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Chapter 203

Episode 59 Chapter 5 Episode 59/Chapter 5: God of conquest (5)

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Hermes blinked with a dumbfounded face. That was the same for Prometheus and it wasn’t that different for Adenmaha.


“Freya is prettier.”

He said that once again and a roar was heard from a distance. An overwhelming rage swelled up like an explosion along the pink divinity.

It was Aphrodite’s rage.

She was sure to have heard Tae Ho.

‘Crazy bastard.’

Cuchulainn spoke briefly with a flood of emotions. He thought he was the God of cheating but it seemed like he was a God of provocations.

But Tae Ho’s provocations hadn’t ended yet. He swelled up his dark blue divinity to stop the pink divinity that was flowing towards them and then raised up Adenmaha that was in the floor.

“Certainly. Adenmaha is prettier than Freya-nim.”


Adenmaha let out a strange sound again. Hermes and Prometheus looked at Adenmaha and Tae Ho while blinking and Tae Ho nodded.

“Adenmaha is prettier than Freya-nim.”

Adenmaha’s face got dyed in red. No, her neck also turned completely red.

Originally she should have laughed like a fool like usual but it was different this time. Adenmaha bit her lips and didn’t know what to do.

‘Hey you crazy bastard! How can you make your ally fall in confusion!’

But Tae Ho didn’t mind that either. He spoke with a sincere voice that anyone could discern it wasn’t a lie.

“But that’s the truth.”

That was right. Men were blind in their own causes. The power of love was still great.

Freya was above Aphrodite and Adenmaha was above her once again. Honestly speaking, Aphrodite was quite beautiful but it was impossible to compare her to Idun or Heda.

‘This bastard is for real.’

It was when Cuchulainn was speaking in an absurd tone. Aphrodite’s aura, that had stayed silent for a while as if to listen to Tae Ho’s words, erupted once again. The roar that could be said to be rage itself was heard from a far place and shook the entire palace.

Even if that wasn’t the case, Aphrodite had strong pride in her looks. And that pride had become stronger as she turned into a being that wanted to destroy the world.

But Tae Ho had crushed her pride. He didn’t even fend against her seduction but also counter used it and then said that she was inferior to the Goddess of beauty of Asgard and after that he even said that she was inferior to some Valkyrie that appeared from somewhere.

Aphrodite couldn’t endure that. Her head turned white out of rage and she couldn’t think of anything.

It was a perfect provocation.

‘But that’s true.’

Tae Ho mumbled inwardly and acted quickly. They didn’t have the time to keep talking like this. They had to get out of the palace of Aphrodite the fastest they could.

Tae Ho first looked at Hephaestus with his ‘eyes of the dragon’. It was impossible for him to walk alone as all of his tendons had been cut off.


Hermes flinched at Tae Ho’s sharp yell but then shook his head. It was impossible to use a magic circle inside the palace of Aphrodite just like he had told him before they departed.

Tae Ho swung his sword and crushed the aura of Aphrodite and at the same time swung his hand and floated several runes he had prepared beforehand.

They had infiltrated silently but that wouldn’t be the same when they got out. They had been exposed anyways so they only thought of the shortest path.

Tae Ho overlapped nine runes and looked at a distance with his ‘eyes of the dragon’. He activated the rune magic at a point in the ceiling.

A strong pillar of light that was like a dragon breath extended from Tae Ho’s hands. It destroyed everything in its path and opened up a new path.


Tae Ho yelled and embraced Adenmaha. Prometheus carried Hephaestus and Hermes grabbed that Prometheus while cursing.


Hermes yelled. He surged up to the sky with his winged shoes and Tae Ho got ahead of that Hermes. He kicked the air in consecution and got out of the palace in an instant.

[I won’t let you go!]

Aphrodite yelled with the voice of the Gods. She told them her objective through her divine power filled with rage.

She wasn’t a fool and knew of a good method to break this situation.

And that wasn’t different for Tae Ho. He knew what Aphrodite was thinking about and that’s why he acted without even breathing.

[Saga: Master of frost]

Adenmaha transformed into a white frost dragon and at the same time Tae Ho clenched the summoning rocks and called the names of Nidhogg, Rolo and Ismenios quickly. It wasn’t to call them, that were causing a mess outside the palace.

Counter summon.

He summoned them back to the city of Echidna, that had become Tae Ho’s base like the residence of Idun.

Hermes and Prometheus got on Adenmaha’s back. Hephaestus opened his mouth with difficulty. It seemed like he wanted to say something.

But they didn’t have time to listen to him. Tae Ho swung his sword filled with his dark blue divinity towards the three people.

Hermes and Prometheus fainted at the same time. Hephaestus opened his eyes widely at the sudden attack but it was impossible to resist. He could only faint like the other two people.

This took place in only a few seconds.

Tae Ho took a breath again. He fixed the three people that fainted in Adenmaha’s back with rune magic and then raised his head.

The pink divinity stretched like a tentacle and was about to attack Adenmaha. Not only that, but the winged humans that were fighting against Nidhogg also headed towards Tae Ho. There were kids and teens mixed in them and it seemed like he was looking at a beautiful group of angels.

[Saga: The one that conquers dragons]

Adenmaha flinched and then spread her wings. Tae Ho grabbed Gallatin and Arondight and danced in his swordsmanship at Adenmaha’s back. His dark blue divinity became a sword aura and cut down the pink tentacles.

“Fly up!”

Adenmahaa replied. The white frost dragon started to ascend and Aphrodite released her power. She used the worst card Tae Ho was expecting.

A seduction not directed to Tae Ho.

Tae Ho could endure her seduction but that wasn’t the case for the others. Actually, Hermes had been half enchanted just by having Aphrodite release her aura.

That was the reason Tae Ho sent back Nidhogg and the others and also knocked out Hermes and Prometheus.

Aphrodite hadn’t made a surprise attack when they invaded but the situation was different now. She concentrated her power on the only one that remained in Tae Ho’s group.


The one that had to stay because she had to carry Hermes, etc. And the only one he couldn’t knock out.

A pink divinity that was close to being red covered Adenmaha. Aphrodite’s seduction didn’t differentiate between sexes and races.

Listen to me.

Love me.

Obey me.

Aphrodite’s enchanted voice reached Adenmaha. She ordered her to fold her wings and land down.

But Adenmaha didn’t do that. She still continued to fly regardless of Aphrodite’s enchant.

It wasn’t because her seduction didn’t work or she had a power to endure her seduction like Tae Ho.

“Adenmaha is pretty, nice, cute.”

Tae Ho was also saying words to Adenmaha diligently. He enchanted her faster than Aphrodite.

[Bragi’s rune]

[Saga: The one that conquers dragons]

[Saga: The one that rode on a Goddess]

[Tae Ho’s Valkyrie]

He had used everything he could. He didn’t have to be picky on his methods to win against Aphrodite’s seduction.

And he accomplished something. Adenmaha didn’t get seduced by Aphrodite. She was still flying with all her strength.

‘She’s going to die!’

But Cuchulainn yelled loudly. It was because Adenmaha’s state wasn’t good.


It seemed like Adenmaha’s body was turning red even though she was a white dragon.

Adenmaha let out a weird moan and tried hard to endure it. Endure herself from fainting away because of the embarrassment, etc. and not because of the seduction from both parties.

“Adenmaha is great. Wonderful. Really lovely.”


She stumbled at that moment but gritted her teeth and endured it. A war of wanting to stop listening and wanting to keep listening happened inside her head.

Tae Ho whispered towards her. He transmitted his feelings and words that got amplified by Bragi’s words directly towards her through the ‘one that conquers dragons’.

Adenmaha staggered and barely flew up while panting. But whatever the case the flight was still a flight and they were getting farther from Aphrodite’s palace.

Tae Ho didn’t stop whispering to her and looked back at the palace.

The number of angels chasing after them had greatly decreased thanks to him having attacked while Adenmaha flew narrowly. Tae Ho looked at a distant place instead of continuing to attack them.

He could know Aphrodite’s location even without having to use his ‘eyes of the dragon’. This was because her divinity was too strong.

‘She’s not chasing after us. It seems like she is certainly a God.’

Cuchulainn spoke with relief and regret.

Aphrodite was really strong inside of Cyprus, and especially inside her palace.

Tae Ho had overcome Aphrodite’s seduction once but he wasn’t confident of doing it a second time.

Fighting against Aphrodite inside Cyprus when his mental defense runes had been destroyed was like putting on a leash himself to become her slave.

But that was only when he fought inside of Cyprus, and inside her palace.

The reason Tae Ho provoked Aphrodite was partly because it was his true feelings and to drag her out of Cyprus.

Tae Ho was confident on being able to overcome her seduction if they were outside her sacred force.

But Aphrodite wasn’t a fool just like Cuchulainn had said. She didn’t cross the last line even though she was greatly enraged.

She also knew that it was suicide to fight against Tae Ho without the power of seduction.

‘But whatever the case, we accomplished our objective.’

They succeeded on rescuing Hephaestus. He was in a state that was no different from a corpse but they had Idun’s golden apples. He would be able to recover somehow.

“Uh….are, are we not there yet?”

Adenmaha barely managed to squeeze out her voice and asked. She was just concentrating on flying so she didn’t know how far away they were from Cyprus or if Aphrodite was still attacking them.

‘Well, it should be fine now.’

Their enemy had given up on chasing them.

Tae Ho also thought like that. He touched Adenmaha’s scales softly and said.

“It’s fine now. It seems like they gave up chasing after us.”

Adenmaha let out a sigh of relief. It was because she was right before the point of fainting.

She stumbled a bit because her nervousness faded away but it only lasted a moment. She regained her composure back and inhaled a few times and then called Tae Ho shyly.

“But master.”


“Um… you know. What you said before.”


He had said a truck of words to her while they were escaping. Adenmaha let out a groaning sound as Tae Ho asked back but then managed to speak once again.

“I, am I really prettier than Freya-nim?”

Tae Ho laughed back unconsciously at her question filled with embarrassment and shy expectation. He touched Adenmaha’s scales again and said.

“It’s true. In my eyes, Adenmaha is much prettier than mere beings like Aphrodite or Freya-nim.”

That was true. It wasn’t to provoke Aphrodite.


But it was then. Adenmaha let out a weird sound again and stumbled but she couldn’t fly up again. She started to crash down.

‘You crazy bastard! She fainted!’

“I, I didn’t use the rune?!”

‘You won’t get satisfied if you don’t hit the final blow?! Huh?!’

Cuchulainn despaired and Tae Ho activated his saga hurriedly with a pale face.

And only Adenmaha found peace in the middle of this chaos. She started to crash down while putting a happy smile.

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