Valhalla Saga

Chapter 197

Episode 58/Chapter 4: The Goddess of the moon (4)

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The Goddess of the moon and hunt Artemis was completely armed.

Her clothes were still light and short so that her white thighs were shown but she was wearing armor and accessories made with gold in her arms, legs, neck and ears and also had a sharp sword in her waist besides the big bow she usually used.

Each of them were objects made by the blacksmith God Hephaestus.

‘I can’t flee any longer.’

Artemis rode on a wolf with blue fur and looked at a distant place with her blue eyes. She was thinking of Idun’s warrior.

The one that appeared from Asgard had already killed two of her heroes. He didn’t stop there but also attacked Delphos and even threatened her.

I will decide which city to attack and when so try to defend against me if you can.

That was a really flat provocation but she couldn’t ignore him. She could only stop her attack and strengthen the defenses on the polises.

And then, he just left her territory as if making fun of her. He had turned her into a fool for making her take preparations to defend against an enemy that didn’t even come.

He had saved Athena. Killed Achilles and even defeated Ares.

He probably had Hades’ help. If that wasn’t the case, it would be impossible for a mere warrior of Valhalla to defeat the God of war Ares.

‘But I won’t drop my guard.’

She wouldn’t look down on him and wouldn’t measure his strength recklessly.

She had armed herself with all the best equipment she could. She strengthened her divine power and was also linking the new sacred forces zones.

‘I won’t lose in a frontal clash.’

The reason she had played by his hand until now was because she had been avoiding a frontal clash. But it was different now. He won’t be able to avoid a frontal clash against Artemis.

There was only one sacred force of Apollo remaining.

If they also lost that, Apollo’s divine power will be sharply reduced.

In addition, Artemis was different to Ares.

Compared to him, that had taken over the polises of Athena but couldn’t change it into his own sacred force, Artemis could take over Apollo’s sacred forces comparatively easily.

It was because the believers of Apollo also served his twin Artemis quite a lot.

The humans were weak to fear. The fact that the humans in the most important location of Apollo’s sacred force, Delphos, had been massacred made them change their belief towards Artemis after they witnessed the strong army being led by her. The rejection they felt was also small because it was a God they originally served.

That’s why he wouldn’t be able to avoid her now.

The Gods that were with Idun’s warrior were only Athena and Apollo, but actually it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that Athena had been finished. Her sacred force had been destroyed long ago.

There was only Apollo left. It was clear that he would struggle as he was the only God of Olympus.

Artemis turned to look at a close place. She saw her army that was marching valiantly. The centaurs and several monsters had come from her forest and the army of mad humans and monsters belonged to Dionysius.

Dionysius was an unexpectedly strong battle God different from his usual image.

The God of wine and madness could easily erase fear. Not only that but he could also drive his believers to the extreme.

Mad warriors that didn’t know fear and pain and were only on killing.

Contempt and a smile appeared in Artemis’ face. They weren’t beautiful but they were perfect to use.

Now, what are you going to do against this army?

Are you going to summon dragons like usual to stop them?

A ridiculing smile appeared in Artemis’ face again. Her army wasn’t one that could be stopped with four dragons. If it was the strong heroes of Artemis and the mad warriors Dionysius sent her, they could plentily accomplish massacring dragons.

Artemis herself would face Idun’s warrior and her heroes would face his dragons. Her strong army would destroy the Polis of Apollo and take over it.

She felt excited just by imagining it. She thought of what would happen after she won.

Apollo, my beloved brother.

I won’t let you escape and breathe anymore.

He won’t be able to get out of her hands forever.

Her breath became hot and her heart also started to beat.


When she turned around following the voice she saw the Great hero Atalante, the one with the fastest feet among humans.

She had already become a half God as she had received Artemis’ blessing countless times. You could say that she was a Great hero that could face Gods just like Achilles.

“The polis of Apollo isn’t that far away. I think that it will be good to lower the marching speed and make the soldiers rest.”

“Right, do as you wish.”

“Thank you Artemis-nim.”

Atalante answered shyly as Athena spoke gently.

[What a nice relation you have between God and hero.]

The voice was heard at the opposite side of Atalante. It was a black panther that had a really beautiful fur but it wasn’t an animal Atalante owned.


[Is the army I sent you of help?]

“Of course, they are a really big help.”

[I’m glad. We will open a party after we defeat Idun’s warrior and take over all of Apollo’s lands. I won’t be able to participate in this battle but I will certainly participate in the party. I will bring the best wine I have so you can wait for it.]

[I will be expecting that.”

Artemis smiled in a good mood and kept advancing in between Atalante and the black panther.

After some time passed.

Atalante, that was looking at the distance, yelled with energy.

“Argemis-nim! I can see the polis!”

[They haven’t raised the white flag yet. Did the warrior of Idun finally step up?]

Artemis heard the voices of Atalante and Dionysius and looked at the walls of the fortress. The army of Apollo that were quite armed were lined up on the walls but they were filled with fear.

“If he doesn’t appear the polis will just fall down.”

Artemis spoke in a low voice and stopped the blue wolf. She made the entire army stop and then took a deep breath. She raised her sword instead of her bow and yelled.

“Charge forward. Crush down the polis in front of you and seal down the sacred force of Apollo. My blessing shall accompany you, your glory is my glory!”



The entire army yelled out loud. The monsters cried and the centaurs that were at the front blew on their horn trumpets and charged.

But it was at that moment.

“You finally came.”

Artemis spoke in a low voice. She had felt a chill she felt when she was chasing and also being chased by her prey.

Where are you? Where will you appear from?

Artemis widened her senses and tried to find Idun’s warrior. But there was no one hiding. She rather heard the ground shook when she hadn’t even thought about it.

The ground wasn’t shaking because of the march of her own army. It was approaching from far away.

It was weird. Idun’s warrior didn’t have an army and Apollo also didn’t have forces to assist him.

Then what is it? What is the identity that is making the ground shake!


Atalante yelled. Artemis turned at the direction she yelled at and opened her eyes widely. She then let out a groan unconsciously.

“Hi! You damned ants!”

A huge winged snake appeared while cursing along the shaking of the ground. Artemis knew the name of that monster.


The mother of all monsters.

The ancient dragon of Olympus.

Why is she here? What for?

In addition she wasn’t alone. The thing marching forwards while making the ground shake was an army composed by dragons and monsters.


Dionysius let out a bewildered voice. Atalante went out to the front and made the army prepare to fight against the army of dragons that was approaching.

But their surprise didn’t end there.

She could feel divinities.

It wasn’t Athena. In addition, she could feel the divinities of two Gods of war.

Siri and Bracky stood next to Echidna. They didn’t fear revealing their divinities as Gods of Asgard and also Gods of Erin.

Two divinities and an unexpected army of dragons.

Artemis tried hard to calm herself down. She forced herself to calm down and thought calmly.

It was still doable. The entire army she had wouldn’t fall behind to the army of dragons at all. No, she could rather overwhelm them.

She bothered Echidna’s existence but Artemis would be able to defeat her. The newly born Gods weren’t that strong either. The Great hero Atalante should be able to face them.

But the sweat in her hands didn’t dry. The uneasy and chilly sensation didn’t leave her neck and back.

The reason was simple.

‘Where is he?’

She couldn’t see Idun’s warrior. He wasn’t showing himself even though the mad warriors of Dionysius and the dragons had clashed.


Where is he?

Artemis checked her surroundings like crazy. Echidna looked at that Artemis and giggled. She remembered the words Tae Ho told her.

‘Just endure.’

Become the anvil.

Until he, the hammer, strikes Artemis’ head.

He wasn’t talking about making an encirclement like the strategy of the hammer and the anvil.

The rear was the rear but the meaning it had was different.

“Don’t tell me?!”

The snake Echidna put a smile when Artemis yelled out like a scream. The God of dragons concentrated her divinity and looked at Artemis’ divinity. Her divinity dyed with fear was shaking.

“Right, you should be able to see it.”

The scene of her polis being destroyed.

Echidna looked at a far place. It was a distance she shouldn’t be able to see but she felt like she was looking it as if it was right in front of her.

And her imagination wasn’t wrong.

Tae Ho and Hermes looked at the walls of the most important polis in Artemis’ sacred force. He extended his hand to become a hammer.

[Saga: Dragon monarch]

[Saga: Master of flames]

[Saga: Master of frost]

[Saga: King of violence]

[Saga: The warrior that had a Goddess meet him]

Four dragons appeared and the defense forces that were on the walls started to yell something.

Tae Ho took a deep breath. The polis of Artemis wasn’t empty as expected of someone cautious. It was rather defended to the best.

But it didn’t matter. He would just conquer it as the God of battles and conquer.

Hermes fell back. Tae Ho extended his hand and ordered.

“Let’s start.”

Adenmaha, Rolo and Drakon Ismenios gathered rays in their mouths and Nidhogg curled her body roundly next to them. She yelled the words she had been enduring and charged towards the walls.


Really a rolling disaster.

The walls of Artemis couldn’t endure it.


“We have to return.”


“We have to return!”

Artemis mumbled in a low voice but then yelled.

Her expectations had gone astray. It wasn’t that she hadn’t taken into account that Idun’s warrior would attack her polises but she still thought that he would be protecting Apollo’s polis.

He didn’t give up on Apollo’s polis as expected. He used forces to protect it.

Right, forces.

Forces that he originally didn’t have!

“I have to protect my polis. We have to hurry.”

Artemis really made her blue wolf turn around and Dionysius that was next to her yelled hurriedly.

[Calm down Artemis. THe battle has already started. Retreating now is a crazy thing.]

The God of madness himself said that it was a crazy thing and tried to stop her but it was meaningless. Artemis couldn’t press down her uneasiness as her patience had weakened after she turned into a being wanting to destroy the world. Her head was filled with the thought of returning quickly and protecting her polis.

“I will leave it to you Dionysius. I am going to protect my polis. Command the army and take over Apollo’s polis.”

Artemis spoke quickly and departed with her blue wolf. Dionysius cursed out but he couldn’t stop her.

The blue wolf turned around and started to run.

Artemis was planning to return to her polis alone but it didn’t turn out as she wanted.

She and her wolf attracted too much attention.

Turning around and running looked as if the Goddess was running away. Even if her army was under her control, she couldn’t control every move they did. The army of Artemis mistook her as escaping out of fear of the opponent’s army.

Chaos surged up.The thing that was small at first started to take over the entire army. The formations broke and the commanding structure collapsed.


Bracky raised his hammer and yelled. Siri nocked an arrow silently and sensed that the time had come. The best possible thing Tae Ho had said could happen was occurring in front of them.

That’s why they had to change their posture.

An anvil that was just protecting into a hammer that striked their enemy.

“Let’s go! My children!”

Echidna yelled in a good mood and the monsters with Hydra at the front started to drive away Athena’s army.

< Episode 58 – The Goddess of the moon (4) > End

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Episode 58/Chapter 5: The Goddess of the moon (5)

TL: Tsubak


The body of the black dragon destroyed the walls. The walls that had Artemis’ blessing in it couldn’t endure the roll of a dragon that was 100 meters big.

Consecutive earthquakes shook the polis. Nidhogg spread down because she had clashed against the wall too strongly but she had successfully accomplished her role and more.

The soldiers of Artemis trembled as Adenmaha and Rolo fired their respective breaths. The breath fired by Drakon Ismenios swept away everything in the hole that Nidhogg created and established a new road.

Tae Ho glared at the center of the city with his ‘eyes of the dragon’. There was a hidden room in this polis that could be considered the core just like Delphos had.

[Saga: The warrior that had a Goddess meet him]

[Saga: Equipment of the dragon knight]

Ten Valkyries got summoned next to Tae Ho. They all grabbed a weapon and charged forward. There were still a lot of Artemis’ forces but already half of them had been intercepted by the dragons.

Tae Ho followed the path created by the sword of the Valkyries and concentrated on his ‘eyes of the dragon’. He finally discovered the hidden room when he reached the center of the city.

“You villains! Where do you think this is that you misbehave!”

A woman that was estimated to be Artemis’ maiden took out a big bow and stopped the path of the group. It seemed like what she was showing wasn’t a bluff that Artemis’ aura swelled up among the maidens and tried to devour the group.

But Tae Ho’s dark blue divinity surged up to block Artemis’ divinity. He could easily defend against it as it wasn’t Artemis herself that activated the divinity but one of her maidens.

“What misconduct are you talking about!”

Ismenios let out a roar and attacked the maidens. Almost all the citizens were under Artemis’ control but they weren’t born as beings wanting to destroy the world in the first place so Tae Ho had said to minimize unnecessary sacrifices but they weren’t in a situation to be at ease.

Tae Ho closed the distance with the place that was connected to the room underground and mumbled.

“I suddenly miss McLaren.”

‘I was about to forget his name.’

The rock serpent that should be in the residence of Idun. He was the best when it came to digging the ground.

Tae Ho remembered of the times he spent with McLaren and then slammed the ground with his conquering divinity. He turned to look at Adenmaha and Rolo that were stopping the army of Artemis from the rear and in the air and Ismenios that was blocking the maidens and grabbed Gae Bolg.

He called out a name at the end of his pondering.



Drakon Ismenios got moved and yelled and then spread his wings and flew up. Tae Ho got on top of him by leaping in the air and activated ‘the one that conquers dragons’. He surged up vertically and prepared to also descend vertically.

What he would use is the ‘dragon cannon’.

“Master! Please, ‘the warrior that rode on a Goddess’ too!”

Drakon Ismenios spoke with an earnest voice but Tae Ho didn’t listen to him. The power would be enough even if they didn’t do that!

[Saga: Dragon cannon]

Draconic Ballista!

The attack that fell from the sky hit the ground. The several layers of the ground crumbled down and the hidden room finally appeared.


Tae Ho spoke in a low voice and jumped down from Ismenios’ back.


Artemis couldn’t return to her sacred force. Part of it was because of the distance but it was also because there was someone obstructing her.

Echidna handed over the commanding right of her army to her children and chased after Artemis stubbornly. Atalante tried to help her but it was impossible. She couldn’t even move her fast feet properly because of the joint attack of Siri and Bracky.

Bracky pressured her closely and if she tried to make some distance Siri would pour down arrows at her and hinder her movements. Bracky would close the distance once again.

It was simple but a hard combination to get out of.

Dionysius called out Artemis name in the middle of the battle. It was because it wouldn’t be late if she got a hold of herself at least now.

But Artemis’ thought was different. Dionysius didn’t know what she had seen and what Idun’s warrior was doing.


The one that yelled this time was Echidna. Artemis, that was only thinking of getting away from the battlefield, cursed out and glared at Echidna. She raised her bow to try to shake Echidna off as she was sticking to her persistently.


The arrow of the God of hunt flew directly to Echidna’s forehead. Artemis took out her second arrow after a moment of hesitation and then inserted a stronger divine power into her arrow.

Echidna gulped dry saliva. Athena was indeed one of the 12 Olympians. In addition, she had gotten stronger after she turned into a being wanting to destroy the world so it wasn’t easy to overcome her.

If she was inside her city of monsters, that was her sacred force, she was confident even when facing one of the 12 Olympians but she was outside of her city.

In addition, she had handed over her sacred force completely to Tae Ho so she had become weaker than before.

Could she also block the next arrow? Could she buy time like Tae Ho had ordered her to?

Echidna didn’t have time to think. She just concentrated her divine power and raised a barrier.


The second arrow destroyed the barrier. It didn’t stop there and also destroyed Echidna’s scales and carved in her flesh.

This arrow was really small compared to Echidna’s body but the shock couldn’t be described with words. Echidna gulped her scream and pain and glared at Artemis. She had activated the power of her evil eyes and Artemis hesitated a moment but then fended it off. She rather nocked her third arrow.

“This is the end.”

She would kill the big snake and charge towards her sacred force with all her power.

But it was at that moment.

Artemis felt a pain in her chest and screamed in pain. Echidna, that had flinched, drew a smile.

The divine power of Artemis was weakening.


The hidden room was filled with Artemis’ divine power. The moment Tae Ho entered the room that had the same structure as the room of Apollo in Delphos, felt like he had been trapped deep in the sea.

Artemis’ divinity opposed Tae Ho. It wanted to kill Tae Ho and disperse his divinity.

But he had already expected this. He pushed away Artemis’ divine power after covering himself with the dark blue divinity. He released his divine power in an instant and placed his hand on a yellow sphere that was at the center of the room.

If he couldn’t take it he would destroy it so no one could have it.

The divinity of the God of conquer dug inside the nucleus of the sacred force.


Artemis staggered. Her sacred force still existed but the connection became worse. She was sure one of the polises inside her sacred force got destroyed completely or got taken over.

“She has weakened.”

Echidna said and Artemis let out an enraged roar at her voice. The urgency took away her sense of judgement.

Artemis fired arrows in consecution. Echidna giggled at that and just focused on defense.

She would buy time.

She would wait until Artemis became weaker than her.

Nasty flames came out of Echidna’s mouth.


Tae Ho staggered after he destroyed the nucleus of the polis. Destroying the nucleus of a sacred force that Artemis made with much labor wasn’t easy at all. He ended up spending a lot of divine power and stamina.

But this wasn’t the time to stop. Tae Ho took out an entire golden apple and called Hermes after he devoured it.

The God of Olympus Hermes looked at Tae Ho with fear, joy and disgust. It was an obvious thing to show rejection as he had seen the sacred force of a God of Olympus get destroyed forcefully.

But Hermes knew how to differentiate effort and company. In addition Tae Ho was an ally now.

Hermes grabbed Tae Ho’s hand and he entrusted his everything on Hermes’ divine power.

“To the next polis.”

Hermes flew with Tae Ho with his winged shoes Talaria.


Artemis wasn’t the only one that got weakened. Atalante had also become weaker. All the heroes of Artemis had part of their strength cut off.

Dionysius understood immediately what happened and also understood why Artemis had done something mad.

This battle was a complete mistake. He couldn’t have imagined that Echidna and her children would be at the same side of Idun’s warrior.

‘Did Hermes too?’

It was understandable then. If he was with Hermes he would be able to attack all the polises of Artemis. Not only that but they could also add the polises of Dionysius into the fray.

Dionysius felt anxiousness. He turned his head to look for Artemis.

Artemis was fighting against Echidna.

And that battle wasn’t advantageous to her at all.


“I’m – rolling!”

Nidhogg destroyed the walls once again and collapsed. But it was enough like always.

The order was as followed. Adenmaha, Rolo and Ismenios created commotion and stopped the attacks of the enemy and Tae Ho found the hidden room.

‘How many can you break?’

‘At least four. That’s what I promised.’

[Saga: The warrior that rode on a Goddess]

[Saga: Dragon cannon]

Rolo- no, Tae Ho rode on Lilly and destroyed the ground with the draconic ballista. Drakon Ismenios grumbled saying that it was favoritism and Lilly put a displeased face.

‘Really, why are you like that? Do you have some emotions towards Rolo?’

‘I’m lacking strength.’

Simply looking at strength, Ismenios was the best. But Tae Ho had ended up spending too much of his strength and divine power while taking over the first polis. He needed to be faster to destroy the ground.

WHatever the case, the important thing was that the hidden room had appeared. This room didn’t only have Artemis’ divine power but also moving statues as guards but it didn’t matter. Tae Ho destroyed them in an instant and placed his hand once again in the round sphere.

God of conquer.

The dark blue divinity covered the second polis.



Artemis ended up dropping her bow and clenched her chest.

Echidna didn’t miss that moment and fired out poison and Artemis hurriedly threw herself and rolled on the ground.

The blue wolf got covered in the poison so it let out a pained scream and rolled on the ground and it passed away not long after.

Echidna laughed. Artemis had surged up her golden divinity once again but she had become considerably weaker.

“How long can you hold on?”

Echidna licked her lips. She had the eyes of a cat playing with her food.

Artemis cursed out and grabbed her bow with trembling hands.

And right at that moment.

Tae Ho and Hermes were heading to the third polis.


Apollo was looking at the battlefield through the eyes of her maidens.

The situation was flowing like they had first planned. Artemis’ strength was getting drastically weakened as she relied on her sacred forces too much, especially among the 12 Olympians.

Apollo felt pain while looking at her sister being in pain.

His hands trembled because he wanted to hit and kill Echidna, that was harassing his sister.

But he had to endure it. He had to wait for the moment.

Apollo raised his hands and covered his eyes but he couldn’t completely block Artemis’ screams.


Dionysius sensed a dense sign of defeat. The battlefield was still being maintained because the forces he had brought were a lot but it was only to that point. They couldn’t win and it was impossible to take most of his forces and retreat.

Atalante couldn’t win either. The Goddess of the foreign world that had ears of a wolf aimed for her lower body really stubbornly. Atalante couldn’t run properly as she had been hit in her thighs and calves by several arrows.

‘Isn’t it glad that i’m not here?’

Dionysius’ shinsoo was the one at this place instead of him.

Dionysius gritted his teeth and turned to look at Artemis, and then frowned.

Artemis was sitting down while clenching her chest after firing an arrow. Tears fell down from her poor eyes, and her divinity that had become a mess wasn’t a flashy gold anymore.

She had suffered damage as her sacred force got destroyed but it was seen as she failed operating her divinity because of the drastic change in emotions.

Echidna fired strong poison towards that Artemis. Artemis rolled on the ground hurriedly and dodged the poison but it was really pitiful to see a Goddess rolling on the ground.

The nucleus of four polises got destroyed. But it wasn’t simply four. They were the most important places of Artemis sacred force.

Echidna looked down at Artemis and giggled. She transformed into a Goddess and wrapped Artemis with her tail and gave her pain.

Artemis made breathtaking sounds. Echidna wrapped her with more strength and in the end Artemis ended up dropping her bow. It seemed like the parts of her body that got infected with Echidna’s poison was screaming.

“It’s up to there.”

Echidna turned her head at the voice filled with grief. The God of light Apollo was standing there and it wasn’t an illusion but the real deal.”

“As you wish.”

Echidna smiled in a fishy way and released her. Apollo hurriedly received ARtemis with his arms.


The one that spoke in a bewildered way was Athena. She felt uneasy because of Apollo’s sudden appearance while she was fighting with the Valkyries.

“Are you planning-.”


Apollo cut off Athena’s words. He knew what Athena was thinking about. Aren’t you going to betray us because of your love towards your sister, or take Artemis and flee?

That won’t happen. He didn’t think like that. Apollo was the God of rationality.

Athena opened her eyes widely and glared at Apollo. Echidna fell back obediently to the point it was unexpected and then watched Apollo and Artemis embracing each other. It seemed that compared to Athena, she had kind of expected this situation.

“You became really weak.”

Apollo said. Artemis barely opened her eyes and looked at Apollo with resentment, enmity, killing intent and endless affection.

“Athena, remember what I said.”

About not trusting Asgard too much. That they had to protect Olympus.

Athena opened her eyes roundly. It was because she understood what Apollo was about to do. She also understood why he had talked about what would happen after the battle even though the counterattack had just started.

“Let’s fall asleep together. Let’s wake up together believing that all of this was a nightmare.”

Apollo spoke gently and stroke Artemis’ cheek. He covered the plentily weakened divinity of Artemis with his own divinity.

Hades chose to fall in a deep slumber to not get seduced by the voice.

And Apollo had also decided to do the same. He used all his strength and chose to fall asleep with ARtemis.

Apollo was the God of rationality. He knew that his choice wasn’t favorable for his allies. Killing Artemis and restoring Apollo’s strength was much more favorable.

But Apollo couldn’t kill Artemis. He couldn’t see her be killed.

That’s why he negotiated with the master of Asgard.

‘It’s enough if there are no damages even after I fall asleep.’

Apollo smiled bitterly and placed his lips on Artemis’ forehead. The two golden divinities got mixed into one and Apollo and Artemis started to transform into rock.

Apollo placed down his divinity.

He had conceded his seat to another God just like the previous God of sun Helios had conceded his seat to him.

‘I’m sorry Athena. I will leave Olympus to you.’

The seat of the God of sun was handed over to Athena and at the same time a necklace was held in Tae Ho’s hands.

It was a necklace that had the authority of the God of sun.

It was the result of Apollo having conceded his seat of God of sun of Olympus to Athena and Tae Ho, a God of a foreign world.

Apollo fell asleep with Artemis. Athena felt her divinity that got stronger and closed her eyes and Echidna frowned while looking at Apollo and Artemis having turned into stone.

ARtemis didn’t die but she fell asleep completely. Her sacred force became an ownerless throne and the countless being under the control of the Goddess of moon got liberated.

It was something that couldn’t happen normally. It was a miracle that occurred thanks to Apollo having sacrificed everything he had and falling asleep with Artemis.

Dionysius breathed roughly. He admitted that this battle had ended in his complete defeat.

But it was at that moment. Dionysius felt a strong and unfamiliar divine power. It was because Tae Ho’s lesser God, Siri, had arrived in front of the black panther.

Siri didn’t attack the panther. She just glared it and then transmitted the voice of the upper God as his lesser God.


Tae Ho spoke from a far place. Dionysius shrank down at the dark blue divinity that surged up in a threatening way.

Tae Ho looked at the black panther through SIri’s eyes and warned him from a distance.

[You come next. I will go find you soon.]

That’s why prepare for it.

Guard against me if you can.

The God of conquer that came from Asgard will go to you to stab a knife in your sword.

The conversation ended. Dionysius gave up on his shinsoo. The divinity of Dionysius that was in the black panther disappeared and the mad soldiers of the God lost their madness and toppled down.

And once again in a far place, Tae Ho sat in a hidden room in one of Artemis’ polises.

He sweated as if his threat to the God of madness was all an act and let out a sigh of relief. Cuchulainn asked him.

‘But hey.’


‘Are you really going to attack Dionysius?’

‘That’s obviously a lie.’

He had no reason to warn him of an attack as it wasn’t even a telephone punch. In addition, striking first and ambushing was the best way of attack in a battle.

He had scared him plentily so he would hide and make his defenses solidly. That’s why he would leave aside Dionysius and focus on the next thing.

The thing he had to do next. The most important thing of the things that remained.


Tae Ho spoke in a low voice and clenched the necklace that had the authority of the God of sun.

< Episode 58 – The Goddess of the moon (5) > End

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