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Chapter 220 - Episode 62/Chapter 3: Roar of the hero (3)

Episode 62/Chapter 3: Roar of the hero (3)

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The first one defeated was Ares.

The next one was Artemis, and after that came Poseidon.

And now, Heracles was defeated.

Dionysius blinked. He forcefully inhaled some air and thought.

I must do something.

I can’t let the master of Asgard go to Mount Olympus so easily.


He suddenly thought of an idea.

Dionysius blinked again. He looked away from the Gigantes who couldn’t even think of fighting back and were groaning in place.

The warriors of Valhalla were chanting their catchphrase with high morale. Even the 12 Olympians who had returned to beings who wanted to maintain the world were cheering towards the invaders that wanted to crush Mount Olympus.

Athena, Hephaestus, Demeter.

These were the ones he could feel right now. Athena already entered the battlefield and Hephaestus and Demeter were still below the mount as if they hadn’t participated yet. He couldn’t detect Apollo or Hermes.

Dionysius looked at the path that led to Mount Olympus once again. He saw the master of Asgard who had defeated Heracles and was advancing now forward.

Dionysius still heard a voice but it didn’t tell him what he should do. He hoped for some command, but no answer came back.


Dionysius looked for Aphrodite and found her standing still. She had been exchanging fierce attacks with the enemy, but she dropped her hands and looked at the path.

Aphrodite looked back at Dionysius. It was a communication between Gods who transcended material distance.

At this moment the two Gods realized. They understood why no commanding voice was heard.

Overlook it.

Just watch.

There is no need to step up yourselves.

Dionysus and Aphrodite turned in sync and looked toward the peak of Mount Olympus.


Hera closed her hands.

Her divine power had become so depleted she couldn’t even lift a finger, but she knew.

Heracles had sealed himself. The master of Asgard had won.

She was relieved at Tae Ho’s victory but only for a moment. She realized the tide of battle was turning against them. The 12 Olympians had returned to beings who wanted to maintain the world.

Hera opened her mouth with difficulty but no voice came out through her dry lips. Only her thin lips trembled poorly.

[Hera! I will come over there! I will rescue you! Just wait a moment! Please!]

Hera heard Athena’s voice full of joy. As expected, she didn’t know.


No voice came out. It was even hard to breathe.

[Hera, endure it for a little while longer. I’m coming now. Demeter is also with me. She is coming to help.]

[We are not late, unnie. Not late!]

[Mother, I will break the chains. I will raise the hammer and come running to you.]

Demeter spoke. Even her eldest son, to whom she had given an eternal wound, was running towards his mother.

It was the same for them. They didn’t realize anything. There was nothing as foolish as saying that it wasn’t late yet.

No. No. Athena, you are wrong. Your guess is wrong.

They wouldn’t reach her. Hera also knew about it. She just rolled her eyes as she didn’t have the strength to bite her lips. Her eyes turned to the path that connected Mount Olympus and the world of Gods.

It was as she expected. The pillars of light weren’t white anymore. It was a faint yellow. This meant that someone was coming down from the Godly world.


Hera’s love.

The king of Gods who ruled and protected Olympus.

Zeus was resisting to the voice.

Athena believed this.

He hadn’t changed completely yet.

The situation in Olympus proved this. If Zeus had turned completely, Olympus would have already fallen to the hands of the ones who wanted to destroy the world.

The situation wasn’t that bad. Her guess was logical.

But she was wrong. It was all wrong. The day Zeus first started to change. When half of the 12 Olympians turned into destructive beings.

The one that blocked the lightning of Zeus and protected the ones who remained as beings of balance was Hera.

She was the one who squeezed out the strength she lacked to buy time for the others to escape.

That’s why only Hera knew of this. Only she had faced Zeus head on and could know his state.

“So you were still alive.”

A voice was heard above her. Eyes freezing cold as if speaking to an insect.

It was the voice of Zeus. The golden eyes of Zeus.

But it wasn’t the Zeus that Hera knew. Zeus didn’t look at her like that. He didn’t say such things like that.

Athena’s thoughts were wrong.

Zeus wasn’t resisting. He had completely turned into a being of destruction when he attacked half of the 12 Olympians.

Then, why did he act like he did until now?

Why didn’t he step up himself and take control over Olympus?

It was simple. He had something he had to do.

A man who towered at a height of 2 meters, a bulky body and a fitting white beard.

Zeus passed over Hera. He looked at the ones climbing towards the peak.


He boomed. And his voice was transmitted to everyone around Mount Olympus.

Everything became silent differently just like before. The entire Mount Olympus became dead silent with Zeus’ one word.

Zeus continued. He faced the master of Asgard who was standing right below the peak glaring at him.

“I have seen how you defeated Heracles. To deprive him of his divinity and cut off the support of the world. It was really interesting.”

He spoke as if he was someone that had no relations with this battle. But he wasn’t lying. It was a sincere appreciation.

[F, father?]

Athena raised her voice. She heard Zeus’ voice when he spoke. She stared directly into Zeus’ eyes.

That’s why she now also knew.

Zeus was a being who wanted to destroy the world and he hadn’t turned recently. It was clear that he had turned long ago.

Odin stayed silent as he had been expecting the current situation. His reasoning was simple.

The power that closed the connecting path.

It wasn’t a power that someone who was internally conflicted could release. It was a power only someone that belonged completely to one side could wield.

‘You can’t avoid a battle with Zeus.’

He determined this when he headed to Mount Olympus- no, the moment he opened the connecting path and entered Olympus.

Odin sharply opened his only eye. He predicted the current state g but he still had a puzzle he couldn’t solve.

What was Zeus doing in the Mount Olympus? Just what was he doing to neglect everything?

“So a day like this ended up coming. No, I knew it would. The day to settle the relationship with Asgard. The fellowship between neighbors will always crumble.”

Zeus shook his head in disappointment

Hera shed tears once more at his actions. Athena, who was the closest to Zeus among his children, cried as well and despaired.

Zeus hadn’t simply turned into a being who wanted to destroy the world.

The one in front of their eyes was an entirely different person.

“Zeus was aware of it.”

Zeus spoke as if he was someone else.

His words spread to all of Olympus.

“His mind was really tough. To the point that even I needed some time to control his consciousness.”

This wasn’t the voice of Zeus anymore. Demeter stumbled back and Hephaestus grabbed his head.

“Gaia is a personality God who has a complete soul and flesh. That’s why she ended up becoming an insect that possessed the power of the Protogenoi-Ancient God but couldn’t use it completely.”

Zeus took one more step. Now it was not only his voice but also his appearance that didn’t belong to him.

“Even the king of Gods wasn’t enough to contain the primeval Gods. It might have been possible if it was only one but it was impossible for many of them.”

IA black haired woman appeared. She was a pristine and beautiful goddess with gorgeous black hair that reached her butt. Her black dress that clung to her body and displayed her shoulders resembled the night sky.

“That’s why I needed a ceremony. To connect the power of the primeval Gods more effectively, to transform this body into a better medium.”

It wasn’t only one primeval God. There were several of them. Zeus’ body only contained one but she could harness all of their power at the same time.

The black haired woman took one more step forward. With that, everyone felt the crushing might of her overwhelming diving power.

“I succeeded with the ceremony last night. The reason I’m telling you such things is because now, everything is over.”

The black haired woman smiled brightly.

The ancient God of night Nyx surrounded herself with the power of the primeval God of darkness, Erebos. The power of the primeval God of Tartarus, the underworld, accompanied Nyx.

“This is why Gaia put her hands in a soul and flesh even though she knew she would lose strength. The feeling is different from before. I just realized this. Pardon me, I’m speaking a lot. A conversation like this is the first time for me.”

The ceremony had ended last night, not today. But regardless, Nyx still waited one day.

There wasn’t any big reason for it.

“I was just curious.”

How Tae Ho would fight against Heracles who had the support of the world.

“And there was no need to work myself for nothing.”

As everyone would gather by their own.

Nyx looked at Tae Ho. She faced the master of Asgard who was wielding the power of Gaia and grinned.

“You have done well. Your battle was really impressive.”


Gaia said.


Cuchulainn said. His voice, normally calm no matter how strong the enemy was, trembled a bit.

Nyx’s power began to accumulate.

Her divine power pressed down upon Mount Olympus.

“Didn’t I say it already? That it was already over.”

Nyx laughed and stepped forward once more. At this moment Thor roared. Odin activated a rune magic from afar. Everything excluding Nyx created a ripple in the frozen time.

But it was too late.

It was already over.

Nyx glanced at Thor charging with his lightning and extended her hand. She shook her head at the great magic of Odin being executed from afar.

She spoke whispered.

“Let there be night.”

And there was. Thor’s lightning dissipated into nothingness and Odin’s great magic fizzled into oblivion.

The world warped into a silent world. The sun disappeared from inside the region called Olympus. When they realized that, it was after everything had changed.

The Goddess of night Nyx.

She dyed the world with her color.

The endless night started.

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