Valhalla Saga

Chapter 239 - Episode 68/Chapter 5

Episode 68/Chapter 5: Descent of the immortal God (5)

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The war between the south and north of the Temple was still taking place.

The one that invaded from the north was Kum Oh Do and the one that charged from the south was Dilmun and Xindu.

Yuanshi Tianzun, that received the emergency notices from Witacheon, hurriedly dispatched Nezha and four of the 12 hermits of the Kunlun mountain to the south to stop Dilmun and Xindu.

Originally, the strongest of the Temple Son Wukong had to get dispatched but it was impossible to do that due to the situation that occurred in the north thanks to Kum Oh Do.

That was because they charged straight to the sacred Kunlun, the most important land in the Temple, with all their forces.

It seemed like Kum Oh Do was planning to put an end to this battle for real that the Commander of ten thousand men and even the headmaster and strongest being, Tongtian Jiaozhu showed themselves in the front lines.

The Hakumen Kongo Kyuubi Izuna, Hundun, Qiongqi, Taowu and Taotie arose so they couldn’t only concentrate on defending the south.

The actual military affairs was in charge of Yuanshi Tianzun one of the Three Pure Ones but as the situation was this urgent the remaining of the Three Pure Ones, Lingbao Tianzun and Daode Tianzun, couldn’t stay still either and ahd to pour all their strength in the front lines against Kum Oh Do.

The fourth day since the confrontation.

Gilgamesh and Karna, that passed through the defense liens of Virudhaka in an instant, clashed with the defense troops of the Temple lead by Nezha and Nezah ended up getting defeated.

It was because Gilgamesh and Karna possessed unimaginable strength and deity even though they were human great heroes.

But Nezha didn’t just get defeated. Even though the front lines got pushed back, he managed on preserving his life and protecting his troop.

Additional reinforcements got dispatched from the Temple to help Nezha that had become incapable to battle and thanks to the reinforcements of Asgard led by Tir having arrived on time, the front lines got able to be stalled once again.

And the morning of the tenth day since the battle started.

Cold wind blew on the front lines of the south.


“This is hopeless.”

Juh Palgye mumbled while leaning his stomach on the walls of one of the five fortresses, the Golden palace. He hadn’t been able to fight properly and had only fought these past days so it seemed like dirty water was flowing from his body and his body was filled with scars.

Son Wukong, that was looking at the garden of the fortress, stood next to Juh Palgye and snorted.

“Hey, you don’t even wash yourself.”

“Ata, hyung-nim. What are you saying? Do you know how clean pigs are? They must wash once a day. Do you think I will be able to meet Kaldea if I smell?”

“Why is that not possible? It’s not that different from usual.”

“Ah, f*ck. Did you really say that?”

Juh Palgye opened his eyes widely and frowned. Having a giant that was 2 meters tall with the head of a pig frown was a really overwhelming sight but Son Wukong just picked his ear as if that was an everyday experience.

“Anyways, it seems like that lady is also fine looking at how you speak. I’m glad.”

Valkyrie Kaldea, that had come to the Temple as a messenger, was currently participating in the reinforcements of the Golden palace.

Juh Palgye nodded and drooped his shoulders.

“We got able to breathe a bit thanks to the reinforcements of Asgard. How is the north? Isn’t it night over there?”

The one at this place wasn’t the real Son Wukong. It was merely a clone he had left behind to know the notices of the Golden palace.

Son Wukong also drooped his shoulders like Juh Palgye and said.

“That’s why i’m speaking to you like this. And if I were to describe the situation… it’s harsh. Really harsh. We must have some ability to face against the ones that charge crazily with the intent to die together. I also retrieved almost all of my clones. I’m considering slightly seriously whether I should retrieve the clones I left back for contacting measures.”

Originally Son Wukong had more than a hundred clones placed in the Temple to protect it but he didn’t have the leisure to do so right now. He was in a situation that he should save the little power he spent on the clones used for contact.

Juh Palgye clicked his tongue at the answer of Son Wukong that made you sigh and then hit his shoulder trying to cheer him up.

“That bitch Daji was really hard to handle.”

“Do you think she’s the only one? I feel like dying because that bastard King Shou also appeared. But before that, your dialect is really baseless. Isn’t your dialect actually an act? Such as a character setting.”

“That goes for you too so don’t mind me.”

“And why do you say that I don’t have a base? I have a solid experience such as having started under Patriarch Subodhi.”

“If you are going to say nonsense just go to sleep.”

Juh Palgye and Son Wukong liked to exchange jokes unlike the serious Sha Wujing but it was even hard to joke because of how harsh the situation was.

Son WUkong closed his eyes once and then turned around and asked.

“How do you see it?”

“If it’s short, in five days. Fifteen days at most.”

“So you are saying that it’s going to get breached in the end?”

“If there’s no groundbreaking change, then certainly. First, the number of the enemy is too big. The bastards of Dilmun are just average but the ones from Xindu are… Just watch when we fight later. Just looking at he Rakshasa and Preta filling up the plains and charging forward makes me want to puke.”

But still, if the Preta hadn’t eaten the corpses of the ones that died at battle the garden in front of the Golden palace would have been covered with corpses.

The Temple surpassed Asgard and Olympus in the number of warriors but Xindu’s offensive quantity even overwhelmed the Temple.

“What about Karna and Gilgamesh?”

“They are just freaking strong. I don’t think they are as strong as you but they may be able to beat you if they join hands. And… it doesn’t seem like they obtained their divinities long ago but they are abnormally strong. It seems like there’s something mixed in them.”

Juh Palgye sniffed and said. No matter how different the method of getting stronger for each world was, there was always a similarity between them.

He smelled an evil way in Gilgamesh’ and Karna’s way of getting stronger. It wasn’t the smell that was felt when you accumulated them one by one.

But whatever it was proper or evil, their strength were the real deal. Son Wukong frowned and asked.

“Don’t we have anyone capable of facing them one against one?”

“We don’t. That old man Tir that came from Asgard used some strength but he still gets pushed back alone. That’s why it’s a pain in the ass. The moment they get alone they charge over like ghosts and defeat our commanders.”

If named martial artists of the Temple joined hands it was not impossible to defeat Gilgamesh or Karna. But it was impossible for the masters to always be together when they were in the battlefield, in a battlefield where they had to take the role of commanders for tens of thousands.

“Are you fine?”

“My body is quite strong so i’m able to endure it somehow but I feel like I will suffer an internal injury if I get hit a few more times.”

Juh Palgye stretched his stomach and said.

“The problem is that it seems that they also have reinforcements coming that their number is increasing. ANd this is what I feel…”

Juh Palgye’s eyes got sharper. Son Wukong also looked at Juh Palgye with a nervous face. It was because it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that his senses trained in a gambling center was the best in the Temple.

“It feels like a really big one will come soon.”

“Is it your sense?”

“It is.”


There would probably be something just like Juh Palgye said. And the Temple didn’t have any more leisure to defend the south.

“Asgard doesn’t have any more reinforcements? Such as that old man Thor.”

Son Wukong clicked his tongue at the question of Juh Palgye and spoke.

“They said that they would be arriving soon. It isn’t Thor but someone stronger than him.”

“There was someone stronger than Thor in Asgard?”

“It seems like he just appeared.”

When Son Wukong answered with a doubtful and low voice, the tone of Juh Palgye increased.

“No, do the bastards of Asgard create masters like stamps? How can someone stronger than Thor appear sudden- let’s finish later.”

Juh Palgye gritted his teeth and turned to look in front of the Golden palace. The army of Dilmun and Xindu was charging over while creating dust clouds.

Son Wukong also saw that. He feigned a laugh once and hit Juh Palgye’s arm.

“Don’t die.”

“I’m planning becoming the husband of Kalde and die of old age so you should be the one that doesn’t die.”

Son Wukong’s clone returned to being fur. Juh Palgye heard the sound of battle trumpets heard everywhere and grabbed his forked rake.

The battle of the tenth day started.


Gilgamesh looked at the Golden palace without any words.

He was born as a being that wanted to maintain the world and had fought like that until now but right now he was standing on the battlefield like someone that wanted to destroy the world.

The day Uruk fell and four of the seven Great Gods lost their lives, Gilgamesh’ fate changed greatly once again.

Gilgamesh didn’t think about the past anymore. Due to the seven Great Gods having disappeared, that they didn’t allow eternal life excluding Atrahasis although they did allow long life, Gilgamesh got his hands on eternal life for himself. He ended up climbing at the seat of the Eternal God.

But he wasn’t happy at all. The eternal life given to him by force couldn’t make him happy.


Gilgamesh mumbled the name of his sworn friend he couldn’t meet anymore and pulled out his sword. Black and uneasy aura surged up like smoke from the sword that had the divinity of one of the seven Great Gods that ruled over fate and the Goddess of war Ishtar engraved in it by force.

Karna stood next to that Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh didn’t know much about Karna. In the first place, it was an obvious thing as he was the Great hero of Xindu that they didn’t have any interaction at all even though they were neighboring worlds.

What he knew about him was that Karna was a human and that compared to him he had been a being that wanted to destroy the world from the start.

There were several weapons in the hands of Karna such as the bow of the best great hero of Xindu, Arjuna.

He, that awake as the dark God of sun after absorbing the divinity of Krishna by force, obtained power that could suppress all the eight great kings.

But he didn’t show any happiness at all. He just killed the martial artist of the Temple and kept killing them as if it was a task given to him.

The two beings that were humans but climbed to the seat of Gods didn’t converse with each other. But the two of them knew what was going to happen today.

Reinforcements from the Kingdom of fire of a different scale from now was planned to be sent. The only moment the Golden palace would be able to maintain its shape of having a wall dozens of meters high was now.

The Golden palace was fated to fall. The Kingdom of fire would spread fire to a deeper place before this day ended.

The battle started. The Pretas climbed up the walls and the martial artists of the Temple attacked them.

The sky of the battlefield exposed to the murderous intent of hundreds of thousands was really dizzy.

Let’s go.

Nobody spoke. But Gilgamesh and Karna moved at the same time. The two people advanced towards the Golden palace.


Juh Palgye, that was swinging his forked rake, looked at a distant place. No, precisely speaking he looked at a wide scene. The front of the Golden palace reached 1km and it was also incredibly tall but Juh Palgye looked at the battlefield with his clairvoyance.

The battle was the same as always. It was no different from four days ago and two days ago.

But Juh Palgye could feel his breath getting cut off. He could feel cold sweat flowing in his back.

What could it be? Just what was making him fear this much?

ANd at that moment Juh Palgye realized.

He had been looking at the entire battlefield so he witnessed the huge existence surging up from under the ground faster and more precisely than anyone.

That was a huge dragon.

The ancient monster and ancient God of Dilmun that existed from the beginning with all the monsters.

The mother of chaos, Tiamat.

Her appearance was luxurious and flashy. Colorful snakes entangled each other and became one existence and her upper body resembled that of a beautiful woman.

And most of all, she was huge. The monster that surged up while destroying the battlefield placed the tens of meter tall Golden palace below her feet. Her height while standing up was 300 meters and the length of her body was easily 600 meters.

The dragons that had participated to side up with the Temple shrank down at her hugeness. In addition, Tiamat didn’t appear alone.

11 evil monsters appeared with her by breaking the ground. From a big winged snake Basmu to an ox that had the face of a human Kusarikku.

They were the 11 monsters Tiamat gave life to fight against the Gods of Dilmun.

And the strange birds of Xindu, the Garuda started to cover the sky.

The martial artists of the Temple couldn’t even scream. They couldn’t say anything at the overwhelming scene.

Juh Palgye sensed.

That was the strongest power Dilmun had.

Right now, Dilmun had played all their cards.

And he also realized one more fact. He looked at a high place in the sky with a gray face.

The sky was getting covered.


Gilgamesh and Karna looked at the sky.

They looked at the force the Kingdom of fire promised, the existence they sent with their two eyes.


Tir breathed roughly. He knew the existence that appeared in the sky better than anyone in this place.

He couldn’t not know the name of the being that didn’t fall behind from Tiamat at all.

The space snake Jormungand.

The second of Loki’s three children and the biggest monster.

It really had the appearance of a snake like its name but it was too huge. The length of its body was even longer than Tiamat.

The monster covered by dense green scales turned around in the sky. It opened its mouth towards the ground and fired an overwhelming poison from it.

That was a soundless assault. Part of the Golden palace melted down completely and disappeared and at that moment Tiamat moved. It slammed the Golden palace with its huge tail as if trying to sweep it down.

There was a sound this time. The loud sound tore apart the silence and a sixth of the Golden palace collapsed at the overwhelming force. The martial artists tried to dodge the attack hurriedly but there was no land to support them. The Pretas and the army of the Kingdom of fire charged towards the collapsed walls.

Tir pulled out his sword. He released the power of his divinity with strength and contained a breath.

He was the God of valor. He could maintain his calm even in front of Tiamat and Jormungand that silenced the entire battlefield just by existing.

They had no chances to win.

The best option they had right now was to retreat and save at least one more soldier.

But will they be able to do that?

Tiamat and Jormungand didn’t give Tir time to think. No, they weren’t the ones that actually moved.

Gilgamesh and Karna.

They entered through the opening of fear the monsters created.


Tiamat looked at the sky and roared. Jormungand fired poison once again from the sky to the remaining part of the Golden palace.

The 11 monsters stepped on the army of the Kingdom of fire and advanced. Their objective was the martial artists located at the already collapsed palace.

Gilgamesh and Karna tore up the space between the martial artists like a flash. The dragon protecting the Golden palace spread its wings and flew up but it lost it’s light as a huge dragon in front of Tiamat or Jormungand.

The dozens of snakes that surged up from the body of Tiamat twined round the dragon and didn’t let it move, and Jormungand bit the head of the dragon and cut its life.

The martial artists resisted in a determination to die but in the first place, the scales of the battle had already leaned too much to one side.

The Fenghuang, Qilin, Shiryo and the white tiger, Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, Black Tortoise surged up but the might of Tiamat and Jormungand was just too strong.

The martial artists died helplessly. Half of the Golden palace collapsed and Tir staggered after getting stabbed by the spear of Karna. The forked rake of Juh Palgye broke and Gilgamesh jumped over the fine wall of the palace while riding on the lion headed monster Usumgallu.

Witacheon held his breath. The roar of Tiamat devoured all sound in the battlefield and forced the silence.

Kaldea rolled in the ground. After she cut the head of a Preta that charged towards her like a wolf, she got her thigh bitten by another Preta. Another one rode on her chest and bared its fangs towards her long and slender neck.

The souls of the warriors of Valhalla flew to the sky. The scene of hundreds of souls surging to the sky was ironically beautiful.

The knife of Kaldea pierced the chin of the Preta. She screamed and shook it off. She stabbed her knife once again in the head of the Preta that bit her thigh and stood up while staggering. But soon fell again. There was a spear stuck in her shoulder which she didn’t know who threw it towards her.

She had lost too much blood. One more Preta charged towards her and the souls of the warriors of Valhalla continued to surge up.

Kaldea looked at the sky for the last time. She wanted to see the blue and clear sky but Jormungand was at the sky. But it didn’t stop there.

The sky got dyed in black. A black shadow covered the sky and of course the ground.

At that moment Kaldea opened her eyes roundly. She threw away her feelings of wanting to give up and swung her sword to cut the neck of a Preta. She roared while being covered in blood.

Because she could feel it.

It looked really different from her memories but she had certainly faced it before!

She looked at the sky and then looked at the battlefield again.

Tiamat and Jormungand were looking up the sky.


Tir let a laughter. He made a smile under the shadow covering him. He then looked up the sky like a habit and said.

“For Asgard and the nine realms.”

“For Asgard and the nine realms!”

The warriors of Valhalla roared. They didn’t know the existence above their heads but they didn’t hesitate to roar.

Because they could know.

They could feel it!



The aura of the paradise of the eternal warriors was filling up the sky. They could feel the power of Asgard from a far away world.

The warriors of Valhalla saw and then yelled with all their strength.

There was someone answering that yell.

High in the sky, in a place where even Tiamat and Jormungand had to look up at.

An answer returned from the sky.


“What is that?”

Juh Palgye said.

Even Gilgamesh and Karna doubted their eyes. Bewilderment spread in their faces for the first time.

A shadow covering the entire battlefield.

A huge existence that even overwhelmed Jormungand and Tiamat.

That black thing that was looking down at the ground.

It spread its wings covering the sky and roared.


A thundering cry overwhelming the ground.

They couldn’t understand it and they could understand even less what happened after that.

A huge dragon reaching 2km in length rolled its body in the sky. It then started to descend towards the ground.

Would you get this feeling if the sky was covering the ground?

[Myth ranked saga]

[Rolling disaster]

Black holy dragon Nidhogg.

The ancient dragon protecting Asgard.

She didn’t allow the existences of Jormungand and Tiamat.

The disaster of the sky covered the ground.

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