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Chapter 231 - Episode 66/Chapter 1: The Kingdom of Fire (1)

Episode 66/Chapter 1: The Kingdom of Fire (1)

TL: Tsubak


The end was nearing.

The Goddess of night Nyx said. That her words weren’t wrong.

The Kingdom of fire.

The alliance between Avesta, the world where the beings that wanted to destroy the world won completely, and Muspelheim, the land where the last flames would arise.

But there were nine worlds between Muspelheim and Avesta so naturally, it was hard for the two of them to have a proper communication.

Muspelheim and Avesta, that were each at the extreme north and south, induced bringing the end with their own methods.

Muspelheim made the giants of Jotunheim and the fomoires form an alliance and succeeded in destroying Erin.

Avesta was a world where the beings that wanted to destroy the world predominated in it and they assisted Xindu and Maya earnestly, the two worlds adjacent to it, and persevered through victory.

There was a big war in Xindu and Maya that was as big as the Great war that took place in Asgard. And the ones that won at that war were the beings that wanted to destroy the world.

Xindu and Maya preserved their strength for a bit and then formed an alliance with the beings that wanted to destroy the world from Dilmun and Memphis and attacked the beings that wanted to maintain the world.

When the worlds that were at the front lines- Asgard, the Temple and Olympus, thought that they had been protecting the front properly due to the repeated war between the beings that wanted to destroy the world, several decisive battles had been taking place in the rear worlds they thought they had been protecting.

It wasn’t known in Asgard but the relationship between Memphis and Olympus was extremely bad and the connecting path was actually in a sealed state.

In addition, Memphis collapsed much faster than expected so they couldn’t transmit the danger to Olympus.

The emergency of Dilmun didn’t reach the Temple as Xindu focused their power on blocking the connecting path.

Memphis and Dilmun collapsed while Olympus and the Temple didn’t know of it and even if you excluded Avesta, a total of four worlds had fallen by the hands of the beings that wanted to destroy the world.

And meanwhile, the second Great war took place in Asgard. After that, internal wars occurred in Olympus due to Nyx and they even dragged Asgard into it.

When the battle in Olympus ended.

When Muspelheim and Avesta overturned Dilmun and Memphis, they finally decided to make the final war.

Dilmun, Xindu, Maya and Memphis were all severely impoverished due to the war they had been through but in the first place, the final wish of the beings that wanted to destroy the world was the end of everything. It wasn’t to take over another world.

Now that the end was nearing, they didn’t care about the results that burnt and disappeared along the ones that wanted to maintain the world. They would rather welcome a situation that the two sides perished in a war of attrition.

They would take over the Temple and Olympus. THey would destroy Asgard.

And then destroy the world where the beings that wanted to maintain the world won completely, and the world that was at the center of all ten realms. And so bring a complete destruction, an end to the worlds.


The other name of Earth.

The world that was at the center.

That was the plan Angra Manyu had, that had become the World God of Avesta after having put his hands on the power of Hormazd. The king of Muspelheim, Surtr, approved that plan.

The last war that put the fate of the ten worlds at stake.

It was the start of Ragnarok.


Tae Ho opened his eyes slowly. The time that had stopped started to flow again and extreme exhaustion came flowing to him.

But he couldn’t pass out here as this was the last stage.

Tae Ho took a deep breath and then checked the beings that were situated at the edges of the magic circle. The ones that had participated in the ceremony for a week with Tae Ho also had exhausted faces like him.

But they were also smiling at the same time. Most of them had a deep attachment for the destroyed Erin.


Adenmaha faced Tae Ho and smiled brightly. She looked more beautiful than usual as she was filled with the light of happiness.

Tae Ho smiled back to her and then looked at Scathach and Merlin. He then faced Heda lastly.

The end of the ceremony.

Tae Ho clenched his fists and recited a chant. At that moment, the last rune magic got added to the magic circle and a strong golden light covered the world.

“The magic circle is rising!”

Nidhogg got surprised and yelled and her words were true.

The magic circle emitted a golden light and it flew up to the sky.

And then a change started to take place. Life got created in the land that was completely ash gray. A green sprout grew up and then a plain was formed in an instant.

The sky also changed. The ash gray color disappeared and the blue sky returned. The black clouds scattered and sunshine fell down.

The region of the new Erin got wider. Finally, the huge fragment that Tae Ho and the group were on regained the light of life.

It was merely one but it was certainly Erin. It was the real Erin that was plentiful with the energy of Erin and had a stronger power than the Erin made in the city of monsters.

Merlin couldn’t endure his tears full of emotions and cried like a kid. Scathach placed Gae Bolg in her chest and shed some tears and Adenmaha cried while smiling.

Heda pushed Tae Ho’s back slightly. Tae Ho approached Adenmaha and she got embraced by Tae Ho and bursted in tears. They were tears of happiness.

The rebirth of Erin. The new start of Erin.

It wasn’t only because he was the master of Erin. Tae Ho could feel his chest getting hot. It felt similar from when he awakened a new deity.

“Master, master. Thank you. I’m really grateful. I really like it.”

Adenmaha sobbed and barely managed to finish speaking. Tae Ho embraced her tightly once again and then turned to look at another place.

It was because he could feel a gaze looking from afar now that the ceremony had ended.

Ragnar Lodbrok.

He was standing at the edge of the new Erin along with Reginleif.

Ragnar made eye contact with Tae Ho and then took deep breath and closed the distance with him in an instant.

The group that were welcoming the visit of Ragnar and Reginleif at first opened their eyes sharply and their faces stiffened.

It was because there was a worry in Ragnar’s face that he couldn’t hide.

“Congratulations on the rebirth of Erin.”

“Thank you. And I already told you before but you can speak comfortably to me.”

Ragnar nodded when Tae Ho mentioned that once again for him. He gave a handkerchief to Adenmaha as she had only noticed him now after sobbing for quite some time and then called the group in one place.

“The Temple and Olympus got invaded. This is what we have grasped the ninth day since the invasion started.”

When Ragnar glanced at Reginleif, she spread a map made of light in the air.

Maya and Memphis attacked Olympus and Dilmun and Xindu attacked the Temple.

The two sides were an alliance between the beings that wanted to destroy the world and not the entire world and they were quite consumed because they had been through several big battles already.

Maybe it was because of that, that the Temple and Olympu were enduring quite well unexpectedly after the first defensive lines fell.

“Muspelheim still hasn’t moved? And the giants of Jotunheim?”

It was a sudden situation but it has already occurred. And when Nyx said that the end was nearing, Tae Ho had been prepared that a situation similar to the current one would come.

Ragnar frowned at Tae Ho’s question.

“It’s still quiet.”

Sigurd was currently protecting the new front lines. The frost giant king Harmarti was certainly a strong existence but everyone that could support him from his back were dead so he couldn’t easily arise his forces.

“What is the situation in Olympus?”

“They are enduring well unexpectedly. They also have some advantageous sides than the Temple.”

Adenmaha tilted her head at those words but Tae Ho understood it immediately.

“You are talking about the beings that want to destroy the world from their respective worlds.”

“Right, the Titans and the Gigantes aren’t able to do anything. So that means they just have to block the enemy from one direction. In addition, Odin-nim and Thor-nim are also there. They say that Heracles and Apollo have also regrouped with them recently.”

They had lost Poseidon and Ares but they still had Zeus and Hades. Hades, especially, was preserving almost all of his strength.

“What about Freya-nim?”

“She has returned. Odin has sent her back in a hurry to solidify the defenses. She is currently at Valhalla.”

That was a correct decision. It’s not that a war erupted in Asgard but administering the rear guard and the supplies was also as important as fighting at the front lines. The current Valhalla needed the hands of Freya, that had supported the internal affairs of Asgard and Valhalla for a long time.

“How is the Temple.”

“That side is in a rather troublesome situation. The beings that wanted to destroy the world of the Temple, Kum Oh Do, are still alive.”

“It seems like they got greatly inspired by the beings that want to destroy the world from Dilmun and Xindu that they also arose their forces greatly.”

Heda bit her lips slightly at the words Reginleif added. She turned to look at Ragnar and asked.

“Ragnar, how did Asgard react then?”

“Ullr-nim has lead the reinforcements and departed to Olympus two days ago. Tyr-nim also departed to the Temple with reinforcements long before Ullr-nim but the scale of that force is small so they are requesting for additional reinforcements. Also…”

Ragnar stopped speaking for a moment and then looked at Tae Ho fixedly.

“The Temple wants the dispatchment of Thor-nim. It seems like the commander of Dilmun and Xindu, Gilgamesh and Karna, have defeated several strong beings while the strongest being of the Temple Son Wukong was stopping the strong warriors of Kum Oh Do.

What the Temple wanted wasn’t simply a lot of forces but a strong being that could defeat another strong being.

“It seems like the transmission of information didn’t turn out well.”

Adenmaha frowned and said. That was because Thor was currently at Olympus right now.

“Master, do they not know about Tae Ho?”

Siri also added some words. It was because the strongest warrior of Asgard currently wasn’t Sigurd or Thor but Tae Ho.

But Ragnar spoke as if it was something unavoidable.

“It’s normal for a world to not know of the affairs of another world. For them, Tae Ho should only be a superior ranked warrior that has raised great merits at the Great War. He has climbed to the seat of the master but he hasn’t announced it formally either.”

Those weren’t wrong words either. Before Kaldea arrived at the Temple when the second Great War was taking place, they didn’t even know of the danger Asgard was facing.

“When will we be able to go out to the Temple?”

“If you want you can go there immediately but I recommend you going there after two days. You have just finished with the ceremony that took a complete week so you have to have plenty of rest.”

Ragnar looked not only at Tae Ho but everyone in place. All of them had faces that they would collapse at any moment.

“Let’s do that but only…I don’t think I will be able to rest.”

“Tae Ho?”

As Heda asked asking what was wrong, Tae Ho looked at everyone and said.

“I have to prepare something before departing. I also think that I have to go meet Freya-nim urgently.”

The one that flinched and raised her head at Tae Ho’s words was Adenmaha. It was because she could sense what was the thing Tae Ho had said he would prepare.

But this wasn’t the time to speak for long. Ragnar nodded and said.

“Good, let’s return to Valhalla for now. I have already made the preparations.”

After Ragnar finished speaking he pointed at the place he showed up at first and when Reginleif clapped, more than ten Black Flashes appeared while floating.

“What are those? Are they beds? Nidhogg doesn’t like sleeping alone….I like to sleep with Adenmaha, Hydra or Tae Ho mast…..”

Nidhogg looked at the Black Flash that looked like a coffin and then smacked her lips.

“Nidhogg, ride on it with me.”


“Its…. a bit narrow but we can’t do anything about it.”

Adenmaha spoke and smiled bitterly and then grabbed Nidhogg’s hands and she smiled in a good mood.

And while Ragnar and Reginleif were feeling comfortably warm at that scene, Tae Ho took a deep breath and made a resolution. He couldn’t pull back now when they had to save time just because he didn’t want to feel dizzy and sick.

“Let’s hurry.”

Tae Ho spoke like that and then got on the Black Flash first and not long after that the Black Flashes started to cross the sky.

“Kyaaa~! I feel weiiiiiiird!”

“Urgh! Upph!”

It was the despair of Adenamaha that was embracing Nidhogg more tightly than usual so thanks to that she was about to faint.

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