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Chapter 250 - Episode 70/Chapter 6

Episode 70/Chapter 6: Sword of the World Dragon (6)

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That being got crushed in the ground. The power of Asgard enabled them to do that.

The size of Nidhogg after having become the World dragon rather shrunk down. The 1km long body now became 500m. But she became faster and stronger due to that. The defenses of the compressed magical armor couldn’t be compared to before.

There were nine pillars of light surging near Nidhogg. They were lights representing the nine small worlds belonging to Asgard.

Tae Ho and Nidhogg, that were holding Astelone together, got greatly excited. There were also white pillars of light floating near them, that was the essence. She had now completely recovered the power of the ancient God Audhumla. The power of Asgard got released from Nidhogg.

“We can do it! We can do it!”

She spoke confidently and then took a deep breath. She tried to yell with all her strength.

“I’m roll-”

But Tae Ho was a bit faster. She now had more methods to attack besides rolling now that Tae Ho was with her.

[Saga: The one that conquers dragons]

[Saga: The legendary progamer]

Light flashed in the eyes of the World Dragon. It seemed to curl its body as if it was about to roll but then spread its wings and flew up. It then fired a breath towards Bracky that was lying flat on the ground.

The breath was also filled with the power of Asgard. The legs of the being got bent as it couldn’t endure it. It got crushed in the ground and couldn’t move.

Nidhogg put an unsatisfied expression as she wasn’t able to roll but it only lasted for a moment. She only concentrated on releasing the power of Asgard.

The voice of Nuwa was heard from far away.

It would devour the world and increase its size. They had to put an end to it before it became so strong they weren’t able to stop it.

The ground the monster was lying on was getting lower. It was due to it having absorbed the world without letting others notice it.

Nuwa would help you from inside. The reason it was able to exist was thanks to Nuwa so if they took her out she would seal the monster.

This time the voice belonged to Astelone. It seemed like she was still sleepy and was dying of hassle but they could kind of feel energy in her.

Tae Ho looked at that monster with the ‘eyes of the dragon’ and then understood how Nuwa was about to help them. It was because he could clearly see the location of Nuwa located at the core of the monster.

Nuwa, that had the appearance of a winged snake just like Nuwa, was curling her body in a circle. She was located at its chest so she looked like a heart.

Then, how would they rescue Nuwa?

Nidhogg thought about rolling like usual. She would curl up and spin at an overwhelming speed to execute a body slam.

This opinion was too much like her but he couldn’t listen to her. It would certainly be able to inflict damage on it but this method wouldn’t allow them to rescue Nuwa that was located deep in its core.

“What do we do then?”

Tae Ho took a breath at Nidhogg’s question. He looked at the being rising up once again as if it had increased in size plentily.

“Let’s pierce through it.”

Using the ‘draconic cannon’ that fell down from the sky.

He would use the World Dragon as a projectile and pierce its chest and rescue Nuwa in the middle of that.

“You aren’t that different from Nidhogg.”

Nidhogg pouted slightly and Tae Ho grinned. It was because it was indeed similar to a body slam.

But it was different. If Nidhogg’s roll was a strike, then the ‘draconic cannon’ was a stab.

Whatever the case why don’t you do it quickly?

Astelone said. There was nothing good by wasting time just like she had said. The being that had risen up completely was gathering strength in its mouth as if it was trying to fire a breath.

“Let’s go.”

Tae Ho said. The World Dragon flew higher into the sky and that thing fired a force of destruction. It was a power that destroyed the skies.

The World Dragon dodged the attack that shook the world. Then, the monster moved. The force of destruction that had surged up like a pillar of light split the sky like a sword.


A crack formed in the sky. An occurrence that made you think that way happened.

The World Dragon fluttered its wings in the middle of that confusion. The power of destruction oppressed all the aftershock created by splitting the sky and then it finally spun in the sky.

It looked at the ground and then started to plunge downwards.

The nine pillars of light advanced first. Those things clashed with the power of destruction and opened up a path.

The speed of the World Dragon became faster. When there were no remaining pillars of light it had already become a streak of light itself.

The World Dragon became a spear. It didn’t only have the ability to invoke the nine pillars of light but could also cover the World Dragon and become the tip of a spear.

Dragon Sword Astelone. The World Dragon covered in white light was already the Sword of the God Dragon.

Nidhogg roared and then she finally arrived at it. The moment the Sword of the God Dragon stabbed that being, a nasty silence swept the surroundings as if time had stopped and then a really loud explosion burst out and shook the world once again.

But the monster was still standing. It moved part of its broken body to try to devour the World Dragon whole. Those parts of its body charging towards the World Dragon looked just like a black wave.

The wave covered the World Dragon and devoured it in an instant. However Nidhogg didn’t fear while being buried under it. She concentrated to release the power of protection and at that moment, the nine pillars of light appeared once again and spun fiercely around the World Dragon. The Dragon extended its hand to grab Nuwa that was deep inside the being.

Nuwa helped Tae Ho and Nidhogg. The nine pillars of light spun more fiercely and destroyed everything inside of it with the power of Asgard.

The being that was created by mixing the soul and body of Pangu and Hundun, wasn’t a single existence in the first place. When Nuwa, that was the core of it, started to cooperate the bodies and souls of the two Gods started to split like a lie.

That was the first time the being let out a painful scream. The World Dragon embracing Nuwa released a stronger power and finally, its body started to disperse. Tae Ho didn’t miss that moment. The World Dragon extended its wings once again and got out of that.


A loud explosion that seemed like heaven and earth was created once again burst out. The being that had its back completely destroyed collapsed. It couldn’t maintain its shape and started to crumble maybe because it lost Nuwa, that was the core of it.

The monster started to scatter the power of destruction in the surroundings as if it wasn’t going to die alone. The earthquake that got created that way swept everything in Kum Oh Do and destroyed everything. The earth breaking and the skies collapsing was a really overwhelming scene.

The World Dragon protected himself with the power of protection. Tae Ho retrieved the ‘Hall of Valhalla’ being maintained by the four pillars so the power of destruction started to spread even further.

The being finally breathed for the last time. The flesh and soul of Pangu and Hundun composing it turned into a black liquid and covered all of Kum Oh Do.

Tae Ho, that had been observing that with the ‘eyes of the dragon’, only let out a sigh of relief when he checked that the red words had disappeared. He turned to look at Nuwa that was being embraced by the World Dragon.

She was a big and white snake. Her wings were golden wings of a crane, compared to Echidna’s that was covered by a membrane like the wings of a bat.

But it was when Tae Ho was looking at Nuwa. After Astelone retrieved the white light she spoke with an exhausted voice.

I’m hungry because I used a lot of strength. I will have to eat her.

Only her voice was heard and her girl like appearance didn’t show up but it was clear who she was referring to and who she was looking at.

Tae Ho also got frightened just like Nidhogg that was holding Astelone with him and she yelled.

“You can’t! You can’t eat Nuwa!”

Nuwa was different from Tiamat. She was a good dragon. That’s why they couldn’t eat her.

Astelone let out a strange noise at Nidhogg’s strong claim and spoke with an annoyed tone.

Then I want to at least eat you. If I can’t eat Nuwa offer your body. I feel really hungry for having used a lot of strength.

Nidhogg shrunk down at Astelone’s claim. She also let out a strange sound and spoke with a decreasing voice.

“No, not Nidhogg…she’s not tasty…”

I don’t know. Choose. I want to eat one of you two. It doesn’t matter if it’s not delicious. I just need a good amount. I will eat you.

It was a choice between two things. It only lasted for a moment but Nidhogg could know how much strength Astelone had used as they had shared their power and consciousness. That’s why she also couldn’t say that it wasn’t possible.

Actually, Nidhogg was also really exhausted. It was because she had also used all her power to eliminate that being.

In the end, Nidhogg put a teary face and fell in her thoughts and Tae Ho was about to say something to her but got stopped by Cuchulainn.

‘Hey, she’s cute! Let’s see how it turns out.’

What was he saying in the middle of this? But Tae Ho also thought that Nidhogg was cute so he decided to watch for now.

‘Right. It doesn’t seem like Astelone is saying that for real either. She must be teasing Nidhogg.’

It was the view of a master of Scathach’s techniques that could always see through the essence. Actually, Tae Ho also thought similarly from Cuchulainn.

In the other hand, Nidhogg that didn’t know what Tae Ho and Cuchulainn were thinking and was pondering alone came to a conclusion. She spoke with a teary voice.

“Th, then eat Nidhogg a little bit. Ah, make it so that it doesn’t hurt. Understand? It can’t hurt.”

Then, I won’t decline.

The moment Nidhogg closed her eyes Astelone released light once again. She didn’t show up in her girly appearance this time either but he felt like he could see a girl opening her mouth widely.

That’s why Tae Ho reacted instantly. He hurriedly pulled out Astelone that was stuck in Nidhogg’s heart room.

Ah, why! She said it herself!

Astelone got annoyed. It seemed like Tae Ho and Cuchulainn were wrong this time.

‘Ah, did her heart get moved as she finally got permission? It feels like she lost at her avarice.’

Whether Cuchulainn’s interpretation was right or wrong, Astelone had really tried to eat Nidhogg. Tae Ho opened his eyes sharply and glared at the blade of Astelone and Astelone continued to grumble. You could imagine a girl pouting and grumbling just with that.

Meanwhile, Nidhogg that was closing her eyes loosened up her tight shoulder and opened her eyes narrowly.

“Ugh, you already ate? You really ate without hurting. It didn’t hurt so you can eat a bit more. Nidhogg is fine.”

She spoke with a relieved face. It was so like Nidhogg for her to say that.

But Tae Ho wasn’t planning on allowing that. He held Astelone and spoke of a different thing.

“Astelone, more than that……”

Why don’t you speak with the dragon of the Temple? It doesn’t look like she has much time as she is really weakened. It also looks like she has an important thing to tell you.

Astelone interrupted Tae Ho’s words.

It seemed like she already knew everything Tae Ho was about to say.

The power of the world that got added in the end. Astelone that had a firmer ego than he imagined and a more proper communication ability.

Was she really an existence that got created by a saga? Or he had merely called an existence that already existed before?

And if it was the latter, how could she exist?

Tae Ho shook his head.

This wasn’t the time for that just like Astelone had said. Nuwa was getting weaker maybe because she got taken out of the body of that monster by force or its actions influenced negatively on her. He had to hurry whether he was to heal her or only have a conversation with her.

“Nidhogg, let’s move for now.”

Actually, Kum Oh Do had been devastated due to that being. Even if there were survivors remaining, it wouldn’t be able to act as a base for the destructive beings anymore.

In addition, the commander of Kum Oh Doh, Tongtian Jiaozhu had disappeared. If they only took care of the strong beings left in Kunlun mountain then they could relax a bit for the Temple.

“Yes yes, I understand.”

Nidhogg returned to being a black holy dragon from the World Dragon and fluttered her wings to leave Kum Oh Do.

Tae Ho caught his breath and then retrieved the silent Astelone and closed his eyes to concentrate.

He called out the name of Nuwa.

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