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Chapter 254 - Episode 71/Chapter 3

Episode 71/Chapter 3: Asgard (3)

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Tae Ho got turned to tatters at the merciless fact attack and drooped his body. Cuchulainn clicked his tongue at that and then spoke energetically as if telling him to cheer up.

‘Cheer up! You will end up victories with instigations and fabricating stories as expected of a scammer!’

Tae Ho didn’t even have the energy to reply so he closed his eyes and then looked at Astelone. She was laughing in joy as if it was really fun to tease Tae Ho so she looked really detestable.

[Why? Do you want to ask something else?]

“A few more things… Then I am the only piece of Terra?”

[No, there are many of them. No, it’s kind of vague to say that there are a lot but anyway, they are not few in numbers. The people that gave a strong impression to countless people and that have a worldwide recognition are able to become a piece of Terra. But only, you are kind of strong among the pieces of Terras.]

“Because there are many people that play Dark Age?”

[Yes. I said there were a billion casually but actually there are more than 3 billion people that have actually played Dark Age. And there are a few more times people that know of Dark Age and you Tae Ho. There are really few figures that have recognition as much as you do among the ones that are alive. In addition, you don’t only have a high recognition but you are known to be the ‘strongest’. Also-]


[What do you think the synchro rate was?]

Tae Ho opened his eyes widely and then realized one fact.

“The piece of Terra was getting stronger?”

His words weren’t arranged properly but Astelone understood it right away as she already knew the answer.

[Right, that’s it. The synchro rate also means the growth rate of the piece of Terra. That was the reason you were able to use stronger sagas the higher the synchro rate got and it meant that you have grown that much as a piece of Terra.]

‘It feels like everything fits now. So you are saying that Tae Ho bastard was a growth type piece of Terra, right?’

Astelone nodded at Cuchulainn’s question.

[That’s also right. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the current Tae Ho is the strongest piece of Terra in the history of Terra. He is the master of two worlds and the power of the stories he piled up since he went to another world is overwhelming. And think about it. I said that I was originally a God of Earth, right? Although I didn’t have a personality or whatever.]

‘Indeed, did he become an incredible piece of Terra to the point he was able to separate a God of Earth as one of his property?’

[That’s right in general but isn’t property a bit too much? Although I do like that I obtained a personality.]

While Cuchulainn and Astelone were speaking with each other, Tae Ho nodded slowly. It was because he just realized now that the increase in the synchro rate wasn’t related directly to the other strengths he had.

“So that’s what you meant when you said that there guys like me appeared at times.”

Basically, Valhalla was a place where the humans of Asgard went to. But Tae Ho himself was an exception and Bjorn had said that there were humans that came from other words in really rare cases. And he had also said that most of them had a special power.

He was sure that all of them were pieces of Terra.

“Heda is always right.”

Because she had said this while looking at himself.

‘You are special Tae Ho. I feel like you are. Even if I bring people that did the same thing as you, I don’t think they will be able to activate a saga like you.’

It was like she had said. A progamer that wasn’t a piece of Terra wouldn’t be able to activate a saga even if he died and revived.

[Ugh, did you see how he spoke? It seems like he won’t be able to move an inch from her.]

‘He’s just like that when he speaks. Just in word.’

[Indeed, I feel like that’s the case looking at what he does.]

“Hey, I can hear the both of you.”

‘We spoke out loud for you to hear.’

[Yeah, it was so you could hear us.]

Cuchulainn and Astelone laughed and replied. The two of them really fitted each other well in a bad direction.

Tae Ho engraved his mind to be able to tolerate it and lifted up Astelone’s real appearance.

[What, you are throwing me away because you sucked out all the sweet water? Sob sob, ou are too much. You should have at least given me some food before sending me away.

‘So you gulp it if its sweet and spit it if its sour… Kyah… You really are the best in that way.’

Tae Ho missed the times when Astelone only slept because she was sleepy and Cuchulainn that was silent all the time. Whatever the case, he put back the Dragon Sword and Gae Bolg and then returned to the heart room to have some rest.


After the black holy dragon landed near Kulun mountain, it stayed still like a boulder and didn’t move. It was due to Nidhogg having ended up falling asleep.

Tae Ho stroke Nidhogg’s head that fell asleep in Adenmaha’s embrace and thought of resting a quarter of the day. It was because he had no way to know what happened at the west before the messenger from Asgard arrived.

‘And there’s no way they wouldn’t have sent one considering the temperament of Odin-nim.’

Tae Ho thought of Asgard’s communication net and then sent Siri and Bracky on the back of the energetical Drakon Ismenios to Kulun mountain. They were going to be the messengers that would transmit what happened in Kum Oh Do.

“Rest for now.”

“Let’s meet later.”

“Sob sob, I wanted to carry master.”

You could differentiate who were the ones speaking just by the way they spoke. Tae Ho sent off the ones leaving and then returned to the heart room to sleep.

And after half the morning passed.

The messenger of Asgard arrived at the Temple.


“For Asgard and the nine realms.”

“Let the light of the Temple be eternal.”

When Gandur and Ingrid expressed etiquette, the Man of Integrity that was out to meet them, also expressed etiquette.

Gandur and Ingrid didn’t look that well perhaps for having used the Black Flash consecutively but they didn’t have time to waste.

The Man of Integrity hurriedly led the two people to the Three Pure Ones and Tae Ho, Nuwa, Adenmaha, Nidhogg, etc also went to meet them.

The ones that arrived the latest at the conference room excluding the most important figures were Tae Ho and his group. Gandur, that had arrived first, greeted Tae Ho with her eyes and Ingrid bowed towards him. Tae Ho also felt joy at meeting them so he talked to them with mystical magic.

‘Have the two of you been well?’

Gandur utilized her eyebrows and sent a signal at Tae Ho’s question and Ingrid let a small smile and nodded.

Gandur’s signal was something like ‘Hey! Why are you asking something like that when we use mystical magic?’ but Tae Ho understood that perfectly so he sent a long sentence with his mystical magic. He was never easing his anger of what he suffered from Astelone on innocent people at all.


Right at that instant, Adenmaha poked his waist and sent another message. It meant that he should concentrate and when Tae Ho got a hold of himself he cleared his throat and fixed his posture.

“This is the message from Asgard.”

Ingrid opened her mouth with a hard working expression like usual and started to explain what happened at Olympus.

The intrusion of Surtr and Anjra Mainiuu.

The fusion they underwent after driving the forces of Olympus to the mount of Olympus.

The expressions of everyone at the conference room became dark. Nidhogg blinked as she didn’t know what they were speaking about but she shrunk her shoulders and put a depressed expression because the surrounding atmosphere became dark.

“It’s like I expected. Three Pure Ones, I imagine you were also able to feel it, right?”

Yuanshi Tianzun nodded as Nuwa asked in a low voice. The same went for the Jade Emperor and Daode Tianzun.

The master of the Temple was currently Yuanshi Tianzun but you could actually say that all Three Pure Ones were the masters of the Temple. It was certain they also felt what Tae Ho and Nuwa felt.

The great occurrence in the west.

The birth of an existence that transcended common sense.

The playfulness from Gandur’s face that she had when she first met Tae Ho disappeared completely. Ingrid’s face was also stiffer than usual.

It was because they thought of the power of the Last flames they felt at Olympus- the power of Anjra Mainiuu and the giant of fire Surtr having become one.

It wasn’t simple power. It was a strength that had materialized negative things such as uneasiness, despair, and death.

Echidna asked.

“How is it compared to Nyx? When she gathered the power of the ancient Gods and put her hand on the power of a World God.”

When Nyx made the night descend, Gandur and Ingrid were also at Olympus. That power was so huge it couldn’t be completely measured by a Valkyrie but the only ones at this place that had experienced the two things were Gandur and Ingrid.

Gandur bit her lips and then spoke.

“It’s hard to compare it exactly as the two of them were vast. But only, Odin has said that the Last path of flames was much more dangerous. That if Nyx’s power only worked in Olympus, the Last path of flames could be used in Asgard and the nine realms.”

“Odin told us to transmit you this.”

Ingrid added and then took out a crystal she was treasuring in her chest. When she inserted a bit of magic power into it, a hologram of Odin appeared above the crystal.

[I will transmit you directly what I saw and felt. Don’t reject it and accept it.]

The hologram of Odin’s upper body said and the hologram dispersed before anyone could answer. The hologram that transformed into white light split into several pieces and headed to the heads of everyone at the conference room.

Son Wukon hit the light by reflex but everyone else accepted it. And then, they could clearly feel the difference between Nyx and the Last path of flames.

Nyx was an incomplete World God. Her power didn’t fall behind to a real World God but there was an instability at maintaining her power. In the first place, she had connected the power of all ancient Gods to create the power of a World God and it didn’t belong solely to her.

That was the reason Tae Ho was able to defeat Nyx. Tae Ho attacked the night itself that was the thing maintaining the World God Nyx and not the ancient God Nyx and also connected the power of the ancient Gods into one and the result of that was that he could return the World God Nyx into the ancient God Nyx.

But the Last path of flames wasn’t an existence like that. The giant of Fire Surtr, that could already influence all ten worlds, got added to Anjra Mainiuu that was already a World God and so a God of destruction that destroyed worlds no matter where they were at got born.

It wasn’t an opponent that could be defeated with the same method. They could only fight against the Last path of flames directly.

But was that possible?

“I have an idea.”

Nuwa opened her mouth and everyone turned to look at her.


The 12 Olympians left the mount of Olympus. Not only then but the countless heroes, lesser Gods, fairies, and humans also placed the mount behind their backs.

The last ones to remain were Odin and Zeus.

Zeus stood still and looked at the mount of Olympus and then faced the Last path of flames that was burning down with the intent to even burn the skies.

Odin placed his hand on the shoulder of Zeus. Zeus opened his mouth and asked instead of turning to look at him.

“What are you planning to do with that?”

Did they have a method against it even if they escaped to Asgard? Did they have a way to put off those flames even if they gathered the power of several Gods?

“We should gather the power of the worlds just like it has done.”

Odin answered and said something more to Zeus. He told Zeus to do something that was harder than giving up Olympus.

“Zeus, give up the seat of the master.”


“Give up the seat of the master of the Temple.”

Nuwa said. Son Wukon opened his eyes widely asking what she was talking about and the Three Pure Ones just closed their eyes silently. It seemed like they were aware of what Nuwa was going to tell them.

“The destructive beings have transcended the worlds and joined their strength into one. Then, we have no other option than transcend the worlds too. If they joined the power of five worlds, then we also have to join the power of the remaining four worlds.”


Zeus let out an enraged roar. He grabbed Odin by his throat.

“This case is different from that boy of yours.”

Odin was a God of war that would do anything just to win. He was someone that could end his life to win and he could also take away the life of the one he loved the most.

But Zeus wasn’t someone that could do that.

The one he would hand over the seat to.

It was to the warrior of Valhalla. He clearly was a God of Asgard even though he was from another world. He wasn’t a God of Olympus or the Temple.

Just like Zeus had said, the case with Zeus and Odin was different.

But Odin didn’t bend his will. He rather glared back at Zeus and said.

“That’s the only way.”


“He already has the power of two worlds in one body. He will get the power of another two worlds and make the power of four worlds into one.”

Nuwa turned to look at Tae Ho and everyone in the room did the same.

Asgard, Erin, the Temple and Olympus.

The last four worlds that had the power of the ones that wanted to maintain the world.

The last hope that would face against the Last path of flames.

Zeus gritted his teeth.

Yuanshi Tianzun closed his eyes and nodded.

Odin opened his mouth and said.

“Combine the power of the four worlds into one.”

Nuwa also spoke. The voices of two Gods rang at the same time from two different worlds.

“The one leading the ones that want to maintain the world.”

Adenmaha grabbed Tae Ho’s hand. Son Wukong looked at Tae Ho.

“The guardian God of the five worlds.”

Asgard, Erin, the Temple, Olympus and in addition the power of Terra.

Zeus let go of the throat of Odin. Yuanzhi Tianzun and the Three Pure Ones spoke at the same time.

They finished the words Odin and Nuwa had started.

“We are giving birth to it.”

The master of four worlds. The one leading them all.

Nuwa turned to look at Tae Ho and Tae Ho faced her.


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