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Chapter 207

Episode 59 Chapter 9

Episode 59/Chapter 9: God of conquest (9)

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Adenmaha felt the power of the sea. She had become a Valkyrie in Asgard but her root was still a sea Goddess. Of course she wasn’t something like an absolute ruler or anything, she was one of the several Gods of the sea in Erin.

But even so, she was still a Goddess. Because of that, she knew what was happening on the fortress even without seeing it directly.


The first one she thought of was the ancient dragon that always smiled brightly. She then thought of Hydra that would be with her.

Adenmaha gritted her teeth and closed her eyes. She traced the power of the sea that had an unfamiliar property and looked for Nidhogg’s and Hydra’s whereabouts.

And then by reflex she screamed.

Adenmaha couldn’t stay in place anmore. She ran outside the building without control.


Athena couldn’t move at all. The only thing she could do was embrace Hestia who was losing divine power at a fast rate, and protect her with her body.

“Hestia, Hestia.”

Athena continued to call her. She tried incredibly hard to maintain Hestia’s life force with the power of warfare that wasn’t suitable at healing. She still raised a barrier of divine power at this moment to face against the living sea that charged without rest.

She was famous for being a wise God of war but she couldn’t think of anything now. She couldn’t think of anything to overturn this situation.

It was too late. She should have contacted Siri and Bracky faster. She should have made Hestia and the others that weren’t proficient in battle escape when Hermes didn’t return.

Athena felt powerless. She had experienced countless battles since the start of Titanomachy but she had never felt this powerless.

Silent tears rolled down Athena’s face. These were tears that didn’t fall even when she was being infringed by the children of Ares.



Athena only thought of one person. She prayed and begged earnestly. It was the first time a God prayed to another God but it happened like that.

But that was a meaningless thing.

Hestia’s breathing thinned. The auras of the several Gods that was felt beyond the sea was shrinking down at a considerable rate.


Echidna was regretting it.

Why did she do that?

She should have escaped without looking back.

She wasn’t in her winged snake appearance. Her body had been torn and crushed and she was rolling in the ground.

But that wasn’t all.

Her essence, that had the upper body of a beautiful woman and the lower body of a snake, was in a similar condition.

Normally she could change her snake torso into human legs whenever she wanted but she couldn’t do it this time. It was because her lower body had been torn apart by force and was rolling on the ground.

There was a trident stuck in Echidna’s upper body causing blood to flow down endlessly from her plump and beautiful chest.

Poseidon, who was holding on to that trident, looked at Echidna. He was covered by a nasty poison but overall was still in excellent health. He had many wounds on his body but they were merely small injuries that would close soon.

“You became weaker.”

Poseidon remarked of Echidna. The strength he knew about her wasn’t only this much.

“In the end you were also a mother.”

Poseidon smiled bitterly and looked behind Echidna. He could see Hydra was trembling with eight of her heads cut off.

“Yeah, it seems like I couldn’t do anything about that.”

Echidna’s body moved on its own. She had left Hydra for that long and thought that she wouldn’t interfere now that Hydra had independized herself and left the nest.

But it seemed like she couldn’t watch Hydra die in front of her eyes.

The corner of Poseidon’s lips curled up at Echidna’s voice. He had always liked Echidna even though she was a monster.

“Then, observe.”

Poseidon stabbed his trident deeper into the ground while it was stuck in Echidna. He enjoyed Echidna’s weak scream and advanced forward.

If one of Hydra’s heads was immortal he just had to destroy everything aside of that head. A trident made of water formed in Poseidon’s hand.

Hydra couldn’t resist. She had been planning to wait for her death calmly, but she couldn’t do that. It was because there was someone she also had to protect.

Nidhogg cried and curled down below Hydra. It was to attempt the only thing she could do even though she had already tried without success.

Nidhogg rolled forward in place. It seemed like the ground was shaking but only for a moment. When Poseidon stepped down as if pressing the ground down, the vibration subsided.

Nidhogg understood that it was meaningless to do more than that. Hydra told Nidhogg to escape.

But she couldn’t leave. How could she leave her only dongsaeng behind?

Poseidon aimed at Nidhogg instead of Hydra and then threw his trident.


A sea serpent charged between Poseidon and Nidhogg while yelling. She received the trident formed with sea water with her body and glared at Poseidon. She endured the pain and fired an ice breath.


Nidhogg rejoiced but only for a moment. The breath of a mere sea serpent didn’t work against Poseidon. It got dispersed with a soft gesture of his hand. When Poseidon released his divine power the trident that pierced Adenmaha’s chest transformed into sea water and entered Adenmaha’s body.

Adenmaha twisted and vomited blood. She couldn’t maintain her sea serpent form and twitched in the ground in her Goddess form.

Hydra embraced Nidhogg from above. It was an action to protect her.

Poseidon glanced at a different place for a moment. The moving sea had almost reached Mesena. His followers were massacring the lesser Gods and nymphs that were hidden nearby.

“I should return to Athena.”

No one could tell if he was talking to himself or if he was answering the voice. Poseidon made a new trident and pierced Nidhogg and Adenmaha both at once. Nidhogg, that was weak towards pain, trembled and screamed in a terrible way, and Adenmaha vomited blood once again.

If he left them like this, then they should die.

Poseidon waved his hand. A huge spear, far larger compared to the ones that he made up until now, made a hole in the chest of Hydra and then he turned around to the walls, where Athena was at. He inserted divine power into the winged shoes, Talaria.

But at that moment.

Poseidon didn’t charge forward. He turned back unconsciously. It was because he couldn’t hear the cries of Nidhogg behind him anymore.

Hydra also wasn’t there. Only the spears that had pierced Nidhogg and Adenmaha were floating in that empty space.


Poseidon heard laughter when he expressed his doubt. The laughter came from Echidna, who had placed her cheek on the floor while still being pierced by Triana.

The laughter was thin. It was small and weak as if it would get cut off at any moment.

But her laughter was sincere?


Poseidon expressed his doubt once again but Echidna didn’t answer. Instead she just cursed.

“You are too late, bad master.”

She laughed fraily and this time Echidna disappeared right from in front of Poseidon.

It wasn’t divine power but magic. It was certainly mystical magic.

Poseidon turned around. He could see a huge golden tree that didn’t exist before and discovered someone approaching him with the tree behind him.

A dark blue divinity was covering him.

‘Kill him.’

Cuchulainn said.

And Tae Ho agreed. He faced Poseidon who was picking up Triana and extended his hand to the air.

Poseidon’s divine power was as strong as he had expected and he was accompanied by a strong strength that he could feel even without using the ‘eyes of the dragon’ but it didn’t matter.

He grabbed the silver scabbard.


Hephaestus had collapsed on the ground and Prometheus had also not far away from him.

They couldn’t even lift a finger. It was the result of having poured in all of their capabilities.

They wouldn’t be able to hold a hammer for a while. Rather than making something, they would need the help of others even for their daily life activities.

But they still didn’t regret it. Hephaestus put on a satisfied smile.

What they had made.

That wasn’t a simple scabbard.


Adenmaha opened her eyes with difficulty. The blessing of Idun was grabbing onto her life. The aura of Idun that was felt above her head gave her strength to open her eyes.

Her vision was blurry. She couldn’t see properly but she could feel it.

The power of Erin.

The once lost power of the paradise.

Adenmaha looked far away. She could see the back of Tae Ho through her vision which had become blurry once again because of the tears she shed unconsciously. And he wasn’t alone. There were people next to him.

Nidhogg saw the same thing but she didn’t know who they were. Adenmaha didn’t know them well either. She had just heard their names from others.

But that was enough. Adenmaha slowly closed her eyes and thought of their names.


One sword surged up.

The name of the sword was Arondight. The unbreakable sword. The companion of the strongest knight of the round table, Lancelot.

There was another sword next to it.

It’s name was Gallatin. The sword of the knight of the sun. The sword of sun that had accompanied him in countless adventures.

The numbers started to increase one by one.

The ones that had once ran over to the destroyed Erin to rescue their king were releasing their power again.

The sword of the knight of truth, Agravain.

The bow of the best archer in the round table, Tristan.

The godly spear of the master of the spears, Perceval.

The sword of the knight Bedivere, that had protected its king until the end.

There were twelve of them. They took their place near Tae Ho as if guarding him.

Poseidon saw this but he couldn’t move rashly. He got overpowered by the sight of the knights lining up next to the king to protect him.

The souls of the knights of the round table had been extinguished. They couldn’t return anymore now that they had sacrificed themselves to rescue Tae Ho.

But their weapons still remained. The sentences of the Milesian which they left behind were accompanying Tae Ho.

The twelve sentences shone at the same time. The illusions of the knights with their respective weapons started to emit various colors.

Hephaestus looked at all the weapons Tae Ho had.

The best blacksmith didn’t miss the will of the knights of the round table to protect their king. He didn’t ignore the wishes left in their weapons.

The twelve sentences became one. The light began to shine on top of the scabbard as they gathered inside it.

Erin, the world where humans fought against Gods and won.

The twelve highest named Gods among Erin.

Tae Ho grabbed it. And then pulled it out from the silver scabbard.

A sword of the round table.

The will of the knights of the round table to protect the king of Camelot.

The sword of the round table released silverlight and then called out to another.

The fairy God sword Excalibur.

The sword of the great God king who led the warriors of the round table.

The moment Tae Ho let go of his silver scabbard. The sword of the king that shone in gold was grasped by his hands. It made a pair with the sword of the round table.

Poseidon gulped dry saliva. Tae Ho faced him and raised his two swords.

Tae Ho released his strength as the king of Erin and master of Asgard.

Kalsted’s style techniques.

Double flash.

Two strokes of light flashed toward Poseidon.

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