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Chapter 242 - Episode 69/Chapter 3: Absolutely Invincible (3)

Episode 69/Chapter 3: Absolutely Invincible (3)

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Just like how a being that wanted to maintain the world was born between beings that wanted to destroy it, there were also humans born as beings that wanted to destroy the world. And most of them couldn’t live a simple life as beings that wanted to destroy the world.

Karna was a being that wanted to destroy the world but he loved it. he wanted to get recognized by the humans living in his world and wanted to be together with them.

But he couldn’t do that. It was because the instincts that were born with him rejected all of that.

The unavoidable contradiction ate up Karna a bit.

Xindu, that treated identities more precious than other things, oppressed him.

Karna couldn’t get loved. Contrary to Arjuna, that got blessed by countless beings and stood on the battlefield, he had to get layers of curses covering him and stand on the battlefield.

But he didn’t resent others and wasn’t pessimistic about his own fate. He faced all hardships with his own strength and courage.

Karna opened his eyes. His hands were holding the weapons of Krishna and Arjuna. The feeling of the weapons he originally wouldn’t have been able to hold made him realize of one truth.

Xindu got destroyed. The world he loved got swept by fiery flames and disappeared.

The human Karna got sad at that fact and at the same time felt joy as a being that wanted to destroy the world.

Karna put a sad smile at the terrible contradiction. He recited a chant and liberated the power which he got a hold of and Xindu’s destruction.

What he needed was a bit of time.

Karna’s gaze passed Gilgamesh and Tae Ho and headed to a high place in the sky.


Tae Ho felt Gilgamesh charging towards him. The lion headed beast Ugallu ran at an incredible speed and caught up with Adenmaha in an instant.

Adenmaha tried to increase her speed even more but Tae Ho stopped that with the ‘one that controls dragons’. He stroke Adenmaha’s back and thought.

Gilgamesh and Karna.

The great hero of Dilmun and Xindu.

The biggest reason the Temple requested Tae Ho for help.

Adenmaha showed great rejection at Tae Ho’s orders. She said Tae Ho that she didn’t want him to fight against Gilgamesh alone.

But Tae Ho was blunt and ni the end Adenmaha could only change her mind.

‘Don’t get hurt.’

She was scared of telling him to not die.

Tae Ho smiled. He stroked Adenmaha’s white scales once again and then looked behind him. He jumped off from her back and activated his saga.

[Myth ranked saga]

[Incarnation of the World dragon]

The wings of a dragon surged up from the back of Tae Ho. He clenched the Sword of the round table and then followed the wind and charged towards Gilgamesh.


Gilgamesh yelled. He raised the sword of the Goddess of war Ishtar after fixing his legs on the back of Ugallu.

Tae Ho ignored Ugallu that was breathing fire. He passed its flames in an instant and clashed against Gilgamesh.


A sound so loud you couldn’t even imagine it came out from a clash between swords exploded. At the same time Gilgamesh got shocked. Part of it was because the power behind Tae Ho’s sword was overwhelming but it was also because he had grasped a truth the moment they exchanged blows as an experienced warrior.

Tae Ho’s body was perfect. He surpassed Gilgamesh in physical abilities without needing his divinity.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Tae Ho’s sword pushed back Gilgamesh angrily. Gilgamesh looked at him to roar and then draw the power of Enkidu. He tried to dominate Tae Ho with the monstrous power Enkidu handed over before he died.

They clashed once again. A much louder sound than before shook the ground and at that moment Ugallu screamed. It wasn’t able to endure the battle taking place at its back so it started to fall to the ground and Gilgamesh jumped from its back and spread wings of light like Tae Ho. It was the wings of the God of wind Enlil.

Gilgamesh and Tae Ho kept clashing in the air. The battle then moved to the ground and a land of confrontation that not even monsters or Gods could interfere got formed.

The divinities entangled with each other, clashed and exploded.

At the same time, the swords clashed with the intent to devour the other.

It wasn’t simply because their capabilities was similar.

The sword was aiming for the sword.

Tae Ho didn’t attack Gilgamesh with the Sword of the round table but his sword. Even if it was the sword of a Goddess, the Goddess of that sword had already disappeared. Gilgamesh’s sword couldn’t endure the strongest sword of Erin that was the addition of Excalibur and all the swords of the Knights of the round table.

In addition, the one swinging that sword was the master of Erin and the king of Camelot Tae Ho. The glory of Erin was accompanying the Sword of the round table.

Several more clashes took place and Gilgamesh’ hands and feet got out of joint. His sword finally broke.

The divinity of Ishtar exploded along the fragments of the sword but Tae Ho and Gilgamesh focused on a different thing. Gilgamesh moved his hands to his waist to try to pull out a new sword however he could. Tae Ho retrieved the Sword of the round table which he swung with all his strength to destroy the sword of Gilgamesh.

The two of them were fast. Gilgamesh grabbed a new sword and the moment he was about to pull it the Sword of the round table slashed the chest of Gilgamesh.

Red blood filled the air. Gilgamesh groaned while stepping back as he got his chest cut deeply. He couldn’t endure it in the end and kneeled up in place. He also let go of the new sword he had barely pulled.

But Gilgamesh didn’t despair. He pressed the wound in his chest with his hand and looked up at Tae Ho and smiled while dripping cold sweat. He looked at the sky beyond Tae Ho’s head.

“It’s over now.”

Buying time that is.

Two suns shone in Gilgamesh’ eyes.

One was the sun of the Temple and the other one was the black sun of Karna that surged up in the battlefield.

Karna, that had absorbed the destroyed power of Xindu and awoke as the black sun of God, surpassed the level of a great hero and reached another boundary. He was an invincible being while the black sun was lighting the battlefield.

Tae Ho raised his head and looked at the sky. He looked at Karna that was standing confidently while having the black sun behind him.

It was certainly a huge power. It was good to say that the current Karna was invincible.

Karna raised the weapon of the Gods Astra in the sky. The weapon became Karnastra as Karna inserted his divinity in it after having awakened as the God of the black sun.

Juh Palgye breathed heavily and looked at that. He then sensed once again. The moment that strength is released completely the entire battlefield would get destroyed. Karnastra was a weapon that had that much power.

The entire battlefield stopped once again. Everyone fighting in the Golden palace looked at Karna but nobody could open their mouths at the nasty silence.

Kaldea, that was rising up while using her sword as a staff, collapsed once again. The Shinsoos of the Temple trembled and even the forces of Dilmun and Xindu that belonged to the same side as Karna trembled in fear.

The power of the black sun continued to get charged on Karnastra. Karna’s gaze, located high in the sky, headed to Tae Ho.

Tae Ho looked back at him. He looked up and ordered Adenmaha and Echidna. He also gave the same order to Rolo and Drakon Ismenios.

Stay on hold. Don’t fear. Just watch.

Right at that moment Gilgamesh turned his gaze. He looked at Tae Ho instead of Karna and the smile in his face disappeared.

Gilgamesh had used all his strength in that battle.

But that wasn’t the same for Tae Ho. The only thing that had appeared in the back of Tae Ho’s hand was the sentence of Erin.

A new sentence appeared at Tae Ho’s left hand. It was the sentence of Asgard that formed a pair with the sentence of Erin.

Tae Ho’s divinity got amplified at a scary rate. The gazes that were concentrated solely on Karna started to disperse towards Tae Ho and at that moment the white wings of light in Tae Ho’s back flashed.

Tae Ho spread the wings of the World Dragon and surged up. Karna raised Karnastra hurriedly and tried to prepare against Tae Ho’s attack but it was a meaningless thing. Tae Ho even passed Karna and charged towards the sun.

It was a foolish thing. That black sun was despair itself. The more you approached it, you would only get devoured by the power of the black sun.

But Karna could feel his hands trembling. An uneasy premonition that couldn’t be expressed tightened his chest. He opened his mouth but no sound came out.

Right at that moment Gilgamesh yelled in shock.

“Stop him!”

What Tae Ho was about to do.

It was something that couldn’t happen. An impossible thing. But Gilgamesh ended up yelling like that. He could only do that.

Tae Ho extended his left hand. He clenched his left fist and mumbled while everyone in the battlefield was looking at him and the despair like yell of Gilgamesh reached the sky.


Dragon sword.

The pure white sword that brought up the real power of Kalsted.

Tae Ho continued to fly up. Karna tried to chase after Tae Ho. An overwhelming strength surged up from the black sun like waves and charged towards Tae Ho. It was meant to sweep him away.

But Tae Ho didn’t stop. He released a bigger power with the sentences of Erin and Asgard. He didn’t only stop at pushing away the power of the black sun and dispersed it completely. In addition, he flew higher and reached a higher place than the black sun.

Tae Ho gathered his hands in that place. The Sword of the round table in his right hand and Astelon that was in his left hand shone in golden and white and then got mixed in one place and became a huge sword of light. The sentences of Erin and Asgard released a brighter light.

Gilgamesh extended his hand towards the sky.

Karna also threw Karnastra hurriedly towards the black sun. Thee black sun fired off the amplified Karnastra towards Tae Ho.

Tae Ho saw that.

Adenmaha screamed. Echidna laughed and Rolo and Drakon Ismenios roared.

Nidhogg, that was pressing down Tiamat, also yelled.

[“Tae Ho master!”]

The flashing Sword of the sun.

It surged up like a pillar of light and Tae Ho brandished it.

Karna screamed. Gilgamesh opened his eyes roundly and thought of a verse of a mythology unconsciously.

That was a sword that split the ancient world and separated the sky from the ground.

It was the Sword of creation that notified the start of the world.

It wasn’t identical. It couldn’t be the same in the first place but he could only think of that.

The huge sword of light dispersed the power of Karnastra. It didn’t stop there and charged towards the black sun. There was nothing in this land that could stop the sword that had cut down the night in Olympus.

Tae Ho roared and showed them.

Surpassing a legend, surpassing a myth.

The peak boundary he could reach solely because he was the master!

[World’s creation ranked saga]

[Sword of creation]

The light split the darkness.

And destroyed the black sun.

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