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Chapter 202

VS Episode 59 Chapter 4 Episode 59/Chapter 4: God of conquest (4)

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“It’s embarrassing to tell this to the master of Asgard….but I wish to explain the relationship between the 12 Olympians. It won’t last that long.”

“As you wish.”

Prometheus started to explain as soon as Tae Ho agreed.

“Aphrodite and Hephaestus are a married couple. But the relationship between the two of them is really bad as Zeus forced them to marry. They are a couple just by words, they look at each other as if they were a cow or a chicken.”

Prometheus’ way of speaking became more polite.

Tae Ho was speaking the way he usually did but Prometheus couldn’t not speak politely when the master of a foreign world was.

“Aphrodite cheated with Ares and had some children with him. This means that she had a relation with Ares before she transformed into a being wanting to destroy the world.”

Tae Ho nodded slowly. There were some children of Aphrodite among the ones that were mixed with Ares’ children.

‘That was too much. To not have any children with his husband but had many with her lover.’

While Cuchulainn mumbled, Prometheus glanced at Hermes with sharp eyes and said.

“Hermes and Aphrodite also had a child.”

At that moment everyone turned to look at Hermes. He started to hiccup unconsciously and played dumb.

“Uh…um….well….mm. That’s a thing of the past. The past. Should we say that it was playing with fire?”

Prometheus snorted at pitiable excuse and continued speaking.

“It was indeed a play with fire in Hermes’ case but her relationship with Ares was quite serious. Hephaestus couldn’t endure it anymore and put them to shame.”

That was when Hermes and Aphrodite got to pay with fire but there was no need to explain it in a long way.

“The important thing is that Ares and Aphrodite disliked Hephaestus even before they turned into beings that wanted to destroy the world.”

Their personalities became extreme just like Ares and Artemis had shown them.

If they originally disliked someone, it would have become hate by now.

“Ares has imprisoned Hephaestus as soon as be turned into a being wanting to destroy the world and handed him over to Aphrodite. And Aphrodite placed him deep in her palace.”

There were two reasons they didn’t kill him.

The first one was because of his abilities and the other one was to inflict him pain for a long time.

“I infiltrated the palace of Aphrodite because I have some debts with Hephaestus but the guards were so solemn I could only hide nearby.”

Prometheus spoke to that point and held his silence. He spoke with a lowered tone as if he had remembered something terrible.

“The screams and cries of Hephaestus were heard from a deep place of Aphrodite’s palace. I’m sure he’s suffering something that can’t be compared to normal torture…..something really terrible.”

Nidhogg and Hydra trembled at the same time. It was because they were feeling empathy towards Hephaestus and ended up imagining themselves getting tortured.

Bracky frowned and asked.

“If this man Hephaestus is at the deepest part of Aphrodite’s base, doesn’t that mean that we have to clash against Aphrodite one on one?”

It would be better than facing against Poseidon head on but even this wouldn’t be easy. In addition, it would be more so if the fighting place was on the base of the enemy.

But Prometheus shook his head.

“There won’t be a need. We just have to rescue Hephaestus and escape. Aphrodite isn’t really a battle God. She won’t risk herself to chase after us when we take Hephaestus with us.”

Not all of the 12 Olympians were proficient in battle.

Prometheus glanced at Hermes as if asking for agreement and he frowned.

“I also agree but…..Aphrodite is dangerous in another meaning.”

“What meaning?”

“She’s the Goddess of beauty and love. In addition, her genealogy is at a high place so her divine power is overwhelming. She can’t fight well but her divine power is right below Zeus-nim and Poseidon.”

Aphrodite, that was born from Uranus’ penis, could be said to be Zeus’ aunt so she also had the highest genealogy among the 12 Olympians.

“Is it a similar case with Freya-nim and Idun-nim……”

They can’t fight well but instead have a strong divine power.

Siri mumbled in a low voice and Hermes spoke while still frowning.

“Anyways, her beauty and overwhelming divine power are one of the best in Olympus. She can seduce men and women indiscriminately.”

“So she had a seducing power?”

Hermes nodded immediately as Adenmaha asked with an uneasy face.

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s the end for you if you approach her to a certain range. You can fall over her completely just by looking at her eyes.”

“So what happens if you get seduced?”

It was Siri this time. Hermes shrugged his shoulders at her question and said.

“You become Aphrodite’s slave. A slave whose life purpose is to make Aphrodite happy.”

In other words, it was the highest ranked type of seduction.

“Wait a moment. Then, what happens with her daily life in that state? Hermes-nim um… know right?”

Adenmaha dimmed her words and smiled awkwardly. Hermes also smiled awkwardly and explained with an embarrassed face.

“Well, I am also one of the 12 Olympians and I took quite solid preparations. And just like you say, Aphrodite also seals her seductive powers because it troubles her daily life activities. But she’s not so nice as to do that against an enemy. In addition she should have become stronger as she turned into a being wanting to destroy the world. Honestly speaking, i’m not confident to shake away her seduction if she is determined to do it.”

It was dangerous even when his sacred force was fine so there was nothing to speak about now that his sacred force had disappeared.

“So the key point should be a battle of speed.”

Siri spoke in a low voice. Rescuing Hephaestus the fastest they could and getting out before they faced Aphrodite was their best option.

Tae Ho, that was listening silently, asked Hermes.

“Hermes, you are able to move to Cyprus right?”

“Well….of course I can. If I draw a magic circle we will be able to enter quite deeply.”

Siri spoke seriously as Hermes laughed awkwardly and replied.

“You can’t infiltrate directly. You may be able to face Aphrodite as soon as you enter.”


Hermes turned his head and Tae Ho turned to look at everyone. He looked at Prometheus lastly and spoke.

“Let’s make a plan.”


Hephaestus raised his head.

No, he couldn’t do it. He couldn’t even move one finger because his body was chained up solidly. He just felt like he raised his head.

He couldn’t know what day was this and how much time had passed. His sense of pain got blocked besides when he got tortured so he felt like he had been thrown into a world of nothingness.

But it was different this time. His senses were weak but still alive.

He could feel some divine power that was quite well hidden. It crossed the place filled with Aphrodite’s divine power carefully but quickly.

Hephaestus held his breath. He concentrated his senses that had started to return slowly and tried hard to check his surroundings.

He felt a vibration and a sound was heard far away.

Screams, cries, battle cries.

Hephaestus barely guessed the situation outside without needing to calculate anything.

A battle was taking place outside the palace.

But who was it? Was it Athena?

Hephaestus felt his heart beat. He felt like tears would flow down just by looking at the figure of the beautiful Goddess of warfare.

But at the same time Hephaestus realized one thing. And that’s why he trembled. He tried to yell towards the one that was approaching him.


It was him. He was certain this divine power belonged to him.

You were safe. You remained as a being that wanted to maintain the world. But why did he come here? Did he come here alone? Or was he with Athena?

But it was still good. That wasn’t the important thing. He had to tell Hermes the fastest possible.

Light shone at that moment.

Hephaestus realized that he was opening his eyes. It wasn’t that bright but Hephaestus felt like he would turn blind because he had been stuck in darkness.

He closed his eyes by reflex and the silence got torn. Voices reached his ear, that were concentrating on the distant sound.


“It seems like he still hasn’t noticed.”

“This crazy. The chains won’t break.”

“Ask the main God. It’s impossible for you alone.”

Several voices were heard at the same time and he knew these voices clearly.

One was Hermes and the other one was Prometheus.

But main God?

Who was he talking about? Could it be Zeus-nim?

Hephaestus opened his eyes again.. He saw a dark blue divinity. He felt the aura of a dragon and the smell of Asgard.

The chains binding his arms broke. Hephaestus lost his balance and this time, the voice of a woman was heard.

“His injuries are too serious. It’s impossible to move immediately.”

Her voice was teary. It was clear she was saying that while looking at the injuries in Hephaestus’s body.


Hephaestus held his silence. He could barely get a hold of himself in the middle of the chaos. He lied on someone he didn’t know who he was and opened his mouth to yell something.

It’s a trap!

But no words came out. He couldn’t form a word with his cut tongue. What he managed to make was close to a roar.

But Hermes reacted and Hephaestus opened his mouth again. At that moment he felt a strong shock in their chests.

Hephaestus rolled in the ground with Prometheus. It was the same for Adenmaha that was next to them.

The one that pushed them hurriedly was Tae Ho. Hermes, the only one that escaped with his own strength, held his scream at the scene in front of him.


She surged up from the ground with the burst of divinity from the ground and was holding Tae Ho. No, that wasn’t all. She was kissing him.


Hermes could know the moment he spoke.

He was sure APhrodite knew since the beginning. She had waited in the place filled with her divine power just like hiding a tree in a forest.


He hadn’t betrayed them. He was also as surprised. His eyes when he fell down was filled with shock, guilt and failure.

Aphrodite discovered Prometheus’ traces when he infiltrated but she just left him be. The stubborn Prometheus would certainly return.

Having come here wasn’t easy at all. They had barely reached this place after overcoming several difficulties while Nidhogg, Rolo and Ismenios were making a fuss outside the palace.

And all of that was a well prepared trap.


Adenmaha yelled. There was no way it would reach Tae Ho. He didn’t only meet eyes with Aphrodite but was kissing her. They were still embracing each other while their skin touched.

Hermes thought.

What did they have to do now?

Did he have to take Prometheus and Hephaestus and escape?

His movements were followed by his thoughts. Hermes charged the ground but then collapsed. That occurred as he hurriedly dodged the sword Tae Ho swung.

Aphrodite laughed. She stroke Tae Ho’s cheek and then kissed him again.

Tae Ho received her kiss with an enchanted expression.

Everything ended.

Hermes thought. In the end, the master of Asgard was also a man.

It was when that thought was subsiding. A desire of wanting to see Aphrodite’s face surged up from Hermes.

It certainly was a crazy thing.

Hermes thought with the small rationality he had. Infiltrating the center of the sacred force where the enemy could release their strongest power was a really foolish thing.


Adenmaha yelled anxiously again and Aphrodite laughed at her eagerness. She looked down at Adenmaha as if laughing at her and stroke Tae Ho’s chest.

Aphrodite was beautiful. It seemed like her white gold hair that seemed that was made by melting the stars and the starlight was emitting light by its own. Her white skin without flaws was really bright and fresh, and her body that was covered by a thin pink cloth that revealed almost everything was perfection itself.

She had seduced Tae Ho. She possessed the only hope of Olympus.

Aphrodite kissed Tae Ho again. Hermes felt jealousy and malice appeared in Adenmaha’s eyes.

Tae Ho grabbed Aphrodite’s thin waist and surged up his dark blue divinity on the sword that he grabbed his free right hand.

And he said. He whispered his wishes as a slave to her master.

Aphrodite giggled at that whisper. She bit Tae Ho’s ears as if it was quite a special fetish and then spoke with a sweet voice.

“It’s a meeting.”


Adenmaha opened her eyes roundly and thought that she had heard things wrongly.

And Cuchulainn said.

‘Nasty bastard.’


The dark blue divinity exploded and the pink divinity also burst out.

Hermes, that was half bewitched, raised his head and checked his surroundings with his cleared head.

Tae Ho was standing there. He couldn’t see Aphrodite but he could feel her divinity. She was releasing her malice after receiving a big injury.


Just why!

[Headband of resistance]

[Tear of the dark elf]

[Promise of the succubus]

[Immovable armor]

[Hermes’ steps]

Known as the mental resistance setting.

This wasn’t all. He used five mental resistance runes and five resistance runes as the successor of Odin. He brainwashed himself with Bragi’s rune and strengthened his own love.

But regardless of that, it was true that he had been seduced for a really short moment. Because of that, Tae Ho got a hold of himself and decided to make this an opportunity.

[Saga: The warrior that had a Goddess meet him]

[Content’s classification: Olympus]





She certainly got added.

‘Do you like it? Huh?’

Tae Ho didn’t answer to Cuchulainn’s question. He just grabbed Arondight firmly that still had blood in it while everyone was looking at him.


It wasn’t Aphrodite this time but Hermes. Tae Ho swung his sword widely and broke the aura of Aphrodite that was filling the surroundings.

The other reason he could endure Aphrodite’s seduction.

“Freya is prettier.”

The Goddess of beauty of Asgard and not Olympus.

That was it.

Men are blind with their own causes.

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