concept Gods awaken a consciousness like Tartarus for example.”

“Uh….so you mean that you don’t know?”

Echidna shook her head as Adenmaha asked carefully.

“I can’t be certain of it, I didn’t say that I don’t know. Looking at the situation, the primeval God of the night Nyx has the most probabilities to be the one.”

The primeval God of night and death.

The reason Echidna pointed out Nyx when there were a total of four personified Gods was simple.

“First, Nyx is a single existence with her daughter and the Goddess of day Hemera. She has two personalities in one body.”

“Like Idun-nim?”

Tae Ho and Adenmaha flinched as Nidhogg asked reflexively and the others just blinked because they didn’t know what she was talking about.

“Huh? What about Idun-nim?”

Bracky blinked and asked in representation of everyone. Only then did Nidhogg remember that Idun and Heda sharing one body was a secret and then glanced at Tae Ho and Adenmaha and shook her head hurriedly.

“Ah, it’s nothing. Nidhogg doesn’t know anything.”

And then covered her mouth with her hands.

Her actions were really suspicious so Bracky and even Siri opened their eyes sharply but Idun wasn’t the important one now.

The group looked at Tae Ho and Nidhogg with suspicious eyes but focused on Echidna again.

“Mm, I will continue speaking. Excluding Gaia-nim and Hemera-nim, there’s only Uranus right? But after he got his penis cut down he lost all his strength and gave up on thinking. He is a personified God but actually he’s no different from a concept God.”

“So based on the laws of elimination only Nyx remains.”

Adenmaha glanced at Nidhogg that was still covering her mouth and then spoke to Echidna. Echidna nodded lightly.

“Yes, and in addition Nyx’s residence is Tartarus. Didn’t Hades say that the voice was heard from below the underworld? Then only Nyx is left as Tartarus is below the underworld.”

“I have been curious about this, but is Tartarus a primeval God of hell and at the same time a particular location?”

Siri raised her hand and asked. Raising her hand to ask something everytime was as sincere as Ingrid.

Echidna nodded once again.

“Yes, just like the primeval God of sea Pontus is the sea itself.”

When Echidna placed her hand on the sphere, the sphere changed into three floors. The lowest one had a dark blue color, the floor above that was black and the floor at the top was dark but had several colors existing in it.

“There is Tartarus and Erebus is above that. The underworld is at the top.”

The territory of Hades was only limited to the underworld. Erebus and Tartarus was a territory where Hades’ strength and the rest of the 12 Olympians didn’t reach.

“Nyx is a really strong existence even among the primeval Gods. There was a time that even Zeus had to be aware of her. If the owner of the voice was really a primeval God and Nyx on top of that, we have to overturn the situation before she starts to act on earnest. She, that is a being wanting to destroy the world, can be said to be death itself.”

She was talking quite lightly but there was fear and awareness in her eyes which she couldn’t hide. It was because it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the primeval God of night and death, Nyx, was the origin of fear.

“Where is Gaia-nim? Uh….she’s the earth itself so we just have to talk to the ground?”

Adenmaha gulped dry saliva and changed the subject. Echidna shook away her fear with a made up smile and shook her head in an exaggerated way.

“No, she’s a personified God. She may understand what you say just by talking to the ground like the smart lady said but…..normally, we have to contact her directly.”

“Is there a way?”

“There is, but I don’t know of it.”

“Wait. Shat?”

Echidna giggled as Adenmaha asked back with her eyes round.

“I don’t know but I know of someone that does.”

“And who is that?”

“The Goddess of grain Demeter.”

One of the 12 Olympians that has received her seat of a Goddess of grain from Rhea. The one that can only have a deep relationship with the primeval God of earth Gaia.

“She should know where she is.”

Echidna spoke clearly and the group turned to look at each other. Bracky feigned a laugh and said.

“So this is connected like this again?”

“Why? Has Demeter also turned into a being wanting to destroy the world?”

Echidna asked with a bewildered face. It was because if that was really the case, there was no way to contact Gaia at all.

But fortunately Demeter was a being that wanted to maintain the world.

“Ares was holding her captive. We defeated Ares but we don’t know her location so Hermes is looking for her.”

Echidna frowned at Siri’s calm answer.

“She is also really checkered. There were many times that she went through such things.”

Echidna mumbled in a low voice and even clicked her tongue for a moment. She shrugged her shoulders and spoke to Tae Ho.

“ANyways, the story of the general situation is like this. It’s hard to have talked a lot. Why don’t we rest for today?”

The group had already battled once. Just like Echidna had said, the group wanted to rest because of their considerable exhaustion. But Tae Ho still had something to order.

“Echidna, there’s one last thing I want to request from you.”

“What is it?”

“Can I bring Athena-nim and Hestia-nim to this place?”

The smile in Echidna’s face disappeared. She faced Tae Ho with an expressionless face and Tae Ho didn’t dodge his eyes from her.

And after some time passed. The one that turned her eyes away was Echidna. She let out a sigh and then looked at Tae Ho’s eyes.

“Fine, can’t do anything about it. But instead promise me one thing.”

She wasn’t talking about having children with him. It was much more important than that.

“Promise me my safety and my children’s safety when everything ends. The 12 Olympians don’t know about this place. But now, they will get to know about it and after the war ends……it may be after we win but I don’t know what they may do to me and my children.”

Echidna didn’t trust in the 12 Olympians. In the first place, they had gotten rid of the Cyclopes and the Hekatonkheires as soon as the war ended.

Tae Ho nodded. He was planning to do that even if Echidna didn’t request that. If the 12 Olympians attacked Echidna, Tae Ho was planning to protect her even if he had to go against them.

It wasn’t because he had a complicated reason. The reason was a really simple one.

“I will promise you. Echidna, you aren’t only the dragon God of Olympus but also of Asgard and Erin.”

Tae Ho was the master of Asgard and the successor of Erin. It was really obvious to protect a God of his world.

Echidna smiled brightly at Tae Ho’s promise. The time they had met was short but they had shared a deep interaction through ‘the one that conquers dragons’ so she could know that Tae Ho’s words weren’t a lie.

“Fine then. You could have just brought them here but thank you for having asked.”

“That’s an obvious thing.”

Tae Ho respected Echidna just like he respected Adenmaha. She wasn’t Tae Ho’s slave at all.

But it was at that moment. Echidna, that was facing Tae Ho’s eyes, trembled suddenly. She licked her lower lip a few times and then closed her eyes tightly and said.

“Ah, I can’t do it. I really really want to have some children with you. If ten is too much can’t we go with five? Huh?”

Echidna spoke quickly as she got really excited. She had thrown herself over the table and approached her face close to Tae Ho’s.

But Tae Ho was also quick to react. He stood up hurriedly to fall back and then Echidna put on a pitiable face and raised some fingers.

“Then only three! No, two!”

Everyone turned to look at Tae Ho. Bracky put on a jealous face so he got hit by Siri but everyone concentrated on Tae Ho’s answer.


Echidna asked with an earnest voice as Tae Ho answered with strength.

“Then, can’t we go with only one?”

It was an incredible attack that had her bewitching voice, movement and seductive eyes but Tae Ho’s guard was solid.


Tae Ho spoke shortly and Adenmaha looked at Echidna with a triumphant face. While Gandur giggled Echidna pouted her lips and Nidhogg blinked and mumbled.

“But how are children made?”

Everyone focused on Nidhogg and Adenmaha covered Echidna’s mouth and Ingrid covered Gandur’s. Siri hit the back of Bracky’s head and prevented him from speaking.

“Tae Ho master?”

“Uh….um, Scathach-nim will teach you later.”

Tae Ho laughed awkwardly and looked at Adenmaha and she also nodded with an awkward face.

The next morning Athena and Hestia arrived at the new Erin.

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