Valhalla Saga

Chapter 246 - Episode 70/Chapter 2

Episode 70/Chapter 2: Sword of the World Dragon (2)

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ED: StellarRain

Morning arrived.

It was a splendid morning where the birds chirped and sunlight brightly shone down . A morning that would come out in movies or novels.

Adenmaha opened her eyes. She seemed a bit haggard as if she had stayed awake all night, but she had a really bright face.

Because the first one she saw as soon as she opened her eyes was Tae Ho. Adenmaha placed her head on Tae Ho’s big and hard chest, and couldn’t stop herself from smiling.

“Ehe… Ehehe.”

A foolish laughter came out. She could clearly remember the events that happened last night when she closed her eyes.

Adenmaha sluggishly moved to enter Tae Ho’s embrace. It seemed that Tae Ho had also woken up, or he hadn’t fallen asleep in the first place, because he stroked Adenmaha’s head and then blessed her forehead once again.

Adenmaha laughed one more time. She was really happy this morning.


Right at that moment a sharp-no, loud and big voice was heard. It was the voice of Nidhogg.

“Adenmaha! Tae Ho master!”

Nidhogg showed up after opening the door and then opened her eyes widely and swelled her cheeks after looking at Tae Ho and Adenmaha being stuck together. She then stomped the ground a few times and threw herself to the bed where the two people were at.

“Nidhogg also wants to sleep together. Let me in. I hate it if you only put out Nidhogg!”

“Wa, wait. Nidho- Kyak!”

Obvious things happened as Nidhogg writhed after getting in between Tae Ho and Adenmaha. Tae Ho and Adenmaha got pushed to the end parts of the bed.

The comparatively big and heavy Tae Ho didn’t get pushed aside that much but it was different for the thin and light Adenmaha. She seemed to roll and then ended up falling down the bed.

“Adenmaha! Are you okay?!”

Nidhogg got surprised so she rose up and looked below the bed. Adenmaha let out a crying voice as she fell down hardly.

“Ah- i’m not… ah, no. I’m fine. I’m fine.”

Adenmaha was about to speak in an annoyed tone but she hurriedly fixed her way of speaking. It was because Nidhogg was looking at her with a face about to burst in tears.

“Adenmaha…does it hurt a lot? I’m really sorry.”

“Ye, yes. I’m fin…kuk!”


Adenmaha tried to rise up while making a forced smile but she ended up falling again. Nidhogg got down the bed as she got surprised and then sat next to Adenmaha.

“A, are you okay? Did you get hurt a lot when you fell?”

“Ah, no. I’m fine about the fall. My waist is… ugh.”

Adenmaha tried to stand up but then gritted her teeth once again at the pain transmitted deep in her bones. She then loosened her body and asked Tae Ho for help.

“Master, I’m not able to get up. My waist hurts too much.”

It got completely dislocated. She didn’t know it when she was lying down but she felt like dying when she tried to move.

‘Bastaaard! Just what did you d-’

Cuchulainn yelled after barely managing to get out of Unnir after working hard all night but Tae Ho threw Gae Bolg to Unnir once again so he couldn’t finish his sentence.

Tae Ho threw Unnir to the ‘treasure vault’ one more time and then got down the bed and said.

‘Let’s wear some clothes first.”

Because Tae Ho and Adenmaha were naked. Tae Ho flicked his finger and activated some magic. It was a magic that made simple clothes and as soon as he used it, a big and white patient like clothes covered the two of them.

“And… stay still. I will place recovery magic on you.”

Tae Ho drew a recovery rune on the waist of Adenmaha. It was a magic that was like a heat patch and worked for a prolonged time.

Nidhogg looked at Adenmaha with teary eyes as she followed her as if she was her sister or mother and then asked carefully.

“Adenmaha, does it still hurt a lot?”

“I’m fine. Master used recovery magic on me so it doesn’t hurt a bit. I’m fine now.”

Adenmaha spoke while putting a forced smile and then stood up. Honestly speaking it still hurt a bit but she couldn’t show it in front of Nidhogg.

“But Adenmaha.”


“Why were the two of you naked? You will catch a cold. You should sleep warmly.”

Nidhogg looked at Tae Ho and Adenmaha and spoke as if giving them a warning and the two of them turned to look at each other with really awkward faces. They but put awkward smiles at the same time.

“Ye, yes.”

“I will be careful.”


“That was the case. So that was the case. The waist of the lewd lady has been completely destroyed.”


After finishing a simple breakfast.

Adenmaha, that was drinking tea in a small room, opened her eyes sharply and spoke in a low voice and Echidna, that was seated in the opposite side, burst out of laughter.

“I heard that the ‘so that was the case’ attack was a basic acquirement in Idun’s legion so I practiced a bit.”

She giggled once again and put a smile and after that she lowered her upper body towards Adenmaha and spoke with an expectant voice.

“But it’s quite amazing. No, it is really amazing. What do you have to do for you to turn that way? I can’t ima…no, I can. I can imagine it.”

It was really detestable to see her laugh creepily. But it was at that moment. Nidhogg, that was sipping tea in the middle of the two, tilted her head and asked.

“Echidna. What do you mean? What can you imagine?”

“Well, so…ugh! Hey!”

Echidna, that was truly meaning to explain the things she was imagining to Nidhogg while stroking her head, stood up and stayed in pain. It was because Adenmaha used mystical magic to hit Echidna’s forehead.

Echidna glared back at her but Adenmaha snorted and pulled Nidhogg to her side.

“Be careful with what you say. Understand?”

“Always hiding things isn’t always the most proper thing! Suitable education is the proper…”

“Just stop, please!”

Adenmaha stood up from her seat and sent another mystical attack. Red light appeared in Echidna’s eyes after getting hit in the forehead once again.

“This girl got a bit strong so she treats people as she pleases!”

“You should behave properly so I don’t treat you this way… ugh!”

Adenmaha stopped yelling and then let out a groaning sound and lowered her body. It was because her waist hurt.

“Hmph. How nice to see. It’s divine punishment for you.”

A new person entered the room while Echidna laughed triumphantly.

“What a disaster.”


Nidhogg stood up abruptly and welcomed her. Adenmaha leaned her body on a table and asked.

“When did you come?”

“We changed locations this morning with Sigurd. In the first place, it was a magic that sent me and Bracky away and instead sent Sigurd to you. Our location changed once again as the power of the magic got spent up.”

Siri and Bracky were the ones to protect the front lines while Sigurd was fighting against Jormungand. Now that they had defeated Jormungand, it was proper to change locations again.

“Sigurd left? Whew…i’m glad.”

When Nidhogg heard Siri’s explanation she spoke sincerely and let out a sigh of relief. Siri tilted her head at the unexpected reaction.

“Huh? Did Sigurd do something you didn’t like?”

“No, only that it strangely becomes hard to breathe and it becomes scary if I am next to him. He doesn’t look like a bad person…”

Nidhogg spoke hesitantly. She was someone that liked to greet people she met for the first time and get closer to them but she hadn’t able to speak to Sigurd even once because the light in his eyes was too scary.

Siri stroke Nidhogg’s head as if it was unavoidable and said.

“Right. He’s a good person. His sharp eyes or atmosphere he has around him is like a characteristic he was born with so don’t hate him too much.”


As Nidhogg answered in a good mood, Siri put the smile of a mother and then stroke Nidhogg’s head a few more times and then turned to look at Adenmaha.

“Adenmaha. Take this.”

“What is this?”

There were two bottles on the packet Siri gave her.

Siri pointed at one of them and explained.

“It’s medicine that’s particularly effective on dislocated waists. You should smear the blue one on your waist and drink the red one. I received this before from Scathach-nim.”

“Uh.. Siri?”

Siri cleared her throat a few times at Adenmaha’s eyes asking why she had something like this so Siri turned her eyes and said.

“I didn’t use it that much but the effects are really great.”

“Ye, yes.”

The faces of the two people became red at the same time. And Echidna, that was looking them, clicked her tongue and snickered.

“Ka… how can I live like this in envy?”

She should get a new husband from somewhere.

As Echidna clicked her tongue, Siri and Adenmaha cleared their throats again and only Nidhogg tilted her head as she didn’t know what was going on.

“Are you jealous about getting your waist dislocated? Huh?”

But unfortunately, no answer returned.


Time still flowed while a short rest was taking place in the Golden Palace.

A day since defeating Tiamat, Jormungand, Karna, and Gilgamesh.

What happened in the Golden Palace got spread to several places of the Temple. The people of the Temple that were fighting against Kum Oh Do in Kunlun mountain got wild at the notices of victory and the group of Kum Oh Do received a big shock as if they had hit their head.

It was surprising enough that Karna and Gilgamesh got defeated as they showed an undefeatable intent by having defeated Virudhaka and even Nezha, but on top of this Tiamat and also Jormungand got defeated so it was really hard to believe in this news.

But there was no place for doubts. Even though they wanted to believe that it was falsified information, there was already too much proof that proved otherwise.

“He will come.”

The one that defeated Gilgamesh and Karna.

The one that destroyed Jormungand and Karna.

The grandmaster of Kum Oh Do, Tongtian Jiazhou, said.

There was no one doubting the words of the man that had long black hair and was wearing a pitch black attire.

“The Ten thousand army is to prepare a sacrificial magic circle. Prepare ten thousand beings as offerings… no, it doesn’t matter if you sacrifice hundreds of thousands of beings so create a force to defeat him.”

“We will do that.”

The commander of the Ten thousand army answered with a stiff expression. It was just in theory but in case they offered the souls of tens of thousands, then it would be possible to even destroy a star.

Just like how the Temple had the 12 protectors and the 12 great lines of Kunlun, Kum Oh Do had the Ten thousand army and the 13 great lines.

The Ten thousand army that was compared to the 12 protectors were all monsters proficient in battle.

The Grandmaster Tongtian Jiazhou turned to look at Daji.

“You will fight against him directly. You and King Zhou will fight against Son Wukong and the group of Kunlun to not let them obstruct in my battle against that guy.”

“I will offer my life to follow the will of the Grandmaster.”

Daji, that was said to be the prettiest woman in Kum Oh Do- no, the Temple, expressed etiquette politely. Looking that she still acted coquetishly in this situation one could see that she was indeed a high named hundred faced fox.

The Grandmaster continued to give detailed orders to the other monsters of Kum Oh Do. It was to execute a battle in front of Kunlun mountain.

“The fate of the Temple will be decided in this land.”

The determination of Tongtian Jiazhou was the real deal. All the monsters of Kum Oh Do pledged that they would live and die together with their king.

But the next day.

Tae Ho didn’t appear in Kunlun mountain.

A day later the Sacrificial magic circle got completed but Tae Ho still had to show himself.

How so?

And a day later.

Tongtian Jiazhou got to know the reason for that.


Tae Ho wasn’t looking at Kunlun mountain but at Kum Oh Do. Thinking about it normally, the proper thing was to fight in Kunlun.

It was because all the forces of the Temple and Kum Oh Do were gathered over there.

There were foes and enemies in that place. Kunlun mountain was the best land to have a fierce battle.

That’s why Tae Ho headed to Kum Oh Do.

Not to protect Kunlun mountain but to destroy Kum Oh Do.

‘What will they do by then?’

They should retreat if Kum Oh Do gets destroyed.

Even if they are destructive beings they still need a base. In addition, they didn’t wish to just die after battling. It was different if it was a battle where the two sides got destroyed but they refused to just burn and die alone.

The Temple had Son Wukong. He was somehow enduring the fierce attacks of Kum Oh Do so a situation where the two sides would exchange headquarters wasn’t going to happen.

But of course, it was normally impossible to choose the strategy Tae Ho chose to use this time. It was because it was impossible to destroy Kum Oh Do, that was a wide land, no matter how strong an individual was.

The Grandmaster hadn’t thought of battling in Kunlun mountain for nothing.

But it was different for Tae Ho.

Tae Ho had an existence that could easily destroy Kum Oh Do alone.

An existence outside of logic. A being you can’t easily imagine its destructiveness just by hearing it from others.


[Myth ranked saga]

[Rolling disaster]

Under the bright sky.

The day of Kum Oh Do’s destruction started.

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