Valhalla Saga

Chapter 222 - Episode 63/Chapter 1: Myth of a hero (1)

Episode 63/Chapter 1: Myth of a hero (1)

TL: Tsubak


The one that put an end to the deep night, drove away the dense darkness,

and leads the dawn.

The one leading the bright morning glory.

That is the sun.

The power of the beginning.


The night split.

A crack got formed in the night sky that was filled with darkness.

The mount of Olympus got placed below the sun. The bright golden light shone warmly on everyone. It drove away the cold the darkness brought with it.

Tae Ho knew it while raising the Sword of the round table high.

He realized the same thing as Odin.

Nyx in front of him was the world.

She hadn’t been able to become a complete world as Gaia hadn’t joined her but it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that she was already the world, the world God Olympus.

That’s why there was only one method to win against her.

Cut the connection with the primeval Gods that were connected with the night and so return Nyx from being the world God to the Goddess of night Nyx.

There were two ways to end the night.

One was to destroy the body of Zeus.

The other one was to disperse the night.

The two of them was close to being impossible. Even Odin and Thor became powerless in front of Nyx that could handle the power of the world. Not even Tae Ho was able to win against her in a simple contest of strength after becoming the master of two worlds.

But the latter one was the one that did have some probabilities and that’s why Odin and Thor placed their hope on him.

They weren’t wrong. Only that the situation with Tae Ho was different.

Tae Ho raised his head high. He looked at the night and not at Nyx. He looked through the night with the ‘golden eyes of the dragon’.

It wasn’t simply a black sky. The ‘eyes of the dragon’ could see the weakness of the night. He could see the chain connecting the power of the primeval Gods.

The light of the sun dug and entered it. It was possible because it was the power of the morning, that was the opposite of night.

“Don’t make me laugh!”

Nyx roared. That was the roar of a World God. The rage of the world shook the entire mount of Olympus.

But Tae Ho didn’t get shaken. He stood still and faced against Nyx. It was impossible to defeat her but he could plentily maintain his posture.

In addition, Tae Ho was the God of sun. He was the natural born enemy of the Goddess of night Nyx!

The power of the sun became stronger and a crack got formed in the night sky. Nyx roared once again and released her strength.

What she fired in a hurry were thousands of lightning bolts. Nyx could make miracles like what she did just now just by resting for a moment.

Tae Ho extended the Sword of the round table forward and faced the lightning. He didn’t only disperse the lightning as the God of light.

[Saga: The one that handles gale and lightning]

The one that flashed in the end was the lightning. Although it was impossible to control it completely he could change its direction.


Tens of thousands of lightning bolts erupted in consecution. It poured down in an instant and devastated the surroundings. But Nyx could know.

Tae Ho was still fine. The power of the sun was increasing the crack in the night sky.

Nyx held Astrape. She contained her dark divinity in the God killer lightning to put an end to Tae Ho herself. Tae Ho couldn’t even defend properly as he was tied down by the black lightning.

But Tae Ho didn’t fear. He didn’t even try to dodge and looked at Nyx trying to charge towards him.

Nyx hated his eyes. She let out a roar and charged forward.

A moment.

Tae Ho didn’t turn his eyes. He still looked at Nyx. Rather than giving up at the unavoidable attack, he raised his weapons as the God of battle.

Because he was believing.

He already knew.

The sound of thunder was heard!


One streak of lightning hit the ground and the God of thunder descended at the same time.

[Saga: He is the son of the God that has returned]

[Saga: His entrance is accompanied by lightning]


The son of Thor.

The God of Thunder that protects the king of Erin!

He wasn’t alone. He was accompanied by someone.

Because the two were a couple. They were two yet a single God.

Blue lightning appeared in Bracky’s hammer but that wasn’t headed towards Nyx. It was headed towards Siri, that was nocking the bow of Artemis while raising her wolf ears. The lightning of Bracky got contained in the arrow of Apollo she placed in the bowstring.

[Saga: The arrow of the witch never misses its target]

Siri let go of the bowstring. It flew towards Nyx like a meteor that was solely concentrating on Tae Ho. It pierced Nyx’s shoulder!

Nyx let out a pained groan. She could handle the power of the world but the body belonged to Zeus. A full powered attack from the God of lightning and hunt was enough to inflict damage to Zeus.

Nyx lost her charging momentum and then pulled an arrow while cursing. She glared at Bracky and Siri and the power of the World God hit the two Gods.

But Bracky and Siri didn’t get done by it helplessly.

Bracky gathered his arms and took a defensive posture. Siri supported Bracky with her back and gave him strength.

Bracky and Siri endured Nyx’s attack. They could barely endure it but that was enough.

The lightning of Bracky wasn’t only to intrude.

There was someone that awoke with his lightning!

He stood up.

And grabbed Mjolnir once again.

He roared with the thunder and like the thunder!


Nyx flinched at the yell that was like thunder. It was only for a moment but she still did that and the God of thunder didn’t miss that moment.

The strongest battle God of Asgard, Thor, charged forward. He had already been defeated once but he didn’t care about that.

Because a warrior of Valhalla was one that knew no fear and could face against any strong opponent.

Thor’s method was the same as the master of Asgard!

Mjolnir hit Nyx. No, it hit an invisible wall she raised in a hurry.

The wall crumbled. Nyx cursed out and made dozens of layers of walls at the same time. The light of Tae Ho was still flashing at this moment so anxiety showed in the gesture of her hands.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Thor continued to swing Mjolnir. Not even Mjolnir, that was made with Unts, was able to endure the overwhelming shock of the clash and cracks began to form for the first time it was made but Thor still didn’t care about that.

This was the moment. This was the important part. Even if Mjolnir got completely destroyed after this day, he had to protect this moment.

“Die! Submit!”

Nyx ordered and the power of the world covered Thor. She tried to make the God of Thunder, that didn’t know what giving up was, kneel down.

But Thor endured it. Bracky and Siri made his will burn after they managed to endure the attack. The small strength they sent him supported him.

Thor laughed. He laughed refreshingly in front of the overwhelming despair and didn’t stop.

He knew it.

That he wasn’t the only that wasn’t giving up.

That there was someone that did know what fear was compared to him and was still facing against her.

The real one that didn’t know what giving up was, was with him in this place!

Odin stood up.

As the light of the sun was pushing away the night, and the Gods of Thunder called him.

Odin spread his arms and prepared a strong magic once again.

Nyx saw that. She felt annoyed and anxious at the fact that there were many beings obstructing her from reaching Tae Ho and released her strength. She told him once again that such things like magic was meaningless against someone that could wield the power of the world like she had already proved before.

The magic of Odin scattered in an instant.

And that was like Odin had expected.

One breath.

That was the time Nyx had to spend to dispel the magic even though she possessed absolute strength.

She had to perform an action.

That was all. That was enough.

Because Odin was the God of war. He was the God of cunning trickery along with Loki.

When Nyx’s power tore the magic of Odin, Odin threw what he was holding. He was known as being a wise magician but he was a warrior before being a magician. The attack he executed when Nyx was performing that action was fast and precise.

And that wasn’t seen properly in Nyx’s eyes.

This was also as Odin had expected.

The God killer spear Mistilteinn.

The branch of a mistletoe.

The divine object that killed the ancient Gods of Asgard.

The first God killer weapon the fathers of Odin made to kill them.

The moment Nyx sensed Mistilteinn was when the spear had already stabbed her chest. She opened her eyes widely and vomited blood. She panted at the silver spear that was devouring Zeus’ body at a fast rate.

Nyx staggered back and Thor swung Mjolnir. Odin breathed roughly and grabbed another spear.

And Nyx pulled out Mistilteinn. She screamed under the great pain and released an overwhelming strength while containing all of her rage.

Pure rage covered Thor and Odin. It made the two Gods, that didn’t know what giving up was, kneel down.

The power of Erebos and Tartarus twined round Nyx again and the same went for the power of the other primeval Gods.

Nyx vomited blood. She trembled in pain and rage and glared at Tae Ho. She charged towards the God of sun that tried to end the night.

Tae Ho stood up against her. He swung the Sword of the round table that was tearing apart the sky and blocked the Astrape of Nyx.

The world turned silent once again and Nyx became happy. She regained stability in her mind because of the clear difference of power that existed.

She would press him down like this and recover the night. She would make the power of the World God eternal.

It turned like she thought. Tae Ho got pushed back. The darkness started to corrode the power of the sun.

But Nyx couldn’t smile.

It was because the will to fight didn’t disappear from Tae Ho’s eyes. It was different from Thor. His eyes weren’t ones that he fought without knowing fear and in a blind way.


That was it. He was the same from Odin. His eyes were from someone that knew fear but still stood against it like he had a card prepared.


Because of what?

The moment bewilderment and doubt appeared in Nyx’s eyes.

Tae Ho swung the Sword of the round table with strength and parried Astrape. He took one step and roared.

That yell.

What Tae Ho called.

The one being awakened due to that.

The one that reacted and opened his eyes.

Nyx let out a painful scream.


Hera trembled. Silver tears flowed down endlessly from her blue eyes that were the most beautiful in Olympus.

Hera had been wrong.

The foolish one and the one that didn’t know anything wasn’t Athena but Hera herself.

Right, there was no way he would disappear like this.

He had defeated countless challenges and protected his seat.

Hera opened her mouth. She squeezed out her voice and called out his name.

He called the name of her love.


Athena roared. She raised her sword and yelled. She felt joy at the fact that her belief hadn’t been wrong.

Demeter smiled and Hephaestus yelled with strength.

He must be resisting.

He must be confronting the voice.

They weren’t wrong. Their belief didn’t turn in vain.

And right at this moment, when the power of the sun weakened and a crack in the connection between the ancient Gods was formed.

The master of Asgard and Erin called his name.

He summoned the king of Gods that protected his will inside the deep darkness.


At that yell, at his call.

The master of Olympus answered.

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