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Chapter 237 - Episode 68/Chapter 3

Episode 68/Chapter 3: Descent of the immortal God (3)

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The World Dragon Yggdrasil, who was one of the various Gods of the Dark Age, split part of its soul and created a sword.

This sword was the Dragon sword Astelone.

It was the Incarnation of the World dragon and the true soul companion sword of Dragon knight Kalsted.

The beautiful sword shone with a pure white light. It was so beautiful that there were no other words to describe it.

A long sword with the sentence of a dragon engraved in its blade.

This blade shone in Tae Ho’s hands, and pushed Tae Ho to a higher state.

Synchro rate 100%.

When Tae Ho woke up he didn’t see the ceiling of the Tower of shadows but the ceiling of Scathach’s house.

Tae Ho sat up and turned to look at his right hand. He was holding the Dragon Sword Astelone.

“So you returned.”

When he turned in the direction the voice, he saw Scathach with an exhausted face and dripping sweat. It seemed like this exhaustion was from breaking the influence of the magic from the Tower of shadows.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. I’m just exhausted.”

Scathach answered and then took out a potion to drink. It seemed like the potion had an effect of health recovery that calmed her rough breathing instantly and returned color to her face.

“Is that… your real appearance?”

Scathach looked at Tae Ho after wiping her mouth. Tae Ho looked for a mirror to see his changes.

From 99% to 100%.

It was only a difference of 1% but the changes were clear.

First, his body changed. Tae Ho’s body was already highly combative like a well polished sword but he advanced one step further.

He grew a bit taller, now passing 190cm, and the quality of his muscles also improved. When he felt his muscles, it felt like he was touching armor made with adamantium rather than flesh and bone.

His black pupils became golden just like when he used the ‘Incarnation of the World dragon’, and his eyes changed into those of a dragon.

His hair was still black but it grew until it reached his shoulders. It formed the same style as dragon knight Kalsted.

Tae Ho clenched his fist. He looked at himself with the ‘eyes of the dragon’ and then understood.

His appearance wasn’t the only thing that changed. His physical ability also became much higher.

Among those who Tae Ho fought, Heracle was the one with the strongest physical capabilities. Achilles was the fastest, but if Achilles’ stats in speed was 110 and the others was 80, then Heracles’ strength was 110 and all the others was 100.

And currently, Tae Ho was even faster than Achilles and stronger than Heracles. He surpassed Heracles in all stats. The one exception was strength, but he still equaled Heracles’ strength.

The changes didn’t end there.

[He doesn’t get exhausted even after fighting for a hundred days]

[His energy is infinite and doesn’t wither]

[Enemy of giants]

[The end of dragons]

[Devil king annihilator]

[He is the immortal God of the east]

[Agent of the World dragon]

Multiple sagas were created. It was because all the accomplishments of dragon knight Kalsted were converted into sagas.

Tae Ho, who was peeking at his new sagas, concentrated especially at the first two. This wasn’t because he was surprised from the part about infinite energy.

It was because these were the most efficient sagas that could be formed.

Dark Age had a system that degraded your physical abilities depending on the reduction of health.

Your physical abilities also degraded when your stamina was spent with continuous or repetitive actions, and just when your hp was reduced.

But a special privilege was given to the ones chosen by the Gods, a power grew with the special jobs of these chosen.

It was the specialty of not receiving any restrictions on movement until HP was completely spent.

It was a common ability in other games, but in Dark Age it was a special ability that only special jobs could learn, and was a privilege that boasted of cheat like abilities.

Essentially before dying, you would be able to use all your physical capabilities to the maximum.

Tae Ho already possessed incredible strength so this was like giving wings to a tiger. .

After Tae Ho sat back with a satisfied expression, Cuchulainn clicked his tongue.

“Why the smirk?”

“It’s not smirking but a uhuhu.”

Tae Ho smiled with Cuchulainn.

Scathach let out a sigh in front of the two fools and then spoke with a serious expression.

“Tae Ho, I think that there’s also a change in your Milesian sentence. Check it.”

Even if she hadn’t mentioned it, Tae Ho had already sensed the change. When he raised his right hand l, the sentence of Erin appeared.

Shining in gold, the sentence of Erin really changed like Scathach had said. However, this time it wasn’t a change resulting from Dragon knight Kalsted.

The change appeared because he had obtained the Dragon sword Astelone that could be said to be his real companion.

The sentence of the Milesian contained the power to communicate with your weapon. As Cuchulainn explained, he could bring the most of its power was when he was with his true companion.

Cuchulainn’s true companion was Gae Bolg. With Gae Bolg, Cuchulainn could bring out more power than normal and Gae bolg could amplify the power of the sentence.

The Dragon sword Astelone was similar.

Now that Tae Ho claimed Astelone, the sentence of Erin could harness a stronger power.

With a strengthened body, the sentence of Erin that developed one stage further forming new sagas and developing into the strongest weapon.

Tae Ho could feel it.

His current strength was beyond that of dragon knight Kalsted. He had surpassed the strongest warrior of Dark Age.

“I’m afraid you will become arrogant but I’m unable to not say this. You are the strongest warrior I saw until now. The most perfect existence.”

Scathach said and Cuchulainn nodded with a frown. The two masters of Scathach’s style techniques were able to discern the capabilities of Tae Ho without the using ‘eyes of the dragon’.

“Clearing the Tower of shadows is now impossible. Blocking the path of your juniors. How evil, really evil.”

Tae Ho stood up while Cuchulainn criticized him and then breathed softly. He had just finished his battle with Cuchulainn but he couldn’t feel even a bit of mental or physical exhaustion. Perhaps because he had recovered his strength thanks to the power of the sagas.

Cuchulainn spoke once again.

“Before that, is that Astelone that you talked about?”

“Yes, Dragon sword Astelone. Even if it was possible to sell it I wouldn’t, and if I did I could buy a building in a place like New York.”

“I don’t know what bullshit you are talking about but it’s still impressive. Make it transform. Looking at its name, it seems to be a girl.”

As usual, Cuchulainn spoke like a fool. But Tae Ho could only tilt his head.


“What, it can’t even transform?”

“Well, not even Gae Bolg can transform.”

He had originally known that Cuchulainn was like this but he was worse today. To transform a normal weapon into a person. Just what was he talking about?

But it was then.

Cuchulainn snorted at Tae Ho’s attack and talked back.

“That’s not true. Gae Bolg can transform.”

“Of course it can’t…wa, wait. What are you talking about? Gae Bolg can transform? Scathach master. Is that true?”

As Tae Ho struggled, Scathach let out a sigh and shook her head a few times. She then looked down at Gae Bolg that was being held by Cuchulainn and said.

“Rather than transform, you are able to see it’s soul… it’s real appearance. It’s only possible with the real companion with the sentence of the Milesian.”

“I will show you then. The real appearance of Gae Bolg.”

Cuchulainn spoke confidently and then the sentence of the Milesian appeared at the back of Cuchulainn’s hand. Strong light shone from Gae Bolg and spread in all directions. The form a person appeared afterwards.

A woman appeared holding a spear. Her hair was a violet very close to black and her eyes were red. She was wearing a part armor made with the scales of a sea monster, and her cold eyes and tight lips really resembled someone.

“What, she’s just Scathach master. Shouldn’t Gae Bolg transform into a bulky man?”

“I don’t know just why you are getting those thoughts but, isn’t Gae Bolg’s real appearance really beautiful?.”

Tae Ho nodded as Cuchulainn grinned.

“Certainly… I can’t not admit this. She is really beautiful.”

“Did you plot among yourselves to tease me?”

Scathach spoke with a low tone. From her red cheeks, it seemed like she was embarrassed at how Gae Bolg looked exactly like herself.

“Ey, no way.”

Cuchulainn tapped Scathach’s shoulder while grinning, but was slammed in the back in response.

Tae Ho felt at peace from the usual scene and then asked Scathach and Cuchulainn.

“How do you do that?”

“You just have to wish with the Sentence of the Milesian that you want to see the real appearance of your weapon. It’s not that hard.”

With Scathach’s explanation, Tae Ho turned to look at Astelone and the Sentence of Erin. He took a breath and then called out the name of his weapon.


Golden light emerged from the white sword. Rays of lights spread out just like what happened with Gae Bolg, and formed the appearance of a person.

A beautiful woman with long silver hair.

But she had a different feeling from Gae Bolg, a really different one.

“Uh… did something turn out wrong?”

“No, it looks like she just finds this to be bothersome.”

Astelone was lying down with her eyes closed and wasn’t moving an inch. It seemed like she didn’t even care to breathe.

From her appearance, she looked to be a girl in her teens, but it felt really strange to see her lying down with such a bothersome expression.

‘She does look like the World dragon.’

The World dragon Yggdrasil looked the fusion of a huge silver dragon and a silver haired Goddess in Dark Age.

If Yggdrasil in her twenties and Astelone were standing together, they would look like sisters.

Whatever the case, as Tae Ho was looking at Astelone who was barely moving and just breathing, Scathach spoke some words of comfort.

“Well… it just reflects the real soul of the weapon so there’s no way it’s performance will change based on its tendencies or personalities. So don’t worry too much.”

“Uh, um. Yes.”

She wasn’t going to be fighting in that appearance and Tae Ho would be swinging the sword so it wouldn’t matter that much.

When Tae Ho recalled the light, Cuchulainn embraced Scathach’s shoulder and said.

“Fine, you should return now that you have taken care of everything you needed to. I will spend happy time with master.”


When Scathach was suddenly embraced by Cuchulainn, she looked up at him with a confused face. He returned her gaze with a deep stare and a cheezy expression.

“I’m all bulky after having battled that bastard. My blood is boiling.”

“Differentiate time and place.”

Scathach kicked Cuchulainn’s shin but he just laughed as if it didn’t even tickle.

“What, you are still here? What are you doing without disappearing already?”

“Wow, look how you are speaking.”

“Fwosh, fwosh, get away you bug.”

Cuchulainn swung his hand around and looked at Scathach again. She feigned a laugh and slapped his chest.

It seemed like they had already entered their own world.

“I will see you later.”

Tae Ho saluted as no one turned back to look at him and then left the Scathach’s residence.


Outside Scathach’s lodging was filled with darkness. Tae Ho had entered the Tower of shadows in the afternoon so 10 hours had passed in reality. It was the middle of the night and was obvious for the entire legion to be silent.

‘No, I should hurry.’

Tae Ho quickly walked away and ignored the sounds emerging from Scathach’s home. He then headed in the direction of his residence.

And a few minutes later.

When he crossed half of the drill grounds where the warriors of Idun’s legion used to train, he stopped walking.

“My warrior Tae Ho.”

Idun, who had been standing in the middle of the drill grounds, turned to look at him. Her golden hair was eye catching, perhaps because she was in the darkness.


This was the first time Tae Ho had seen Idun outside the shrine. In addition, he was more flustered as everyone else was asleep.

But Idun smiled brightly as this was nothing and continued speaking.

“I was waiting for you. Heda will come tomorrow morning so she said you shouldn’t wait for her… but she still wanted to wait.”

“You have been waiting outside until now?”

“Mm, not for long. About 4 hours?”

Tae Ho opened his eyes roundly as Idun snickered.

“Let’s enter quickly.”

Because the night wind was cold Idun may have already caught a cold. The tip of her nose was red.

But Idun laughed again as if a joke like this was funny and then looked up at Tae Ho and said.

“Before that, it seems like your quest turned out well.”

“Yes, really well.”

Tae Ho playfully showed off his muscles . And then, Idun pressed Tae Ho’s arm a few times and said with surprised eyes.

“It became big and hard.”

“Uh, um. Yes. I became taller and my muscles became harder.”

It was the truth but his face had reddened.

Idun laughed once again and then walked a few steps forward. She then turned around and said.

“Heda is sleeping. Adenmaha fell asleep while putting Nidhogg to sleep. Everyone in the residence is asleep. Right now only you and I are awake.”

The Goddess of eternal youth.

Currently Idun looked like a girl rather than a woman.

“My warrior Tae Ho, you will be leaving to the Temple tomorrow.”

“I will return.”

“Yes, I believe in you. That you will certainly return to me.”

Idun spoke with a smile but there was nervousness in her eyes that she couldn’t hide. Because her expression, Tae Ho ended up speaking unconsciously.

“For Asgard and the nine realms.”


“Well, I felt like I should say that.”

Half of it was a joke but the other half was true. And Idun laughed once again at his answer.

“You became a complete warrior of Valhalla.”

“I’m still the master of Asgard you know?”

“Right, but you are still my warrior. MY warrior.”

Idun accentuated the last part with some force and then extended her hand to Tae Ho. She pulled Tae Ho’s hard wrist towards her and said with a low voice.

“My warrior Tae Ho, won’t you receive my blessing for tonight? I want to make you completely mine.”

Idun spoke shyly and then looked up at Tae Ho. Tae Ho removed her veil. He looked into her golden eyes and kissed her.

“Let my blessing accompany you.”

“Let my blessing accompany you.”

The two Gods blessed each other.

There was more than a day left until when Tae Ho departed to the Temple.

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