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Chapter 219 - Episode 62/Chapter 2: Roar of the hero (2)

Episode 62/Chapter 2: Roar of the hero (2)

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The pro gamers in Dark Age were divided into two main categories.

One was the profit player who increased their profit through item trades or game streams. The other one was the competitive player who participated in guild raids or individual battles like tournaments to earn prize money.

However, most pro gamers performed some amount of both these tasks.

It was the same for Tae Ho, who was at the peak among competitive pro gamers.

Dark Age was the game that the most players in the world played and tournaments involving top rankers were the most popular festivals of superhuman feats in the world.

If you thought of it more simply, it was a world wide martial arts competition that far surpassed the World Cup or the Olympics.

If martial artists increased their capabilities and polished their skills to increase their battle power, then competitive pro gamers of Dark Age raised their levels, developed new skills and combinations and acquired stronger items all to increase their battle power.

The battle power of each of the hundred top rankers was almost equal, but each and every one of them was dimensions apart from the normal players.

If you compared them to the warriors of Asgard or Olympus, the battle power of the top 100 rankers was comparable to top ranked Sigurd or the great hero Heracles, or even beyond that.

Strength, speed and resistance just to name a few stats.

There were a hundred people reigning at the top of Dark Age, a game that had millions of players, so this power was an obvious thing.

The Dragon Knight Kalsted was the strongest player in that game. He was able to create an overwhelming power just with his individual strength.

But that wasn’t the important thing.

The battle power of the top 100 rankers was almost identical. The difference in power between the rank 20 and rank 100 was so minimal a defeat depended on a player’s condition. But regardless despite this, Dragon knight Kalsted reigned over Dark Age in an overwhelming way.

The reason was simple.

If two people with the same physical abilities used the same sword, what mattered was the wielder’s experience.

There were several character control options Dark Age. Using the basic control option, you could control your character with your mouse and keyboard In the other options, could used a quite intensified controlling method or a really minute and intensified controlling method that used specialized equipment.

It was obvious that your control ability increased greatly if you used the intensified method.

Even if their numerical stats was the same, there was a vast difference in their real battle power.

Tae Ho’s nickname was the God of Battles.

It was a title Kalsted earned by being invincible even among the top 10 rankers. Defeat was nonexistent to him.

This was the important thing.

That Kalsted was both the strongest and invincible.

Dark Age was the most famous and popular game in the world.

It was to the point that even the people who didn’t play Dark Age knew the names Tae Ho and Kalsted and their invincibility on the battlefield.

Billions of people knew of them.


The power of Asgard.

The ability that recreated great accomplishments that were once legend and myth, now recreating them in reality.

Tae Ho was already a legend in his world.

The dragon knight Kalsted was a myth.

Recreating general battle power wasn’t the important thing.

What he was recreating was the invincible warrior.

The strongest warrior who would only win.

[Synchro rate: 95%]

Tae Ho understood.

He also understood why his synchro rate started to increase so quickly.

Tae Ho’s base.

The legend of the dragon knight Kalsted.

Heracles’ sword exchanged blows with Tae Ho and Kalsted’s sword.

It wasn’t a battle of speed where dozens of blows clashed in a single moment like the battle against Achilles. It was a clash that normal people could watch with their eyes.

However the battle was transcendent. The power behind each attack, the profound laws each strike contained and the speed released at the important moments.

Heracles couldn’t push Tae Ho back anymore. It wasn’t just because Heracles had been weakened by Nidhogg’s and Hydra’s poison. Tae Ho had become stronger. Tae Ho had already equalized in strength and Heracles could only feel it every time they exchanged blows.

Something that couldn’t be represented simply by strength and speed.

A kind of strength that could only be personally experienced.

Their swords exchanged blows once again. Tae Ho glanced at Heracles and Heracles glared back

Their strength was similar until now, but the moment the intersected swords started to separate again and the two prepared their next attack.

Tae Ho changed once again.

Tae Ho charged the profound laws of the knights of the round table into the Sword of the round table.

Tae Ho wasn’t limited to just a few abilities..

Because Tae Ho’s saga didn’t only have Kalsted’s legend.

He accumulated countless accomplishments as Idun’s warrior.

The swords exchanged another blow. The sword of the strongest knight of the round table, Lancelot, wasn’t creative but mysterious. It was a sword that contained such profound laws a normal warrior wouldn’t dare to receive a single attack from it.

The sword of the knight of the sun Gawain was strong. It possessed the power to pulverize everything in its path.

The sentence of the Milesian appeared in Tae Ho’s hand and the sentence of Erin released light once again.

Scathach style technique.

Countless heroes received teaching from Scathach.

Tae Ho learned many things by fighting against them. He learned many techniques and engraved them into his body after making them his own.

[Synchro rate: 96%]

Heracles increased the speed of his attacks. The ground shook just with one swing. The surrounding land screamed from the aftershock.

Tae Ho was transforming.

The things Tae Ho had piled up until now with Kalsted as the base were recognizing each other and accepted each other. They became a real one.

Idun’s warrior.

The Incarnation of the World dragon.

‘My warrior Tae Ho.’

He could hear Idun’s voice. Golden light emanated from Tae Ho’s body. The wings of light from the World dragon spread across his back and Tae Ho’s eyes transformed into the golden eyes of a dragon.

You could feel the pressure in the atmosphere.

Just by facing Tae Ho you could feel his strength.

The sky and the ground shook when the strongest clashed against the strongest.

One breath.

There was a quick exchange.

Another breath.

Dozens of attacks clashed.

And then, the precarious balance of the battle started to lean to one side.

Tae Ho and Heracles both pulled back their swords. They looked at each other and smiled at the same time.

The God of battles.

That was Tae Ho’s deity and at the same time the word that represented the dragon knight Kalsted.

The strongest great hero.

This was Heracles himself. It was his life and divinity.

That’s why the two of them smiled. It was a simple smile with a simple meaning.

It was because the two of them knew it.

That the next attack would bring an end to this.

Everything would be decided with the next attack.

They charged towards each other.

There was no flashy or strong exchange of abilities. They just rammed into each other.

A conclusion was made with just that.

Tae Ho breathed out roughly and looked behind him. Heracles was standing upright. .

“I lost.”

Heracles said but he still didn’t turn around. He didn’t have the strength to do so.

“I’ve reached my limit.”

He didn’t know the exact reason he lost. It may be because the world itself got overturned because of the clash of the two strongest or perhaps because Heracles’ soul and flesh reached a limit.

“Gosleep along with Artemis and Hades.”

Tae Ho said. Bragi’s rune implied many meanings behind this phrase. Heracles smiled once again for experiencing defeat for the first time in his life.

“I will leave it to you.”

Olympus too.

And the seat of the God-hero.

And all the ones he had to protect just like Hera and Hebe.

Heracles’ body started to stiffen. His body turned to stone like what happened with Artemis and Apollo.

Tae Ho closed his eyes. He let out a long sigh and swung his hand lightly. A rune popped up from the back of his hand and fused into the ground. After a few seconds God depriving power saturating his surroundings disappeared.

[Synchro rate: 97%]

Tae Ho exhaled once again. He could hear outside noises once again as the barrier lifted.

A loud crackle resembling the familiar sound of thunder and the roars and cries of thousands was heard.

‘My warrior Tae Ho.’

Idun’s voice was teary. Tae Ho could also hear the voices of several other beings. He could sense countless entities by opening his senses.

Adenmaha and Nidhogg were fighting fiercely with the dragon army.

Freya and Aphrodite tensely faced each other and the warriors of Valhalla continued to advance forward.

Athena encouraged these warriors of Valhalla as the Goddess of warfare of Olympus. Along with the Valkyries, she led the warriors.

Odin looked at Tae Ho.

He flew nearby and spoke.

“It seems you may be able to do it now.”

And Tae Ho understood the message.

“Show them. Tell them. Claim to the world.”

Odin laughed in an ill-natured way and Tae Ho nodded.

The first one who noticed it were the Gods of thunder. Thor and Bracky turned to look at Tae Ho and Siri called out Tae Ho’s name. Her voice was filled with sincerity and joy that didn’t suit her personality at all.

Tae Ho flew up on his dark blue divinity.

His power wasn’t only the God of battles. It wasn’t limited to the God of Conquer.

The God-hero seat that he inherited from Heracles.

The seat as the God of music and sun he received from Apollo.

And what Odin told him to show everyone.

To claim that Tae Ho had come to the world once again.

The master of Asgard.

It happened in an instant.

The entire mount of Olympus shook. The sounds of battle were instantly silenced. The ones who were fighting on the boundary of life and death all turned at the same time to look at one man. Even the souls of the dead in the sky stopped moving and looked.

They looked at the Master of Asgard.

The strongest warrior of Valhalla.

Aphrodite gasped and Dionysius collapsed. Even the Gigantes who were crying out destruction trembled instinctively in fear.

‘At least at the level of Sigurd.’

Cuchulainn laughed.

He spoke to Tae Ho, who had vastly outstripped the limit that Ragnar expected.

‘Let’s go.’

To end this battle.

Adenmaha and Nidhogg cheered. The warriors of Valhalla cheered together. Thor and Bracky called forth lightning and the Valkyries hit their chests. Idun and Heda supported him with their voices from afar.

“For Asgard and the nine realms.”

“For Asgard and the nine realms.”

The king of Gods Zeus.

The ancient God of night, Nyx.

Tae Ho turned to look to the peak of Mount Olympus, to the path that connected this world with that of the Gods.

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