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Chapter 226 - Episode 64/Chapter 2: God of meetings (2)

Episode 64/Chapter 2: God of meetings (2)

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Late morning the next day.

Tae Ho woke up with sunken eyes. He had stayed awake almost all night and so wanted to keep sleeping. However, that was impossible.

He had too many things to do today. He needed to start working before it became the afternoon.


Heda groaned out loud. It didn’t seem like she had awaken, but it seemed like she had reacted to the sound Tae Ho made while getting up.

Seeing this, Tae Ho laughed like a fool. If Cuchulainn was here he would have said something about Tae Ho’s smile, but fortunately he was with Scathach.

‘I’m pretty sure I gave Gae Bolg to her during the feast.’

His memories were fuzzy from drinking too much, but that should probably be the case.

‘Anyways, Olympus’ alcohol is amazing.’

Even though he was exhausted, the master of Asgard and Erin became completely drunk. He hadn’t particularly lowered his abilities, but he got drunk naturally.


Heda, who was asleep, reacted immediately when Tae Ho pressed her cheeks. Tae Ho endured the urge to press and pinch her soft cheeks, but shook his head and stood up. He couldn’t stay in bed any longer or he would give into his urges.

He needed to start the day.

Zeus had provided part of the Godly world of Olympus as a temporary lodging for the Gods of Asgard.

It was a special place that only the 12 Olympians and few selected beings could enter, so it was the first time Gods of a foreign world had entered.

After leaving a building that resembled a shrine, Tae Ho saw people who started the morning before him.

After the battle ended, the tasks everyone needed to do was basically the same.

Settling the battlefield. The most urgent thing to do was to pull back Asgard’s forces.

Mobilizing a massive army numbering in the hundreds of thousands wasn’t easy. It was because the food consumed each day was overwhelming.

The warriors of Valhalla had initially brought supplies, but this was quickly reaching a limit. Taking into account the amount of food remaining, the army should return immediately if it wanted to avoid starving.

“Can’t do anything about it as the situation in Olympus is a disaster.”

Originally, the army should have received food from Olympus but currently Olympus didn’t have the capability to do so. It was because many critical areas of Olympus were devastated from the internal war that lasted for two months.

A considerable amount of food was stored in Mount Olympus, but thinking about Olympus’ future problems Asgard couldn’t request for food. The amount wouldn’t be enough to provide food to those that lost their homes and livelihoods.

In the end, with Tae Ho’s approval, Odin decided to withdraw Asgard’s forces as fast as possible.

“Freya will have commanding rights and Ullr and Tyr will assist her.”

Odin had many things to discuss about such as the rewards for having aided them, the situation with Nyx and the other ancient Gods, etc. so he couldn’t return to Asgard.

Thor had to stay back to escort Odin. Odin quite believed in them and were even allies but he refused being left alone without any guards.

Ullr and Tyr agreed without speaking back at Odin’s proposal but it was different with Freya. She snorted and then spoke bluntly.

“I don’t want to. I’m staying back too. Who knows what you may do if you get left with Zeus alone? Don’t speak nonsense.”

Freya had a strong belief about the bad influence that new friends could infringe upon him. And in her eyes, Zeus was the most ideal figure of a bad friend.

“I have nothing to say now that you are putting up Zeus.”


When Odin spoke with a biter face, Freya smiled with an overconfident face. She was always right just like Heda was.

In the end, Ullr and Tyr became the ones that would lead the warriors of Valhalla on withdrawing. There was no reason to delay so they started to withdraw as soon as the afternoon came.

“You don’t have to return Heda?”

Tae Ho, that had gotten all the way down to the mount of Olympus to send away the warriors of Valhalla, looked sideways and asked. The eyes of Heda standing next to Tae Ho became sharper.

“Why? You want me to leave quickly?”

“No, there’s no way that’s true. It’s good if you stay with me but i’m just worried…..”

No matter what, Tae Ho was now the master of Asgard. It would be a lie to say that he wasn’t worried about the harvesting of the golden apples, that was the most important resource of Asgard.

‘I’m also worried. Don’t you have to return?’

Idun asked with an anxious voice. She had taken care of the golden apple everyday for almost a hundred years since she was born. They weren’t even out in the outskirts of Asgard for a moment and were in a different world so it could only make her worried.

‘Ugh, one or two days is fine.’

‘THat’s true but i’m still worried.’

‘It’s fine, it will be. You also want to say here Idun.’

‘That’s also true but….’

In the first place, it seemed like she wanted to stay in this place more than her desire to administer the golden apples that was the purpose she was born for.

But Heda still had her last card. She whispered to the undecided Idun quickly.

‘You also said that the God of meetings bothered you.’

‘Um….right. Right, a deity isn’t something that’s acquired easily.’

What had he been doing in Olympus that he got a deity named ‘God of meetings’? It was a deity that has never been heard in Asgard, Olympus or even in the Temple.


It was the voice of Tae Ho this time. Heda came to an end in her negotiation with Idun and then looked up at Tae Ho.

“End of my indecision. I decided to stay and Idun also said the same. So take that into acc….why is your face like that?”

“Well, you are just too cute.”

He was wondering what she was doing while opening her eyes widely but she was having a conference with Idun?

Tae Ho laughed and Heda opened her eyes sharply.

“So that was the case. You grew up to the point that Idun and I are cute. So that was the case.”

“Yes, that was the case.”

Tae Ho was now able to counterattack skillfully at the ‘so that was the case’ attack. When Heda opened her eyes roundly, Nidhogg that was checking the two of them pouted.

“Ugh….certainly Heda is too strong. Can’t beat her.”

Should she say that her aura was different? If she compared her to Olympus, Heda was like Heracles.

When Nidhogg mumbled with a depressed voice, Hydra tilted her head and asked.

“Nidhogg unnie. Is Heda a bad person? Why are you talking about beating her?”

“No, it’s not like that. So…uh….”

Nidhogg smacked her lips to try to explain with her short vocabulary. And fortunately, Adenmaha opened her mouth before Nidhogg and Hydra started to explain to everyone.

“I can’t leave you like this forever so I should interrupt.”

Adenmaha shrugged her shoulders and then breathed lightly and walked towards Tae Ho and Heda. Nidhogg saw that and pouted once again.

“Adenmaha has also become stronger. She has more leisure. Nidhogg is the weakest.”

“Stop saying weird things and follow me.”

Adenmaha snorted lightly and approached Tae Ho and Heda confidently.



When Tae Ho turned around, Adenmaha answered with a good smile for now and then exchanged a short glance with Heda. It looked like members of a secret association were exchanging a secret.

“Echidna says she has something to say. It seems like it’s quite important.”

“Echidna? I understand, I will go immediately. I still have some time until the conference.”

She hadn’t participated in the conference of yesterday and obviously in the battle because of the injuries she suffered against Poseidon. He didn’t know what Echidna could be looking him for but he got worried about her first.

But it was at that moment.


Heda asked briefly and Adenmaha answered immediately.

“She’s an ancient dragon of Olympus. Master’s….wait a moment, she’s the fifth dragon.”

As Adenmaha raised five of her fingers and said, Heda’s eyes sharpened once again.

“SHe’s a female right?”

“Of course she’s a female.”

“Let’s go.”


Heda and Adenmaha spoke stiffly and headed to the same directly. The one Echidna called was Tae Ho but it seemed like the two people weren’t even aware of him.

‘They have really good coordination. How good.’

Cuchulainn laughed and Tae Ho cried while smiling.


“I won’t be able to tell him to make children with me anymore. I was trying to seduce him properly as a commemoration for his promotion.”


Heda said briefly at Echidna’s mumble and Tae Ho got nervous.

“Echidna? Don’t joke.”

When he spoke earnestly in an unconscious way, Echidna opened her eyes widely and giggled.

“No, well. It’s nothing much. I thought we should settle the courses of our actions.”

Echidna spoke up to that point and then inhaled lightly and fixed her expression. She turned to look at Heda and Adenmaha once and said to Tae Ho.

“Master is going to leave Olympus and return to Asgard right? You remember what we spoke about the city of monsters and myself right?”

“I do remember. What do you want me to do? I will try to fulfill your wishes the most I can.”

Echidna had been worrying long ago about what would happen after everything ended, after they defeated Nyx. The 12 Olympians could cooperate with the monsters saying that they needed their assistance but they couldn’t know how they would change after they got a bit of leisure.

She had already been tricked by them many times in the past.

As Tae Ho agreed to it seriously, Echidna took a breath and then spoke with a calm breath.

“I want to follow master.”

Leaving Olympus and to Asgard.

“Will it really be fine?”

“I have been in Olympus for a long time. It won’t be a bad thing to set up a base in a new place. I’m also a dragon God of Erin and not only of Olympus thanks to master. If you return to Asgard you are also going to reconstruct Erin there right?”

Tae Ho nodded at Echidna’s question.

“It’s still at the designing phase but we do have a plan. Instead of gnawing at Olympus and Asgard spreading Erin in it, I’m planning to raise Erin in the destroyed Erin once again.”

It was something they couldn’t even dream of before but it was possible now that he was the master of two worlds.

Even if Odin and Zeus allowed it, in the end Asgard and Olympus wasn’t Erin. Rather than making Erin inside of those worlds, reconstructing Erin in the destroyed world brought no confusion and was better that way.

“That’s perfect. It doesn’t seem like bringing all my children with me will be of any problem. It should be at a stage where you need residents first.”

“That’s true but….is it fine getting apart from Typhon?”

Typhon, that was Echidna’s first husband and the man she still couldn’t forget about, was in a state that wasn’t dead or alive.

Echidna put on a painful expression at Tae Ho’s question but then put a smile again and said.

“Actually that bothers me the most but….I just have to return at times. I’m also an ancient dragon of Olympus.”

“Fine, let’s do it like that then. Do you have a migration plan or something?”

“Of course I do.”

Echidna started to speak about the general plan. It was an earnest emigration and wasn’t something that could be taken care of by counting with one’s fingers so it seemed like she had set up a considerable plan before calling Tae Ho.

Heda looked at them for a moment and then put a slightly satisfied face and nodded.

But it was at that time.

“Um Heda.”


When she turned back she saw Nidhogg standing there. She pulled on Heda’s sleeve and spoke with an excited tone.

“You know, you know. There’s something i’m curious about. I have been curious about it but I have been enduring it.”

“WHat are you curious about?”

Heda became soft naturally in front of Nidhogg’s attitude that was like a pure child. Nidhogg smiled brightly and then asked with shining eyes.

“How are children made?”


“How are children made?”

It seemed like she hadn’t heard it wrong. Heda blinked a few more times and then tilted her head and asked back instead of sending an SOS to Idun.

“Uh…first, why are you asking that to me?”


Nidhogg spoke about the process there was until now. When she asked everyone in this place they told her to ask Scathach and when she asked her she told her to ask Heda.

Heda’s eyes became sharp.

“So that was the case. You have been tossing around the bomb and it came to me. Even Scathach did that.”

The other people was another thing but for even Scathach to do it.

“Heda is scary……”

Nidhogg looked for Hydra and Adenmaha for her mental stability but the two of them had already noticed things and had distanced themselves. Adenmaha especially was trying really hard not to look at them.

And Heda said.


“Uh… huh?”

Heda smiled once again as Nidhogg blinked and shrugged her shoulders.She touched Nidhogg’s cheek and tossed the bomb again.

“Ask Tae Ho about that.”


The few days after that were really busy.

First, Zeus woke up Hades and he lead the souls of the dead ones roaming in the mortal world to the underworld. The Valkyries and Freya helped them and Odin and Tae Ho made Aphrodite fall in a deep slumber by force.

Thor and Athena went out to capture Dionysius together and they were able to succeed after a few days since they departed.

Zeus was planning to wake up Heracles and Artemis after that. He also didn’t forget to meet with Gaia and ask her about the last words Nyx left behind.

The end is nearing.

Not even Gaia could know the precise meaning it held. She had many sides in her that didn’t connect with the other ancient Gods as she was the first one to obtain a soul and body and come down to the mortal world.

And after a few days again. Tae Ho finished discussing with Odin, Zeus, etc. about how Olympus would repay them back because of their assistance this time and prepared to leave Olympus. It was now time to return to Asgard.

“Freya, Thor and I will stay a bit more.”

“I will be waiting for your return.”

Tae Ho shared short words with Odin and then turned to look at the 12 Olympians that had come down the mount of Olympus to send them away.

The members of Asgard including the children of Echidna amounted to hundreds of thousands but the side of the 12 Olympians that came to send them off wasn’t small either. It was because the several Gods of Olympus they hadn’t been able to see until now had also come to send them off.

“Master of Asgard and Erin. I express deep gratitude to you as the wife of the king of Gods Zeus and as the queen of Gods.”

Hera put a graceful smile and spoke while representing everyone that had come to send him off. Tae Ho hit his left chest lightly and expressed etiquette.

“For Asgard and the nine realms. I just did the obvious thing. We also did in the past and just like it is in the present, Asgard will still be at Olympus’ side in the future.”

Bragi’s rune also worked hard today. Hera smiled really elegantly and took a deep breath as if getting resoluted.

“Master of Asgard and Erin, I know that you have already spoken about the repay with Zeus. But I prepared something else besides that so will you receive it?”

“It would be an honor.”

Tae Ho answered immediately and gulped dry saliva. It was because he could sense what was the thing Hera prepared.

“It’s a meeting.”

The maybe was a certainly. Hera said and she placed her lips on Tae Ho’s and gave him the best blessing.

Tae Ho got surprised and opened his eyes widely as he had been thinking that he would get blessed in the forehead and then flinched at the chill that he felt at his back.

But that wasn’t the end.

“It’s a meeting.”

“A meeting.”

“It is a meeting.”

The Goddess of victory Nike, the Goddess of youth Hebe, and the Goddess of hell Persephone.

The Goddesses of Olympus formed a line and then stood up and said that it was a meeting. Their number would easily surpass a dozen.

‘So you are finally going down in it….the path of the evil God of meetings!’

The meeting still proceeded while Cuchulainn was speaking uselessly seriously and every time the blessing of the Goddesses got added the chill he felt at his back also got stronger.

And after some time passed. Athena and Demeter put a meaningful smile and raised their thumbs towards Tae Ho that was dripping cold sweat and was stricken afraid. It seemed like the festival of meetings was a work of the two of them.

“So that was the case. You became so many meetings that you became the evil God of meetings. That was the case.”

When all the meetings ended, Heda spoke in a cold way and Adenmaha looked at Tae Ho with cold eyes.

And Cuchulainn asked without being aware of his surroundings.

‘Hey, but what are the effects of the God of meetings? Receiving more meetings?’

Tae Ho ignored him like usual and felt the pressure behind his back and started to return to Asgard.

< Episode 64 – God of meetings (2) > End

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