Valhalla Saga

Chapter 229 - Episode 65/Chapter 3: The ten realms (3)

Episode 65/Chapter 3: The ten realms (3)

TL: Tsubak

ED: StellarRain

The remnants of Erin were scattered everywhere.

From this destruction, there were some pieces located inside Asgard. Tae Ho chose the largest and closest to Asgard fragment as the first territory to occupy ando purify.

Echidna, who was flying towards the floating islands similar to ones in a certain story, looked toward the ground and said.

“So this is the front lines of Asgard? It’s quite quiet now.”

They saw the fortress that served as the wall of Asgard for close to a hundred years was below them. When Tae Ho peeked out his head he could see the warriors of Valhalla waving their hands towards them.

“Because the giants fled to Jotunheim it seems like only 10 percent of the warriors stayed behind.”

Tae Ho nodded at Heda’s explanation. It was because the number of soldiers that he could see had really decreased.

“Are they going to mobilize the forces to the boundary of Jotunheim?”

“Most of them will. Ragnar also moved as he needs to defend that place.”

“Master Ragnar seems quite busy.”

“Ragnar’s commanding abilities are quite excellent. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that his skills in commanding forces and creating strategies are the best among all the warriors of Valhalla.”

One reason for this was that Ragnar’s saga was ‘King of Vikings’.

Just like Ragnar himself once said, he was a bit more proficient in commanding rather than as a warrior, so as the commander he was being called everywhere to mobilize the forces.

‘Then Sigurd is also next to him?’

As Tae Ho transmitted Cuchulainn’s question to Heda, and she nodded once again.

“Yes, several battle Gods including Thor-nim followed Ragnar.”

The existence of Sigurd, the strongest warrior among the top ranked warriors, was like having a tactical weapon. Being able to safeguard the front lines would change depending on his presence.

‘You both are certainly doing your best fighting , but somehow neither of you have met.’

‘Well, we will fight on the same front line one day. Although it’s not a good thing for a battle to occur.’

Tae Ho answered Cuchulainn and then turned to look at Heda. It was because he recalled someone after he speaking.

“Now that I think, what about Hraesvelgr? I don’t think I have seen him since returning.”

“Oh, Hraesvelgr returned to the highest branch.”

“Um, indeed. It’s obvious as he is also a king.”

In the first place, that old man had left the branch for only a moment to help with the war in Asgard. It was obvious for him to return after the matter with Olympus concluded.

“You should still go to visit him later. He seemed quite disappointed that he had to leave without seeing Nidhogg.”

Heda spoke playfully and Tae Ho laughed at her words and turned to Nidhogg. He found it fun watching Hraesvelgr rebuke Nidhogg like how a grandfather would scold his niece.

“I think that we are almost there!”

Nidhogg pointed in front of her and yelled. Regret, expectation and several expressions crossed Adenmaha’s face like a whirlwind.

The remnants of Erin were dyed by an ash gray color.

Echidna looked at the land that seemed like not even a bug could live in and said.

“It would need a massive reconstruction.”

It seemed just so. The ship landed on the destroyed fragment of Erin.


The things they had to dos quite simple actually.

They needed to engrave dozens of runes prepared for this day in the sky and ground, and then use the foundation stone they brought from the resurrected Erin and proceed with the purification.

The process was similar to transplanting a sapling to another place.

They slowly engraved the 62 runes into the sky and ground. Tae Ho looked down at the foundation stone placed at the core and dropped his shoulders a bit.

It was similar to Hermes resting his hands after drawing a magic circle. They needed time until the rune magic became completely engraved but during the wait he could just sit still.

Tae Ho checked his surroundings. The new Gods of Erin were in their positions inside the huge magic circle connected by runes, but as they were part of the ceremony they couldn’t move.

‘They all seem absent minded.’

Because they were just standing still and had nothing to do.

But the same was for Tae Ho. Because of that, he spoke to the only one that could move in this situation, someone who chose to be at his side because of that.

“Heda, i’m curious about something.”

“About what? When we will have our wedding?”

Tae Ho blinked as Heda spoke naturally then smiled brightly. Tae Ho looked shocked as if he never thought about marriage.

“Wh, what’s wrong with your expression? Our marriage has already been decided. We also spoke about it a little before you left to Olympus.”

Heda spoke with an embarrassed voice and red face, but seemed a little disappointed. It seemed like she became sad as Tae Ho reacted in shock.

“Um, yes we did. Yes, of course.”

When Tae Ho managed to regain his calm and began to speak as if it concerned someone else, Heda glared at him. She then pouted her lips and grumbled.

“You are too much. To have completely forgotten about it. Do you know how much Idun was waiting for it?”

“Not Heda?”

Heda flushed as Tae Ho pinched the right spot but it only lasted for a moment.

“Anyways. I’m disappointed. It means that you haven’t been thinking about it properly.”

“No, that’s not it….anyways, you are right. We have to set up a date for our wedding.”

They had driven the giants back to Jotunheim and the battle in Olympus had also concluded. There would be a temporary peace so it was the best time to have a wedding.

“We should also set up a date for the coronation. Although that’s something you can only do after Odin-nim and Freya unnie returns.”

Tae Ho received the seat of the master but hadn’t had a proper ceremony yet. Because of that, the citizens of Midgard neither knew that Tae Ho was a God nor that he had become the master of Asgard.

And one more thing.

It had only been two months since Tae Ho became a God. So obviously, his ability to handle his work was really low so for the moment he would need help from Odin and Freya.

“A coronation and a wedding…..I can’t believe it’s real. Those are things I never imagined.”

“But it’s all true.”


Tae Ho grabbed Heda’s hands and she smiled sweetly. Cuchulainn butted in as it seemed like the two of them would share a best blessing if they were left alone.

‘Hey hey, you can postpone falling in your own world for when the two of you are alone and weren’t you going to ask something different?’

His words hit the right spot, as expected of a master of Scathach’s techniques. Tae Ho quickly regained control of himself, properly grabbed Heda’s hands and asked.

“Anyways, Heda. I want to ask you something.”

“What is it?”

Heda sulked. It seemed that it was because the atmosphere was broken.

But that was just for a moment. Heda swiped her hair backwards and focused on Tae Ho as he asked curiously.

“Um…it’s from when we had the first lesson. You talked about other worlds right? About how the ten worlds were placed and things like that.”

“Yes, I certainly did.”

“Thinking about it, I never heard about each world in detail. And I don’t even know the name of half of them.”

The other worlds Tae Ho knew about were five.

First was Tae Ho’s home, Earth.

Then there was Asgard, Erin, Olympus and the Temple.

He really knew exactly half of them.

Heda grew a troubled expression at Tae Ho’s question, bit her lips slightly and answered.

“Um…honestly speaking not even I know about all of them. The connection of each world is like a stepping stone. So it’s something like this?”

When Heda rolled her fingers, the layout of the worlds he had already seen several times appeared in the air.

“Looking at this, you can tell that Erin is only connected with Asgard. And so, the other worlds connected to the Temple and Olympus don’t have a direct connection to Asgard.”

The connection between the worlds was a circuit, much like Heda described, so not all worlds were connected together.

“That’s why I know a little bit about the worlds connected with the Temple and Olympus, but for the worlds below that….I know almost nothing about those worlds.”

“Unexpectedly they don’t have any particular interaction.”

“Yes, because there’s no reason for any interaction. I heard that the connecting paths of Temple and Olympus are mostly sealed.”

Actually, even if the three worlds at the front lines didn’t have any interaction before, with the destruction of erin as the trigger, the three formed an alliance.

Asgard had a connecting path with Earth, a world at its rear, but had no interactions with it. It was the same with the Temple and Olympus.

“Mm, at least tell me about the things you know.”

“Should I?”

Heda shrugged her shoulders after speaking in her teacher mode for a long time.

At the same time in a different place.

Son Wukong, the strongest divine protector of the Temple, was picking his ear with his staff, the legendary Jingu Bang, while lying down.

“I’m getting an uneasy feeling.”


When Ju Pal Gye, who was eating some meat while lying down, answered casually Son Wukong clicked his tongue.

“You should listen the words of your hyung-nim seriously you bastard.”

“Please, I can’t get accustomed to your expression and the way you speak. How would you feel if an old man says that he gets an uneasy feeling while picking his ear?”

“Kugh, I’m the one getting a headache when trying to speak with you. Anyways, I’m getting a bad feeling.”

Son Wukong jumped up, floated in the air and crossed his legs. While lying down Juh Pal Hye touched his stomach and asked.

“What is so wrong that you are acting this way?”

“It’s hard to explain. Something bad but it feels uncomfortable to just let it pass.”

Son Wukong spoke while frowning and then spun in the air while grabbing his tail. He then looked at Juh Pal Gye.

“Juh Pal Gye, you said that the matter between Asgard and Olympus settled well, right?”

“Kaldea said so.”

“What, you are still meeting that Valkyrie lady?”

When Son Wukong opened his eyes in shock, Juh Pal Gye laughed with a wicked face.

“Uhuhu, we are a good match for each other.”

Just looking at his face and voice, Juh Pal Gye seemed completely like a villain from a fairy tales. Even his head was a pig.

“The tastes of that lady is also weird. Ah….is she just forcefully meeting you because of business? It seems like that lady sacrificed love for her ambition.”

“Hey hyung-nim, why are you saying something so disappointing? Kaldea likes me a lot.”

“Right, I will believe you for now. Anyways, if it’s not that side is it over here? I felt like the guys of Kum Oh Do were calm nowadays.”

Son Wukong changed the subject hurriedly as it was becoming a joke.

Juh Pal Gye stood up from his place as Son Wukong was being more obstinate than usual, scratched his chin and said.

“I didn’t hear anything in particular. Isn’t it more reasonable that you guessed wrong?”

“I would like it if that was the case.”

And it was then.

Son Wukong opened his eyes widely and all the fur in his body stood up.

“Wh, what’s wrong?!”

Son Wukong gritted his teeth as Juh Pal Gye asked hurriedly.

“One of my clones wast killed.”

The meaning behind those words were clear. Son Wukong mobilized clones for minor tasks so the number of clones he had numbered more than a dozen, but there were still special ones among them.

Each one of these clones protected places connected to the fate of the Temple.

One of them was defeated, and the problem was defeated without being able to fight back.

“Pal Gye, gather the Conference of the thousand right now. We also need to dispatch a messenger to Asgard. I will be heading to the south now.”

The south.

There was only one thing in the south that could cause this problem, but regardless Juh Pal Gye opened his mouth and asked. He hoped his thoughts were wrong.

“What’s wrong?”

Son Wukong stood up at Juh Pal Gye’s question. He grabbed his staff and answered.

“The connecting path was opened.”


“They say that Dilmun has proceeded to attack the Temple. The one leading the fronlinet is Gilgamesh, the hero king of Dilmun.”

Ragnar became dumbfounded at the report of the Valkyrie who had certainly come running here.

It was because of the name he had never expected.


Someone who came from the rear world that connected with the Temple.

The world ruled by Anu and the ‘seven Gods who decree’.

That place attacked the Temple. In addition, the one leading the charge was a high named king of Uruk, Gilgamesh.

It was a situation he couldn’t understand. Considering that a Valkyrie had come running to this place hurriedly meant that the Temple had sent a formal envoy. Right now he had to leave his speculations and look solely at reality.

The attack of Dilmun started.

If you thought about the distance between the Temple and Asgard, a proper battle should already be taking place right now.

“You have done well. Rest. I will meet the messenger of the Temple directly. Where is the messenger now?”

“To Valhalla.”

From position of the Temple, it was an obvious to speak to the master of Asgard who should be in Valhalla instead of Ragnar who was protecting the front lines.

It wasn’t the time for him to be staying like this. He had to hurry back to Valhalla and fully understand the situation.

But it was at this moment.

Another Valkyrie came running quickly as if a monster was chasing her. She was one of the Valkyries that stayed at the front lines and served the role of a messenger.

“What happened?”

The Valkyrie breathed roughly at Ragnar’s question but then hit her chest and expressed etiquette. She kneeled down and said.

“It’s an emergency notice from Olympus. They say that the connecting path was opened.”

There was no way she were speaking about the connecting path with Asgard. The Valkyrie continued speaking.

“They say that the attack of Memphis has started and that Sent is leading the frontlines.”

Memphis. The world connected to the rear of Olympus.

The world of Gods lead by Amon-Ra.

Two worlds were attacked at the same time.

There was no way it was a coincidence. It was clear someone planned the current situation.

“The kingdom of fire.”

Ragnar said a name unconsciously and raised his head. He looked inf the direction of Valhalla.

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