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Chapter 225 - Episode 64/Chapter 1: God of meetings (1)

Episode 64/Chapter 1: God of meetings (1)

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If it was a game he would have pressed the ‘confirm’ button and looked for the next battle or just rested but that wasn’t the case in reality.

‘It feels like only a part is proceeding with the battle.’

Tae Ho claimed victory at the peak of the mount of Olympus after defeating Nyx but it didn’t end with that. There were still beings in the mount that opposed Asgard and Olympus.

“Are they Aphrodite and Dionysius?”

Zeus spoke while leaning his back on a rock. It seems like it was thanks to having eating a golden apple entirely that he looked better than Odin and Thor.

“I already defeated Nyx but they still won’t return back?”

Tae Ho sat in the ground like Odin usually did and asked. They hadn’t even introduced themselves but business was more important than awkwardness.

Zeus didn’t answer immediately and closed his eyes and delayed. It seemed like he was talking up to where he could speak.

“Zeus, there’s no need to hide that much. We have already come to this point so there’s no way we don’t know.”

Odin said. He didn’t have any injuries compared to Thor but his voice looked with less energy perhaps because he spent too much divine power and magic power.

Tae Ho checked the number of golden apples he had remaining now that he remembered about it. He split two of the three golden apples in half and shared it with Odin, Thor, Bracky and Siri.

“Thank you.”

Odin ate the half golden apple but didn’t turn to look at Zeus. Bracky spoke peevishly telling Siri to feed him as he didn’t have strength. When Siri was checking her surroundings about whether she had to feed him or not, Zeus spoke casually while looking at Thor that was savoring the golden apple.

“The roots of the Gods of Olympus are the titans. They are the descendants of the ones that want to destroy the world so there’s almost no God in Olympus that was born perfectly as a being that wants to maintain the world. All of them have a little bit of the opposite attribute.”

It was a fresh story for Tae Ho’s group but it was something the Gods of Olympus gained nothing by revealing and didn’t want to reveal it either.

“What Nyx did was to strengthen our opposite side and turn us into beings that want to destroy the world. You can say that the scale has tilted to the other side.”

If it really was a scale the direction it was tilting to would have changed the moment Nyx, that was the cause, disappeared but reality was a bit different.

And the one that had to accomplish that task was the king of Gods Zeus himself.

Zeus understood completely the things that were happening on the mount of Olympus as its ruler.

Aphrodite and Dionysius were escaping.

Fortunately, Aphrodite seemed like she would be caught by Freya, Ullr and Tyr soon but it was different for Dionysius. It seemed like he would succeed in his escape.

“You don’t have to mind that much. You have done this much so we should take care of the rest.”

Zeus smiled bitterly and said. It was because he had grasped that Tae Ho had figured out the things happening right now.

“It would be easier to turn Artemis than Aphrodite as we have Apollo. Hades has never turned sides in the first place so we just have to wake him up from his slumber….and it doesn’t look like it will be that hard either for Heracles.”

Zeus spoke upt to that point. He had been almost buried in Nyx’s abyss while having his body and soul taken from her but it wasn’t that he didn’t know what happened in reality.

Poseidon and Ares died but it was an unavoidable thing. He couldn’t quibble over it asking why he didn’t seal them like Artemis and didn’t even want to.

In the first place, winning against Nyx when she got a hold of the power of the world was a miracle by itself.

And Zeus was someone that knew what sense of shame was excluding his problem with women. He didn’t do something as childish as expressing complaints to the Gods of Asgard that didn’t only save his life but also the entire Olympus.

“What happened with the Gigantes? Are they fighting?”

Thor recovered a bit of energy maybe thanks to having eaten a golden apple and asked. There was no way for him that was a simple God of thunder to know what was happening in the mount of Olympus compared to Tae Ho, Odin, and Zeus.

Even Bracky, that was in his own world with Siri, turned his head and showed interest at that question.

She couldn’t even get angry at Bracky that had almost died because of her so she showed great joy and reacted.

“They are fighting. The warriors of Valhalla are capturing them with good tricks. You don’t need to worry that much.”

The warriors of Valhalla were experts on dealing with giants. In addition, there wasn’t any particularly strong Gigantes in the army Heracles brought. It was because the Gigantes that were strong enough to pose a threat to the Gods of Olympus had already been massacred by Heracles.

Olympus was a world where they overpowered the beings that wanted to destroy the world different from Asgard or the Temple.

Tae Ho got relaxed when he realized that truth but he didn’t drop his guard. No, precisely speaking, he didn’t let go of his worry.

‘Are you worried about the legion of Idun?’

Tae Ho nodded at Tae Ho’s question. He had become the master of Asgard and Erin but Tae Ho was still the commander of Idun’s legion. He was especially worried about Helga that had spent a considerably long time with him.

‘They should be doing well. Master is also at the residence. The others are also warriors that managed to enter Valhalla. We are also close to overpowering them so don’t step up and rest. You are about to faint right?’

Cuchulainn’s words were right. Most of his words were jokes or absurd words but he was certainly of help when he needed him.

Tae Ho nodded once again and fixed his posture and then Zeus rose up.

“I get the feeling that i’m doing it just now and I should express my thanks politely at a later time…but I want to express my thanks at least like this. For having rescued Olympus, for not having left us. Gods of Asgard.”

Zeus spoke indifferently. Thor, Bracky and Tae Ho smiled in a good mood at the thanks of the master responsible of a world and Odin showed a little more evil smile and said.

“You should know that it isn’t free.”

“I will take it into account.”

Zeus also smiled the same way and then turned to look at Tae Ho.

“Master of Asgard, I will prepare a place for you to rest properly as the battlefield gets settled. And before that…may I leave my seat for a bit?”

“Do so.”

Tae Ho agreed simply. It was because there was only one place Zeus would go after he merely recovered.

“Thank you.”

Zeus turned around slowly and then headed to Hera. The closer he got to Hera the more it looked like he was running towards her in a hurry.

“Even if he looks like that he’s a devoted husband. Although you won’t believe me.”

Odin smiled bitterly and Tae Ho nodded while looking at Zeus and Hera embracing each other.


Night came once again.

It wasn’t a made up night but a natural one that followed the flow of time.

Tae Ho sat on a throne prepared at the conference room and looked at the night sky for a moment. He could find the mark of Nyx left in his lips inside the black curtain filled with a sea of stars.

She, that was an ancient God and part of the world, hadn’t been annihilated completely. Precisely speaking, the personality of Nyx disappeared but the night and its power itself was left behind. one day a new God of night would be born again although they couldn’t know when.

And that God could be a being that wanted to maintain the world or destroy it. They couldn’t know that until their personality got born.

‘The end is nearing.’

The words Nyx said.

What she revealed and the reason she could only stand up.

It was meaningless to think about it now. Tae Ho pushed aside his worries about the future for a while and then lowered his eyes and looked at the conference room. Everyone was eating and drinking in joy.

The Gods of Asgard and Olympus were located in the seats made on top of the platforms and below them were the hundreds of thousands of warriors of Valhalla.

When Nyx made death come down to the mount of Olympus while controlling the power of the world, countless beings lost their lives but they weren’t that sad about it.

The souls of Asgard had all returned to Valhalla differently from the souls of Olympus that were even roaming in the sky at this moment because they had no place to go to now that Hades sealed the underworld. They would then be reborn as Steel warriors.

The feast was prepared in a hurry so it didn’t have much. The only thing it had was alcohol and roasted meat.

But that was enough. The warriors of Valhalla drank enjoyably like they usually did and laughed magnanimously and boasted of their military prowess.

“Master, eat some of this too. It’s delicious.”

Adenmaha smiled brightly after having recovered with eating the last golden apple and poured alcohol to Tae Ho. It was the specialty of Olympus, the nectar. It was a thing that could be compared to the golden apples of Idun and if a normal human drank it, it could turn them into Gods temporarily and also grant them eternal youth.

But the most important thing for Tae Ho that was already a God was the flavor and it was indeed excellent.

“Nidhogg also wants to drink.”

“Nidhogg can’t drink. You understand? Drink this instead.”

Adenmaha soothed Nidhogg and poured fruit juice for her. Tae Ho smiled brightly at the two people that looked as close as always.

He had won in the battle against Nyx. Their damages were also big but fortunately no one close to him lost their lives as if it was fortune inside the misfortune.

‘In the first place, everyone close to you excluding Helga are monsters.’

The only one Tae Ho could call as being close among the members of his legion was Helga.

Excluding her all the others close to him were all exceptional beings so they could somehow protect their lives. In the first place, the ones with severe injuries like Echidna didn’t even participate in the battle.

But of course, saying that they were exceptional also meant that they had to stand in an even more dangerous battlefield but the most important thing was that no one died today.

Tae Ho drank the nectar Adenmaha poured for him and checked his surroundings slowly. He could see Siri flushing without knowing what to do as if Bracky had done something evil once again and could also see Athena and Thor conversing while drinking. Zeus and Odin were speaking with Hera and Freya respectively instead of toasting among themselves.

It was a good to see scene. It was peace itself.

But why was it? He felt something that bothered him.

‘Cuchulainn, don’t you feel like you forgot something?’

‘What? That you aren’t going to master to not hand over Gae Bolg to her?’

‘I feel like i’m forgetting something even more important……’

No, precisely speaking it was more like something was missing.

What could it be?

And the moment of his pondering didn’t last for long. It was because a voice so loud it rang in the entire conference room holding hundreds of thousands of warriors was heard.

“Warrior Lee Tae Ho!”

Everyone in the conference room shut their mouths at the loud yell shaking the entire mount. Even the Gods that were in their seats stopped talking and looked at the same place.

There was one Valkyrie standing at the entrance of the conference room.

The Valkyrie of Njord, Ingrid.

It seemed like the Valkyrie Tae Ho knew well had spent quite a lot of strength in that yell that she breathed roughly for a while and then fixed her posture. She put a playful smile that didn’t suit her usual self and then yelled once again.

“It’s a meeting!”

A meeting.

And why warrior Lee Tae Ho?

At that moment Tae Ho stood up from his seat. It was because he had realized something stimulating his memories from when it hadn’t been that long since he entered Valhalla.

There was someone pouting her head behind Ingrid that was grinning. Her red hair fluttered in the wind.

And at that moment all the warriors of Valhalla turned to look at each other. They burst out in laughter at the same time as if they accorded to do it before hand and started to yell in one voice.

“It’s a meeting!”

“It’s a meeting!”

“It’s a meeting!”

Gandur giggled and Rasgrid also grabbed her belly and laughed all she wanted at least for today.

When hundreds of thousands of people started to yell at the same time, the entire mount started to shake. The Gods of Olympus got greatly bewildered at the warriors yelling that it was a meeting like crazy men and Demeter looked at Tae Ho as if she had seen something scary in him.

‘Indeed, the evil God of meetings.’

No! It’s a misunderstanding!

Tae Ho wanted to protest at Demeter’s small mumble but this wasn’t the time to do so.

Nidhogg opened her eyes widely and got happy and Adenmaha patted Tae Ho’s back lightly.

Tae Ho heard from Cuchulainn that he was a blessed bastard and then stood up.

Bracky and Thor whistled. The warriors of Valhalla laughed loudly and yelled once again.

“It’s a meeting!”

“It’s a meeting!”

And it was at that moment. Tae Ho felt it while heading towards Heda. He realized one thing while looking at Heda waiting for himself while spreading her arms in between the hundreds of thousands of warriors.

A new deity was awakening.

And that deity was a completely new one that hadn’t existed in Asgard and the entire nine realms until now.

[Deity: You have obtained the God of meetings.]

[Your prestige has spread widely to all of Olympus.]

The voices of the Gods was heard as expected of Olympus. Cuchulainn spoke in a pitiful voice.

‘Finally. This day ended up coming.’

The God of meetings.

The Gods of Asgard and Olympus were putting dumb founded expressions as they witnessed the birth of a new deity. Tae Ho was afraid of turning back to look at what kind of expression Demeter was putting.

But it was good anyways.

Tae Ho advanced like the God of meetings. He ran towards her that had come all the way to Olympus.

“Hello once ag….”

Heda couldn’t finish her sentence. She shared the best blessing with Tae Ho that came running towards her and the warriors of Valhalla bursted out in cheers.

“What happened?”

Tae Ho asked after breathing roughly for having shared that kind of blessing. It was because Heda couldn’t get out of Asgard as she was sharing the same body with Idun, the administrator of the golden apples.

If Idun left her place the growth of the golden apples would get delayed. And if she made a mistake there could be a problem in the harvesting.

But Heda decided not to worry about that. It was because the harvesting time of the golden apples occurred once in a month anyways so she could ruin it at least once.

‘Really? Can you really do that?’

‘P, probably? And I came because you also agreed to it!’

The water was spilled already. Heda shared a short conversation with Idun and looked at Tae Ho again. He said with a worried face.

“Don’t you have to return immediately?”

Because the meetings with Heda ended when night came. If you took into account the time it took to return to Asgard, it was doubtful whether she would be able to arrive on time.

“Not today.”

Heda shook her head slowly and looked at her surroundings slightly. She cleared her throat as Tae Ho and hundreds of others concentrated on her and approached Tae Ho with a red face.

She whispered not with the voice of Heda but with Idun’s.

“You will be staying out tonight.”

It was a voice that could only be heard by Tae Ho but the warriors of Ullr, that had supernatural hearing, didn’t miss this. They, that had caught grasp of their conversation yelled and cheered.

“Meeting! Staying overnight!”

“Meeting! Staying overnight!”

“I’m jealous!”

Everyone burst out of laughter at the sad last despairing yell.


“So that was the case. You received so many meetings from Goddesses that you became the God of meetings. So that was the case.”

< Episode 64 – God of meetings (1) > End

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