Valhalla Saga

Chapter 228 - Episode 65/Chapter 2: The ten realms (2)

Episode 65/Chapter 2: The ten realms (2)

TL: Tsubak


[Saga: The warrior that had a Goddess meet him]

The beginning was the same as before and the results weren’t that different either.

‘What is it? It’s the same.’

A memorable red haired Valkyrie appeared in front of Tae Ho. It was a fake Valkyrie that had the looks of Heda.

She was a fake that you couldn’t differentiate from the real one but he was also able to do this before.

Because of that, Cuchulainn urged Tae Ho asking if this was all. And it was at that moment.

“Hello once again?”

The fake Heda put a meaningful smile and placed her hand on Tae Ho’s shoulder. Her eyes were looking at Gae Bolg being held by Tae Ho.

‘What is it, did you call the real…..wait, don’t tell me?’

“I feel like I know what you are thinking about and you are right. That’s correct.”

The fake Heda smiled like the real one. Her voice and expression all belonged to Heda.

‘That’s why you told me not to tell her.’

The previous fake Heda was strikingly similar to Heda be it in appearance and voice but she wasn’t able to speak. She was clever enough that she was able to battle autonomously but that was because she didn’t possess an ego.

It seemed like that was the limit for the saga that the fake Heda didn’t change even if the completion rate increased.

But that had changed now.

“She knows well that she is a clone but she can still act and think in the same way as the real one.”

“I also love Tae Ho the same.”

The fake Heda spoke right after Tae Ho finished speaking. Her eyes looking at Tae Ho was filled with affection towards her.

‘But still, she’s a clone made with my saga so she obeys my orders regardless of her emotions.’

Tae Ho spoke inwardly as if he was afraid the fake Heda would hear him and Cuchulainn nodded.

It was because Tae Ho didn’t only have Goddesses that treated him with good will at his disposal.

In addition, Tae Ho used the fake Valkyries that got called by his saga in a rough way such as blocking the movement of the opponent or using them as shields. If they followed the real personality but didn’t obey orders, the efficiency of the saga would rather get worse.

‘Anyways, if they have intelligence comparable to the real one….the battle prowess when left with autonomous fight would increase to a different dimension.’

‘Yes, and the synergy or teamwork would also become better based on the relationship of the summoned Goddess.’

Tae Ho spoke up to that point and summoned the fake Idun additionally. She looked just like Heda but when she appeared while wearing a mask, the fake Heda put a soft smile and then turned around the fake Idun.

“Heda always wanted to embrace Idun like this.”

The fake Heda embraced Idun with all her affection. The fake Idun also smiled brightly and hugged her back.

“Idun too.”

In the first place, Idun was an existence born for Heda. In addition the two of them had always been together the hundred years they have been alive.

Heda always felt grateful and affection from Idun and Idun treasured and loved Heda more than herself.

But the two of them shared the same body so they couldn’t grab the hand of the other. It was also impossible to share a warm hug.

There was no fakeness in the two of them hugging each other and being happy. It felt like the real Idun and Heda were in this place.

‘They act like that but they still know that they are clones right?’

‘Yes, that side of them also showed just now.’

The words they said to each other before hugging the other was proof of that.

Heda always wanted to do this. Idun too.

Those were words they could say because they knew they were fakes.

‘The most eye catching change is that but there are many additional changes besides that.’

‘What else changed? Don’t stop and tell me.’

‘The blessing was added.’


‘Um, that is the mechanism of the ‘warrior that had a Goddess meet him’ in the first place. A Goddess comes to me to meet me and after that she blesses me.’


‘That’s why I get the blessing of the Goddess I summon. You could say that it’s an immediate buff.’

‘Uh….so you can get stronger just by calling a fake?’

‘Yes, but of course the strength and usefulness varies depending on who I call. The completion rate is also important.’

Now that Tae Ho called the fake Heda and Idun, the blessing of youth and life was added in him.

As the two of them had really high completion rates, energy overflowed in his body just like when he got a blessing from a real Goddess.

‘They aren’t that strong individually but….if there are many of them you won’t be able to ignore the effects.’

‘Yes, but you can say that there’s a….side effect. There are cases where the blessings of the Goddesses clash against each other depending on their attribute. Actually, just calling them out in numbers should be the most effective thing and equipping myself with the correct attribute like the set equipment should be even better.’

‘That alone should be enough. In the first place you always summon fake Goddesses in each battle.’

‘Of course. Um…now that we are speaking about it I will show you directly.’

Tae Ho finished speaking and summoned the fake Nyx. When the Goddess that had long black hair like a curtain of night appeared, the fake Heda and Idun put nervous expressions and the fake Nyx put a bitter smile.

At the same time, a bit of clash occurred between the blessing of life and the blessing of death.

‘The completion rate of Nyx should be low but the power of her blessing is unexpectedly strong. Is it because her real body is already strong?’

‘Probably. And how should I say this? I feel like the basic completion rate itself increases when I first register a Goddess perhaps because I became the God of meetings. Should I say that the completion rate is similar to when I received about five or six meetings in the past?’

‘So you are saying that she is Nyx but she still listens to you well.’

‘Yes, and actually…’


‘I think that Nyx didn’t hate me that much. No, she rather liked me.’

Actually, the fake Nyx that was based on the real one was looking at Tae Ho with good will.

‘Well, she wouldn’t have given you a meeting if she hated you.’

Thinking about it, there was nothing that happened for the two of them to have a bad relation.

“Well, in the first place I didn’t even think that you were my enemy until you defeated Heracles. I rather felt like it was marvelous and enjoyed it.”

The fake Nyx shrugged her shoulders and spoke as if she had heard the conversation between Tae Ho and Cuchulainn.

‘It’s really surprising. I can understand it once again why you told me not to tell Heda.

Tae Ho smiled bitterly at Cuchulainn’s words and then sent back the fake Heda, Idun and Nyx and continued explaining.

‘And you must have already sensed it but the basic performance of the saga also got stronger. The distance I can call them became longer and the restriction in numbers also got removed.’

‘You could call 18 of them in the past right? How many can you call now?’

‘99 from each world.’

‘Huh? Wait, each world?’

‘From each world.’

Actually, it was the change Tae Ho could predict the most. In the first place there was a separate list for the Goddesses of Asgard and Olympus.

But it was different for Cuchulainn. There was one more reason he could only get surprised.

‘Wait, hey, the moment you awoke as the God of meetings was when Heda came for you… did all the Goddesses at the meeting festival-’

‘All of them got registered.’

There were easily sixty Goddesses in Olympus.

Cuchulainn let out a dumbfounded voice unconsciously and then let out an empty laughter.

‘This crazy. Just make a legion of Goddesses.’

Most of the Goddesses that he registered at the meeting festival weren’t related to battles but they were still Goddesses. Just by gathering the little divine power they could offer it would still be an overwhelming power.

And Tae Ho had certainly said 99 from each world.

Then, logically speaking the number of Goddesses he could register was 990. It was a number that you could really call them as being a legion of Goddesses.

‘It’s still a secret to Heda, understand?’

‘R, right.’

Cuchulainn answered while stuttering and put a forced smile.

‘I’m jealous anyways.’

Could he have imagined that a saga like this would get made when Heda first came to meet him?


‘There’s an also? What else is there on top of this? You are really a bare faced robber.’

The changes were incredible just with the things that were mentioned. But there was something else on top of this.

But it was an obvious thing for Tae Ho.

All the changes he spoke until now were limited to the ‘warrior that had a Goddess meet him’.

‘Separate from my saga having become stronger thanks to having become the God of meetings, I also got new abilities as I became the God of meetings.’

‘Those are right words but I still want to deny them. You bare faced robber. How much do you have to spoil to get satisfied?’

“Ey, you like it.’

‘I’m like this because i’m dying of envy you bastard. So what is it? Did you get the ability to make them come and meet you by force?’

‘Uh….I have never thought about that but I think it’s worth giving it a try. I’m the God of meetings anyways. If i’m able to do it, it would have many uses in battle.’

‘Oh God. Why did you give an ability like this to a bastard like that?’

‘Cuchulainn, did you just pray to me?’

‘Not you but the sky! Damn, I can’t even pray now.’

Because Tae Ho was the master of Asgard and at the same time the master of Erin.

Tae Ho laughed like Cuchulainn and said.

‘Anyways, there are a bit of abilities I got after having become the God of meetings but I still need to test them so I will tell you later.’

‘What are they? Just tell me.’

‘It’s something vague like the satisfaction rate of the meeting increasing.’

‘That really is vague. But I feel like it’s also obvious because you are the God of meetings.’

In the first place, being the first deity that got created in Asgard and all the nine realms proved how minor this deity was.

It would be weirder if he had a great power.

‘It’s incredible anyways.’


‘Right, that’s why I will make your judgement. Sinner Lee Tae Ho, name of the crime Lee Tae Ho! Your judgement is execution!’

‘Being a sinner is one thing but what is with the name of the crime?’

‘Ah, I don’t know. I’m jealous. I feel like dying because of how jealous I am. I should prepare a body quickly. Master, I want to see you.’

As Cuchulainn started to speak nonsense again Tae Ho also started to ignore him.

And time flowed again.


Two days after explaining Cuchulainn about the God of meetings.

Tae Ho rode on the boat that could fly in the sky in a long while and headed to the northern region of Asgard. He wasn’t the only one riding in it and there were quite a lot of members riding including Heda.

Adenmaha, Nidhogg, Merlin and Scathach, Bracky and Siri and lastly Echidna.

All of them had a common point excluding Heda.

It was that they were related to the Erin of the past or the new Erin.

Adenmaha, Merlin and Scathach belonged to the Erin of the past.

Bracky and Siri were the new Gods of the new Erin and Nidhogg and Echidna also became new Gods of Erin thanks to Tae Ho.

There was only one reason they were headed to the northern region of Asgard, to the past front lines with this composition.

The ceremony for the rebirth of Erin.

The process to set up part of the destroyed Erin as the new Erin.

Heda grabbed the hands of Tae Ho that was standing at the front and looking at a far place. She then smiled at Tae Ho when he turned to look at him and asked.

“Are you nervous?”

“A bit.”

It was different from when he changed the city of monsters into Erin. The place they were going now was the destroyed Erin of the past.

Tae Ho wasn’t born in Erin but the feelings he had towards it was quite particular.

It was because he had received a lot of things from the beings of Asgard starting from Adenmaha, and then Cuchulainn, Scathach and the knights of the round table.

“You are the one doing it so it will turn well like always.”

“I would be glad if that is the case.”

Tae Ho smiled brightly. It was thanks to the trust Heda had towards him and that was felt in her words.

“Now that I see…..”

“Now that I see?”

“Uh, do you know what I told you before? When I first received lessons from you.”

Heda tilted her head and fell in her thoughts at Tae Ho’s words. And then opened her eyes widely and said.

“I remember now. You asked if you were able to return, right?”

If he would be able to return to Earth when the battle ended one day. Even if it was not returning completely, if he could at least visit it once.

Heda said that it was possible back then. She had said that he should be able to show his face like the Valkyrie that went to bring him here In the first place.

“Do you want to return?”

Tae Ho shrugged his shoulders as Heda asked with a nervous face.

“It would be a lie if I said that I didn’t. But it’s different now from back then. Now….Asgard is my home.”

He wasn’t just saying that. Tae Ho was really feeling that way.

Tae Ho spoke while smiling and grabbed Heda’s hands tightly and Heda dropped her shoulders as she got relieved at his warmth and strength. She leaned her head on his shoulder and said.

“Let’s discuss it together with Odin-nim when he returns.”

There were still giants remaining in Jotunheim but it would be fine to have a trip.

“I’m waiting for it.”

Tae Ho nodded lightly and looked at a distant place.

The sky and land of Erin that got dyed in ash was getting closer.


“I’m getting an uneasy feeling.”

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