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Chapter 227 - VS Episode 65 Chapter 1

VS Episode 65 Chapter 1

Episode 65/Chapter 1: The ten realms (1)

TL: Tsubak


For Asgard and the nine realms.

There were ten realms and each of them was connected to each other.

But they weren’t connected in a random way. There was a clear rule existing in the connection of a world. It was especially the case in the huge connecting path.

Olympus and the Temple were each connected with two worlds.

Erin was only connected with Asgard.

And Asgard had connections with four worlds called Olympus, the Temple, Erin and earth.

The existence of the connecting path.

That’s why Asgard wasn’t connected directly to the other worlds connected with Olympus and the Temple. It couldn’t be connected.


The returning trip to Asgard was quite fun.

And it was also comfortable thanks to Zeus and other Gods having accommodate them.

Because of that, Tae Ho could enjoy the trip in a really long time.

Actually, Tae Ho had travelled to all kinds of places in the world but all of that had been for business and not to play.

‘In addition, I had no time to play as I always won.’

Because he always went all the way to the end in every competition. Tae Ho didn’t have an option to get disqualified early and travel.

Tae Ho took a deep breath and checked his surroundings. The group was currently riding on the back of the biggest child of Echidna and travelling. It looked like a turtle but had a mystical ability that let him fly without wings so it was a really nice guy to ride on.

Heda, that had been sending him a gaze that was close to being absolute zero at the meeting festival, seemed like fortunately her anger went away. No, it may be that she pretended to have been angry alone.

‘In the first place, Heda is the one that created the meeting saga…….’

Thinking about it, that really was the case. In addition, Heda also knew that Tae Ho only wanted to gather the blessing of the Goddesses- and it wasn’t based on any evil desires.

‘Speaking like you please because of your open mouth. Even if you mouth is foul, speak properly. Properly.’

‘Kugh….Your skills to condemn someone right and proper is still great. I sent an applause to your consistency.’

‘Don’t act crazy. Only your speaking skills became better.’

Cuchulainn let out a groan and said. Tae Ho just got hit and wasn’t able to attack with words before but now he could defend and even counterattack well.

‘This is all thanks to me having trained you. I’m feeling strong emotions.’

Tae Ho ignored him like usual and then looked at Heda. SHe was telling something to Nidhogg while stroking her head so it really didn’t look like she was angry. She even smiled back gracefully when their eyes met.

‘Certainly. It was only for a short moment. Well, Heda and Idun-nim at night are…..’

‘Stop. I don’t want to listen anymore. No, thinking about it I do want to hear. Speak in more details. Or don’t entrust Gae Bolg to master.’

‘You really don’t want me to?’

‘How can that be? It seems like it’s now time for me and you to separate. This body of mine, Cuchulainn, wants to be with master forever.’

Originally, he should have said something absurd but it was different today. It meant that he got tha much leisure.

Tae Ho changed his lying posture and turned his head. He saw Adenmaha cooking something on a cooking table that was prepared in a corner and she also smiled back when she made eye contact with Tae Ho.

But that smile was a bit odd. No, it had something strange behind it.

Tae Ho felt something and then frowned and Adenmaha smiled back awkwardly and focused on cooking again.

‘It seems like she has something right?’

‘Did she put poison in the food?’

Tae Ho ignored his joke and opened his eyes sharply. And after a few days, when they arrived at Asgard.

He got to realize the meaning behind her smile.


“I endured it for long, I waited a lot. I wanted to know it now!”

“Uh, um….Nidhogg?”

Inside the shrine of Idun located at the center of the residence of Idun.

Tae Ho arrived at this place by being dragged by Heda’s suggestion and Nidhogg and got flustered while dripping cold sweat and Nidhogg closed her eyes tightly and gave out an eloquent speech filled with the sadness and sorrow of the past day.

“I waited because you told me to ask Scathach master. But Scathach master told me to ask Heda so I endured it again. But Heda told me to ask master. That he would answer me when we returned to Asgard. That I should be able to wait because I was a good kid. That’s why I could only wait.”

Wait, wait, wait.

Nidhogg had a strong patience thanks to the time she spent with Ratatoskr. But even so, enduring and waiting wasn’t an easy thing. She had just endured things.

“Uhhhh…. I was about to become a bad kid. I barely endured it. That’s why you have to tell me now!”

Nidhogg pulled on Tae Ho’s arm and pestered.

Cuchulainn clicked his tongue and said.

‘Those eyes belonged to someone that knew the bomb would explode.’

In the first place, Heda was the one that sent him to the shrine with Nidhogg so she was also at fault here.

He had completely no way out of it. Tae Ho gulped dry saliva in consecution and Nidhogg approached Tae Ho. She looked up at Tae Ho that was taller than her with her big and clear eyes and asked.

“Tae Ho master, how are children made?”

The maybe was a certainly. The question he had been avoiding the past days had returned to him like a boomerang.

“Uh…um….wait, wait.”

Tae Ho bought some time for now. He staggered back and asked for help quickly.

‘Wh, what do we do Cuchulainn?’

‘What do you mean? We can’t do anything about it. I should step up directly and teach her direct…..hey, you bastard! Don’t bend Gae Bolg! Don’t do it!’

Looking that Cuchulainn was the only one he could ask for help in this situation was a really tragic thing.

‘But hey, doesn’t Nidhogg already know and is just asking?’

‘Is Nidhogg you? Look at those pure eyes.’

‘Kugh, I feel like I got to understand wanting to dirty a white field of snow that no one ever stepped on….hey! Don’t bend it!’

Cuchulainn was certainly himself. He wasn’t of any help besides from battles.

Tae Ho stored Gae Bolg and let out a long sigh. The wall was already behind him as he had been walking backwards until now. Nidhogg was right in front of himself.



“Um, about how children are made.”

“How they are made?”

Nidhogg’s eyes shone and put her face closer. Tae Ho’s heart rate became faster.

“When, a man and a woman that love each other.”

“A man and a woman?”

Their face got so close their breath was felt to each other. Nidhogg’s eyes were filled with pure curiosity and Tae Ho felt like he was about to die. He ended up opening his mouth in that short moment of pondering.

“You have to sleep while holding hands.”

‘How cowardly, coward! You escape at this point!’

Cuchulainn’s criticising hurt but he couldn’t do anything about it. How crazy was it to tell her the truth directly at this point?

In the other hand, Nidhogg that didn’t know of Tae Ho’s and Cuchulainn’s situation blinked once more and repeated Tae Ho’s words as if reviewing it.

“Children are formed when a woman and man that love each other sleep while holding hands?”

“Ye, yes.”

Tae Ho answered but it was at that moment. Nidhogg put on a teary face and then started to cry. She was crying so sorrowfully that he felt scared to touch her.

“Wh, what’s wrong?”

Nidhogg hugged Nidhogg carefully and asked but she didn’t answer back immediately. She cried to the point Tae Ho’s chest became completely wet and then stuttered.

“I slept with Tae Ho master but a children wasn’t formed…..Nidhogg likes Tae Ho master but Tae Ho master doesn’t like Nidhogg….That was the case….Just like Ratatoskr said, no one likes Nidhogg…….”

‘Is the so that was the case attack of Nidhogg an essential thing in Idun’s legion?’

Cuchulainn’s nonsense words were of help. Tae Ho got to get a hold of himself thanks to his sudden nonsense words and then patted her back and said.

“No, it’s not that. Um….it’s not that a children is always formed. There’s something called probabilities but the probabilities to not have one is higher than getting one. Um….there are also other conditions too.”

“So that is the case?”

Joy spread in Nidhogg’s face. Tae Ho put a smile unconsciously because Nidhogg smiling after crying was too pretty.

“Yes yes, it’s like that.”

‘Coward bastard, are you still avoiding the truth?’

‘It is still true anyways.’

Tae Ho got satisfied.

This much should be enough. It should be the most correct answer in Nidhogg’s situation.

But that was just his imagination. There was still a bigger bomb left.

“A woman and man that love each other holding hands while sleeping. That’s how children are formed.”

Nidhogg spoke once again as if reviewing it and then raised her head. She raised her clear eyes while still being embraced by Tae Ho and said.

“Then, Tae Ho master. Can I sleep while holding hands with you from now on?”

What did he have to do now?

Tae Ho dripped cold sweat.



When Adenmaha yelled, the big rock serpent rose up and danced and then closed its head to Adenmaha. It looked like it wanted to be stroked.

“Right, it’s noona! Adenmaha noona!”

Adenmaha giggled and hugged McLaren’s head. Drakon Ismenios opened his eyes sharply and said as if making an evaluation.

“Hm, a rock serpent.”

He looked like he was looking at a livestock. Adenmaha got angry at his eyes and said sharply.

“McLaren is your senior. Act properly in front of him.”

“Hmph, he’s not even a dragon.”

Drakon Ismenios snorted and then checked his surroundings and changed the subject.

“Before that….this place called the residence is quite small. Even if we manage to live together, Echidna and her children will look like beasts trapped in a cage.”

The island was wide enough for McLaren to play around in it alone but it was really lacking for hundreds of monsters to live in it.

Just like Drakon Ismenios had said, the children of Echidna should just stay seated in this place like beasts inside a cage.

Adenmaha frowned slightly and then spoke while caressing McLaren’s cheek.

“There’s a high probability we will move in no time. In the first place, our master became the main God….so there’s the possibility there will be big changes in the legion itself.”

“Oh, will another legion with the name of master get created?”

“That’s possible or the legion of Idun will just get bigger.”

They hadn’t spoken properly but it didn’t seem like Tae Ho was planning on building a legion of his own.

It seemed like he wanted to belong in Idun’s legion just like the God of poetry and music Bragi wished in the past.

“Anyways, he’s planning to expand the residence soon. Aside from that, he’s planning to set up a branch in the destroyed Erin. But anyways, he’s going to open up a new land and Echidna and her children are going to live in that place.”

The residence of Idun’s legion couldn’t even be compared with Erin in width, only that it had nothing.

Even if they only opened up a part of the destroyed Erin, it was still enough for Echidna and her children to live on.

“Hm, so that’s the case. But why do you know things so well that not even I know of?”

“Hmph, that’s because master told me. He always tells me first.”

The effects of Adenmaha snorting as if making fun of him was incredible. Drakon Ismenios trembled and lamented.

“Kugh….I would have also known if I was a Goddess.”

And then he would have also been able to exchange blessings.

Adenmaha snorted once again at how Ismenios lamented himself. She also snorted this time and said.

“Hmph, it’s not only because i’m a Goddess. I’m the future sec, second wife that got recognized formally.”

Her words trembled at the end and her face turned red.

Drakon Ismenios opened his eyes sharply at that change and asked.

“Who recognized that?”

“Heda and Idun’nim.”

‘I will allow only you so you should monitor Tae Ho well, alright?’

Adenmaha remembered the words she heard from Heda and nodded.

Even if she looked like this she had been formally recognized.

“Hey, aren’t you the third wife then instead of the second one? And what is that future wife about? Don’t you have to get recognized by master for you to become one?”

“Anyways. No, leave it. What am I talking with you about?”

Adenmaha shook her head to release the blood that accumulated in her face and then stroke McLaren’s cheek again and said.

“Whatever the case, he’s McLaren. Get along well. McLaren says that he doesn’t like you but he will still get along well with you.”

“Tell him that I also don’t like him.”

Drakon Ismenios said with a casual voice.

And at the same time at the same place.

Echidna checked various places of the residence of Idun while being led by Scathach and spoke in a relaxed way.

“Asgard is a really good place.”

“Do you like it?”

“For now. I’m just wishing that I also like the Erin that will be reconstructed.”

“You would. It will become a place that’s more beautiful and comfortable than the Erin that was made in Olympus.”

Scathach thought of the Erin in Olympus she visited for a moment and said.

It was a place that had quite some distance from Erin as it was originally the city of monsters. The structure of the buildings and even the composition of the roads was too different with Erin.

But it still had the air of Erin. She felt like the emptiness deep in her heart got filled with just that.

Echidna turned to look at the expression of Scathach loosening up and grinned. She bit her cigarette and spoke with leisure.

“Peace is certainly good. It should remain like this for a while, right?”

“Probably. I hope so.”

Scathach said her simple wish.


‘So what is it in the end?’


‘I also endured it for a long time. Waited a lot. You told me that you were going to tell me when we returned to Asgard!”

Cuchulainn spoke with a really high pitched tone. Tae Ho gripped Gae Bolg tightly, that he was about to throw reflexively as he got goosebumps by him.

‘Don’t imitate Nidhogg. I have to record this and make Scathahc master listen to it.’

‘I also act cute normally with her so it doesn’t matter and master also acts cute with me. Our night is the real deal.’

‘Oh, please…..’

It was terrifying just to think about Cuchulainn acting cute with Scathach. Although he wanted to see the usually strict Scathach acting cute at least once.

‘Anyways, what is it? Just tell me clearly. Your name is the God of meetings so something must have changed.’

‘Don’t tell Heda yet.’

‘I won’t you bastard.’

Tae Ho checked his surroundings as Cuchulainn spoke as if it was something obvious. They had come to an empty island where no one lived on purpose so they couldn’t even hear the sound of a bug.



‘I will show it to you directly.’

Tae Ho activated his saga.

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